Dr. Yadav’s “Black Heads on Eyelids…”

Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav’s:
“Black Heads On Eyelids- Removal Technique”

“Black heads are open comedones formed as a result of ac**ZIT**ulation of excess oils in sebaceous duct or sebaceous gland, this oil has a property to turn black when oxidised. They can be found on any body part, here you can see it on eyelids. They can be easily be removed on eyelids by giving lateral compressions by using normal forceps. You can also use chalazion forceps to give downward push. Other wise with the ring part of comedone extractor by giving lateral push can be easily be removed. The material coming out it showed that it is a sebaceous cyst. We have the written informed consent (from the patient presented) to upload this video.”

RUNTIME: 1min 31sec

TITLE: “Black Heads On Eyelids- Removal Technique ”
YT INFO: Published on Feb 23,2013 by Vikram Yadav

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  • Thanks Dr Vikram Yadav! I find all of your videos very exciting and informative! As soon as I view your latest, I’m already excited for the next and what it holds for us! We are very fortunate to have you here at PTZ and Appreciate you joining us! Thanks again for this wonderful post!

  • Oh dear. That was good. But Dr. Y, in your other videos we’ve seen many eyelids blackheads/cysts and I could’ve watched you empty them all. Ok, I know that you are a very busy doctor and making these videos is a time-consuming task, but I and my PTZ friends are obsessive and needy. We enjoy your videos so much that we can’t get enough. Thank you for taking time to make and share your world.

  • Dr. Yadav, I love how you give us short posts, medium videos and deliciously long movies. Depending on how much time I have available, I can pick an appropriate length video to watch! Your repertoire has something for everyone. Thank you again for choosing to be a member of PTZ.

    • Unfortunately, if I remember correctly from some comments made by Dr. Yadav, the patient did not want the popping filmed, or may have been even reluctant to have it popped given the sensitive area it was located in. Perhaps someday… but one thing you can count on with Dr. Yadav is he will eventually find something either comparable or even better than that one to share on video with his loyal and consistently supportive fans!

      I think either tonight or tomorrow may herald a pretty nice “Pop Vid” release from Dr. Y. – don’t quote me on it, but cross your fingers, do your special dance, light the incense or whatever you do to help things along!!! LOL

      ~ H.S.

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