Abscess In Need, Pus Indeed!

hot, Hot, HOT! Hot and Fresh from le’ Tube!

Ahh, another eye bustin’ abscess drainage from Dr. Sankaqm!! This is probably, personally one of my Top Five regularly featured Doctors here – and I bet I am not alone! For those of you who are YouTube miners, he is one you want on your sub list, fer shure! lol – and don’e forget to thank him whenever you get the chance on YT.

Now – Get thee to watching, and have another cuppa, time to wakey-wakey! 🙂 ENJOY!

~~~ WARNING! ~~~
Professional Surgical Drainage of Abscess – Blood Invloved.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
~~~ WARNING! ~~~

“This old lady came to us with swelling in her left lower back for 10 days.She had history of injection in her back two weeks back. She developed painful swelling and redness in her left lower back region with difficulty in walking.It was diagnosed as abscess left lower back region which needs incision and drainage under local anesthesia.
Patient part painted and drapped.Local anesthesia was infiltrated around the swelling for proper filed block.
A stab incision over the swelling was given at the most fluctuating point of the abscess.
You can watch how pus was flowing out from the cavity.
The aim is to drain all pus from the abscess cavity.
Finger exploration is essential to break all loculi inside the cavity, to know the depth and extend of the cavity and to facilitate proper drainage of residual pus.
after pus evacuation,, the cavity should be irrigated with normal saline and povidone iodine solution.
lastly the cavity to be packed with povidone iodine soaked guage pieces.
Proper dressing is essential.
the dressing to be changed after 24 hours.
daily dressing is essential with a good antibiotic coverage.
the cavity usually obliterates within a period of seven to ten days.”

RUNTIME: 3min 21sec

TITLE: “Large abscess ( pus ) drainage”
YT INFO: Published on Feb 1, 2013 by sankaqm5

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    • He did seem to rush through the procedure itself, but took his time on the numbing. I could do without so much of the video being taken up with the area being numbed. Always fast forward to the incision myself.

  • You are definitely not alone H.S-Dr S is is one of my favourite Dr’s too! That poor old lady-the pain from the pressure of that abscess must of been excruciating. Abscesses formed from injections (usually 10cc/ml antibiotic one’s) don’t happen as often as you may think-it’s just that we get to see them so often here! Dr S does a fantastic job of ridding her of that monster. Thanks for great post H.S 🙂

  • I OBJECT! I OBJECT! How do we know how OLD this lady is? I’m (CENSORED) years of age and sometimes although I FEEL old, I don’t consider myself OLD, and am insulted when someone calls me OLD! So there …. don’t call her (or me) OLD! (stepping off the soap box again.)

    Anyway, its a good video full of nice running pus … even if its on an OLD person! Thanks. Halph!

  • Outstanding payload. Bless her heart, she must have had some enormous relief after that river was unleashed. I gotta admit that despite the fact that I’ve been a medic since 1977, I still cringe and curl my toes when they plunge that harpoon into flesh to numb it. ***shutter***

  • Dr J is very thorough and knows how to do a proper field block (unlike 99.9 % of most of the medical personnel I see on YT), but there is no denying his administration of “the local anesthesia” is hardcore and brutal. That is simply a fact.

    In his corner of the world they may not have all the drugs that are available on a routine basis here in the US. I can’t say. But I do think he could slow down a bit on the injections at the very least. But on the positive side, he is quick and efficient in the actual cleaning process and seems to have numbed the patient enough to get the job done.

    It’s possible they are p**ZIT**ed out from shock from the injections? Lol. Anyway, he seems to be a good doc who cares about his people.

    As far as the “old lady” comment: I think only the US cares about political correctness. He calls a spade a spade I guess. Speaking of old lady, yours truly is gonna hit the half-century mark this summer. Hard to believe where the time goes.


  • This should be part of mandatory continuing education for ER physicians. The only thing I didn’t see was swabbing the cyst for culturing, which might simply not be part of the protocol in this community. Field block! True to life, real and true field block. While it may look brutal to a layperson, this is how it’s done. What they didn’t show was waiting for the local to take effect, but there is a jump in the video from the editing that almost certainly reflects that little pause. The lack of containment for the purulent material is not how we _try_ to do it in the US, but there’s no doubt but that this was a textbook I&D, and well done.

    • He usually cultures. Probably just didn’t show it. Or is that Dr Y! I fergit.

      Pro or layperson, ANYONE who witnesses those fast deep jabs does not need much wit to understand that they are very painful. The Lido tears past the already inflamed tissue like a rocket. His needles are also hefty.
      Using tiny ones then graduating to larger ones for deeper injection might help.

      There are things he can do to make the injections less painful but again, his supplies may be limited. And he still beats every US doctor’s abscess teqnique (or lack thereof) hands down.

      Given the correct supplies, I would wager that I myself could do a more thorough and humane I&D than 99% of what I’ve seen on YT.


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