**WARNING** Super Graphic BotFly Infestation!

Oh Most BIGGEST of Warnings!
MYIASIS – Maggots, Larva, Nasty Stuff.
Please, Viewer Discretion Advised – Nay, Absolutely Required!

Please, if you are sensitive to animals – do not watch. If you cannot handle botfly larvae – do not watch. We rarely post this type of video, but we also rarely see something like this, by this I mean such an immense and extreme infestation of this type of parasite. The technical information is that botflies are becoming an increasing issue for the Howler monkey population. Yes, the infections that came with the infestation in the end was too much for the poor monkey. So, pray for howler monkeys, and pray for the people who are out there trying their best to save these animals.

We actually have another video – of a baby afflicted by botfly larvae, but they save this little guy! If you wish to see it:
Howch! Botflies!!! **GRAPHIC**”

Remember ~ Watch by Choice and Comment with Respect. Thanks!

RUNTIME: 5min 32sec

TITLE: “Monkey killers”
YT INFO: Published on Nov 9,2012 by jaguarrescue

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  • Buffsmom, this was such a sad film to watch, knowing he doesn’t survive. I am glad you posted it, as I had no idea botflies could kill a monkey if left untreated for too long. We see so many posts full of laughing people pulling out one or two botflies, but this is the hard-core reality.

    • I was debating as to whether or not to post this video, as the monkey died, but it does show that the people cared enough about him to remove the parasites and even petted his head when they were done. The fact that the monkey didn’t have the will to live is the sad part. At lease he died parasite-free.

      I left it up to the administrator of this site to decide on whether to post it.

  • I thought that monkey cleaned their buddies of stuff like this? Poor guy I was hoping he was going to make it. I was also wondering how those holes were going to heal they were so deep. RIP buddy.

  • Im sorry, I did not watch the video…Im just sooo sensitive when it comes to animals…and reading how bad it was and that the little guy died is just to hard for me to watch..But I wanted to say..Thank you for bringing our attention to this problem that plagues the Howler Monkey. I didnt know about it. I too thought that they groom each other well…but that may not be so for this breed of monkey or it was just too bad to be helped. I really dont know if anything that Ive said is correct because Ive never even thought about this. . Poor little fella.

    • I’m the same as you maloralw. I did watch the first few seconds but couldn’t go any further. Other than that I agree with you completely. Poor little monkey. It’s good to know there are wonderful people trying to save these poor animals but it was too much for me to watch. Thanks Buffsmom for bringing our attention to this sad issue 🙁

  • Gosh, usually I enjoy watching botflies being dug out. But this was just so tragic, all I want to do is cry. That poor thing! At least he got some loving care at the end, and was able to breathe for his last few days. I had no idea that botfly larvae could be this horribly destructive. I hope they’re able to find a solution for the monkeys; no creature deserves to be slowly suffocated by fly larvae like that.

  • Wow. Nature can be so cruel sometimes. I usually enjoy these videos but that was so sad. A sight that will be hard to forget. The debate that we shouldn’t interfere with nature – how can anyone with a heart not help an animal in need.

  • I’ve thought about this kind of stuff ever since I saw my first bot fly video.
    As I was watching a vet pull one out of a cat or dog, all I could think about was all the animals in the wild that have no way to combat these things.
    It’s so sad.

  • wow – that was disturbing. I counted 28 taken out of the poor guy total and one of the “c**ZIT**ers” had 7 botflies extracted right from the same area. I feel so bad that he died but hopefully they made his last couple days more comfortable. General question for the group – what would the actual cause of death be in a situation like this? in general parasites don’t intentially kill their host – did having so many larva cause his immune system to be compromised? Or was he just so week, he could not recover? It’s sad to see an animal suffer and die like this but at least their are people there who are dedicated to helping these distressed animals – I salute you people and thank you for your dedication and service.

    • Several things come to mind. As the infestation occurs around his throat, and there was probably some sort of swelling involved, it could have made eating and drinking difficult- one strike against him. Any time there is a break in the skin, there is a source for infection, so he might have developed a m**ZIT**ive infection which entered his blood stream, killing him. I don’t know if the botflies were the actual cause of death, or just a method to introduce dehydration/starvation/infection.

      • In addition, I believe that these larvae were first ingested, hatched internally, and then burrowed their way to the surface of the skin. Botfly larvae are deposited externally on the skin and then burrow from the outside in. That may be a reason way this monkey was so badly weakened.

  • So very sad and beautiful at the same time. The wonderful people at Jaguar Rescue, doing their best to save this poor monkey’s life, and in the end, it was all too much for him. I know at the end he knew he was with people who cared for him, and hopefully it made his p**ZIT**ing that much easier.

  • I think “horrible” was an appropriate adjective to use. It was like some sort of parasite frat house; “Dude, come party!” The will to go on is so very important; animals, and yes, humans, can recieve the best care yet if the fight has gone, they will slip away…

  • although this video is exceptional, I could not bring myself to put him more of a star’s face to the suffering had to endure this poor animal.
    the epilogue the author at the end of the video reminds us that.
    **ZIT** rest his soul

    • Yes. I found myself wanting to see them all dropped in alcohol and watching them squirm until they died. Poor monkey.

      BTW, the translation is not the best, as the Spanish original should be translated as:

      Despite our best efforts and the monkey’s will to live, he died two days later, not that the monkey lost his will to live.

    • I believe it was a wild monkey that they found and tried to help. Which is still horrible and sad, but at least there was no human neglect involved (this time).

  • I haven’t commented for a long time, but OMG!!! I felt so bad for the monkey, and I’m sorry he didn’t make it, but at least he wasn’t suffering anymore. I was amazed at how many botflies he had. I don’tremember ever seeing a video where more than one was in each hole. Like NMGAPAOH said, **ZIT** rest his little soul!

  • That has to be the worst botfly infestation that we’ve ever seen here on PTZ. The miserable things were three deep in places. I’m sorry that the little guy didn’t make it, he had had a very tough go of it. 🙁

  • RIP little monkey. However, that was the most intense bot fly scene EVER. I had to give it 5 stars. I’d have given it 10 if I could. Too bad he died.
    Kind of like on Tommy Boy when the deer trashes the car Tommy Boy says, “That was awesome !!!!……………sorry about your car man”

    That was awesome!!!!………sorry about the monkey man.

    • A gut WRENCHING video to watch!!! They have facial movements like people. He was just so sick and in incredible pain. If it was neglect, I will hop a plane and stuff bot flies up the you know what of the person(s) who allowed this to occur.

      • I got the distinct impression it was a Howler monkey from the jungle. I just can’t, or won’t, let myself IMAGINE anyone actually owning an animal and letting them get THAT infested!!!

  • I doubt that was anyone’s pet. I’ve spent a lot of time in Central America and seen many howlers. They are the dominant species of monkey there. Bigger than all others. Their name comes from their yelling. Pound for pound they are the loudest mammal. They use their cries and size to chase away other groups of monkeys. This one looked like a juvenile male. Just about the size to have recently left his mother. The juvenile males hangout at the edge of the group… sometimes 50 strong. Yes, howlers groom each other…for hours a day. But the juveniles may not be that good at it. Plus I doubt they can extract bot flies very well. If he could have held on for a few more days those larva were about to exit and drop to the ground where they pupate. The holes do close up eventually. Some external scarring. That was an unusually large infestation.

  • I believe the “creepy breathing” was left in so we could hear how hard he was struggling to breathe with all those vile creatures burrowed into his neck, chest and probably windpipe. So sorry for the poor thing. At least in the second video the baby monkey was saved. It might have turned out differently if they weren’t able to get to him when they did. Thank **ZIT** for people who care.

  • I feel sorry for the monkey, but i’m also thankfull for his death.
    With that many botflies around his throat, you’ll know he had to gasp for air.
    And he tried to stay alive for two days! And looking at the stage of the botfly-larva, they where there for a long time. A very long time. This monkey was dying before the removal. But the vets did good work. “I won’t give up untill the animal died.” That’s my slogan for my work as a driver on a ambulance for animals. And i don’t get paid for that, i do it for the animals in need of help, medical and non-medical.

    So, this video let us know that it is amazing to see this kind of treatment, but it can be deadly also. Buffsmom, thanks for this video. It was very good and it learns me a lot more about botflies. We don’t have botflies in the Netherlands, but i find these things very interesting. And who knows; maybe some day i get a animal with botflies. Then i know what to do!

    My mind got a little bit funny after seeing the video 2 times. The second time i saw all these holes: “Very dutch; cheese with holes in it!

  • These are tough animals that live in troupes. I’m surprised that other Howlers did not groom these horrible creatures away. Unless this was a solitary pet improperly cared for. What a shame.

  • Poor monkey, this was one of the saddest videos I have ever seen on here. I cannot believe that poor little guys neck, I have never seen such a horrible infestation. At least he is not suffering anymore! R.I.P.

  • Poor creature. There is the cycle of life. Totally different from the botflies perspective I’m sure.
    I didn’t continue to watch it because of the monkey dying. Too much of a vouyeristic video for me.

  • I FINALLY watched this vid. I’ve been afraid. I’m glad the flies weren’t wiggling lots. I’m glad it was easy to remove them. I’m glad they weren’t whiteish. phew
    I don’t think I’ll watch anymore. It’s just awful. too much for me.

  • Every time I watch this video I am taken aback by the number of bot flies that are in each hole. This poor guy must have been in such pain. I hope the last 2 days of his life were a lot less painful for him.

  • Tragic indeed. That’s a lot of suffering for anything to cope with.

    Perhaps I’m vindictive, but I would’ve like to have seen those **ZIT**s doused with gasoline and set ablaze in that collection tin. Flame is the ultimate parasite.

  • I thought that those were warbles and they work from the inside out? Could it have been somthing he ate and they all stuck to the inside of his throat and started there and worked from inside out? Either way its a shame,sometimes I really hate nature and some of the horrible things it does. Its far better than seeing a dog or cat that is neglected by its owner and has no chance at all for the way its treated. Either way it sucks 🙁

  • okay love animals, but this was kind of interesting how all them got in there.I mean hah I feel sorry for the money that he had to die a slow and painful death like that. but it was the just the botfly’s I was interested in. I no I’m propel gonna get a lot of hates. but that’s just my thought on this

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