Massive 5 Year Old Chest Cyst!

Yes! This is what we come to watch, and I just had to get this in quick I was so excited!! I wouldn’t be surprised if H.S. got this before I even sent it I was typing so fast (timewarp… PTZ style, lol). You can tell by the huge stack of gauze to the side that they are prepared for cleaning away a lot of pus. Listen close to the beginning because they talk about the “YouTube videos”, very funny!

The doc seems awfully nice, too – she actually asks the guy several times if he is doing ok. Kudos there, and for getting out the sac, too (which she calls the core – first time I’ve heard a doctor use that term, but hey, whatever works!) Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!!

**** WARNING! ****
Surgical Removal of Sebaceous Cyst
May Involve Blood, Necrosis, or Other Disturbing Contents
Also May Contain Loud Noises of Discomfort or Pain
Viewer Discretion Is Advised
**** WARNING! ****

“Popping of a cyst that has grown for 5 years.”

RUNTIME: 6min 11sec
TITLE: “big O cyst”
YT INFO: Published on Feb 13,2013 by jordo031591

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  • Wow; that cyst was just ready to go. Excellent video.

    However, I think the “popper” was a PA or nurse rather than a doctor. She didn’t seem particularly organized with the frequent trips to dispose the 4 x 4s, and her kicking the cabinet with her foot to indicate to her **ZIT**istant the location of the hemostats.

  • I just dont know how someone could go that long with a zit/cyst like that. I can barely wait to let them get to a head before I try to pop them. Of course, that is why I never have any good ones like I see on here. :รด( <------ Zit nose emoticon :รด)

  • Great cyst and camera work here, To the doctor , ever heard of pain killers ???? She could have givin him something for the pain before she started cutting and then pushing and squeezing on him. She spoke of seeing people doing this at home on youtube , and that they were hacks, she could have givin him a little morphine or something, the way he was breathing so hard and flinching through it all. Other doctors have givin pain relief before they start or even something to numb it. Well it was a great cyst

    • I agree, some doctors rarely use enough pain killer. Some say it can’t be anesthetized because of all the pus. But many doctors use the ‘field block’ technique with much success. I would refuse treatment until I was pain free. This seems pretty **ZIT**ic to me. Even if she was constantly asking if he’s ok, he’s sweating because of the pain. Hey, I think we might have some innovative new products injected subcutaneously which will reduce your discomfort!

      Pet peeve

      • I’m with totally with ya on that! It was the first thing that crossed my mind! Second thing was, holy **ZIT**, that thing is huge and disgusting! Thanks for posting Popfiend!

  • Spectacular cyst! Dang, that critter was ripe as a nine day tomato. Sorta looked like one too. Awesome job by the doc and camera-operator. That’s how you do it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy, happy, happy!

    • Yeah, that puppy was infected and looking angry. Had to hurt coming out… that location right below the sternum is sensitive to pressure. Certainly a lot more painful than something on the back or shoulder with a lot of soft tissue.

  • Great cyst, great camera work, doctor needs a clue in pain control. Severe pain is not only cruel and unnecessary in today’s medical age but affects all aspects of the body. Many negative reactions can occur that may worsen a patient’s condition: blood pressure goes up, sweating and red face, and stress hormones get released that can actually inhibit healing. If the patient is asthmatic a severe attack can occur that can be life-threatening. Diabetics can experience a dangerous elevation of blood sugar. Patients with ongoing pain conditions like Fibromyalgia, Myofacial Pain Syndrome, MS, Lupus ( the list is endless) can experience pain that is 2-3 HUNDRED times stronger than normal patients and that pain signal can refuse to shut off for hours, days or weeks, thus requiring large amounts of narcotics.

    A lot can be gained from both a medical and ethical standpoint if health care providers educated themselves on the simple yet effective techniques of pain control.


    • I have to agree with ya there. I have complex regional pain syndrome which is cl**ZIT**ed as the worst of the worst in chronic pain. I need to avoid surgery unless its really needed. For a lot of suffers we would need to be put under a general just to have this little beauty drained. Love the payload though

      • I hear ya. They usually do IV or GA on me as well. I have Fibro, MPS, Diabetes, Asthma… You name it. What started your CRPS?


  • Hmmm. You know how “love” is symbolized by that heart shape (that curiously does not resemble the human heart)? I think we should swap it for a big chest-zit, just like this one! (hey, fantastic emoticon, btw!!)

  • I really don’t think the woman that was doing the cutting and squeezing is a doctor, I am not trying to be negative but I am sure there are many people on “pop that zit” that knew more about how to deal with that cyst.
    And yes that was a very angry beast of a cyst!

  • Popfiend, that cyst was juicy!!! and I thank you for sharing it.

    What a fantastic list of new videos we’ve gotten. Sigh. Good day to be us, huh, gang?

    As an unrelated aside that I’m totally amused by: right now I have 1234 points and am a rank 5! Makes me miss The Count. Now, to mess it all up by posting this comment!

  • The first bit squeezed out looked like pus to me, I think that baby was infected. I think that she might have been a PA, too, because she kept calling the sac the core. Finally she did call it a capsule.

  • Holy Moly, that looked just like a nipple in the middle of his chest. It was so ready to pop I think you could have blown air across it & it would have exploded! It makes me so very happy, because there are people in this world, who will allow a cyst to get that big & juicy! I’d never make it a week let alone 5 yrs, no way no how.

    • I paused the video at the beginning before the cut was made to show my husband the size of the cyst, and he said the exact same thing as you! “Whoa! Is that his nipple?? That’s disgusting!” I had to show him that it wasn’t the man’s nipple by pointing out where his shoulder was to show him that the cyst was near the middle of the man’s chest, but hubby still wasn’t buying it. lol

  • Before she cut the cyst, she had to shave those hairs away. It’s better for the healing of the wound. And that is the truth! Because the nurses shaved me on places you’ll never believe!

    But what a place for a cyst. Even a safetybelt had to hurt like **ZIT** for him. Only one question from me: why did it took 5 years before going to a doctor? Fear?

  • Today was my 1st chance to watch it with sound. I wanted to add my 2 cents to the pain vs. anesthesia/numbing discussion. That cyst looked like it would’ve burst if a stiff breeze hit it from the wrong direction; it was infected with a capital P-U-S! We all know that means it’d be really hard to effectively numb. I sincerely hope we missed the anesthesia/numbing before the camera started to roll. And I feel badly for this man having to sweat it out during the cut and squeezing. But as a whole, I think the Nurse/PA did a well by helping him through the pain and explaining the procedure. She said they could take a break at any time he needed, and when he asked if her breaking up loculations with the blunt scissors was going to hurt, she answered him honestly. Then she asked if he wanted a break before that pain began. It would be fantastic if medicine could rid the world of physical pain; trust me, as a gal with a chronic pain disorder, I’d be the 1st in line to volunteer for testing that out!! But unfortunately, pain is part of life and some medical procedures. I think she helped him as best she could, and I think he held up like a serious trooper. Especially since he let that puppy grow for 5 years and waited until it was at critical m**ZIT** before he went to the doc, makes me think he doesn’t like medical stuff! Good job, sir!

  • That was a pretty intense cyst.. In regards to people saying that guy should’ve been given some pain meds etc.. They’re not going to give you narcotic pain medication for a very simple procedure like that. They’ll do a digital block, or local anesthesia but that’s about it. They’re not going to start an IV to give you pain medication or sedatives when all they’re doing is removing/expressing a simple cyst. I had a node the size of a golf ball removed from fairly deep my lower abdomen and all they did was thoroughly numb up the area and got to work. They can’t just give you IV narcotics or sedatives and send you on your merry way, they have to monitor you for upwards of an hour from the point at which they administer said medication.

  • I kept looking to see where his nipple was to get an idea of the location, on his chest, of this juicy cyst that looked so much like a nipple itself. It looked like it might have been in the middle of the chest, and it that was the case, this guy must have been walking around for years looking as if he had a third nipple.

    • Oh, ouch! It woulda hurt like the **ZIT**ens too! If that was his wife or girlfriend doing the filming, she’s probably been very understanding for the time it’s been infected. I know when I’m in pain and have my range of motion limited, I need help doing things. He probably was in a lot of pain and couldn’t do some things without help. I hadn’t even thought about that, squeezmerite. Thanks for the new perspective.

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