Oh, Squeeze It Like You Mean It!

A quick upload in honor of Emilbus20, without whom we would not get such glorious pus fixes! Just the way you like ’em, boss man – on the back, pus all stringy and endless!!! 🙂 Enjoy!!!

~ PTZ Staphers
(just popping in some overlooked wonders, he he)

A Thing Of Beauty, Pus Exits Here Here Here and Here…!

“I have had this freaking thing on my back for the last 3 or 4 years!!! Last night it finally popped!!!!”

RUNTIME: 3min 04sec

TITLE: “Big Zit!!”
YT INFO: Published on Oct 30,2012 by Armando Mercado

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  • Wowzers! This is a beyootieeeeee…got it all, strings, clumps and lumps and best of all, is gonna fill up again unless he ripped that container off and got the capsule.

    Favorite time! Aye chihuahua!

    Pop on!

    • Oh yeah – it will grow again for another pop!!! E-v-e-r-y time he squeezed copious amounts of cheeze came out even one with a ‘snap, crackle, pop’ sound!!!!!!

      The “Cyst, Blackheads, Whiteheads, and Other Body Bumps for Dummies” instruction book is desperately needed!! It was white beauty cheeze!

  • It was coming out of a plethora of odd spots all at the same time! Definitely going to have to watch that a few more times! That was just lovely to say the least! Thanks for the beautiful post Emilbus20, you made me a happy girl tonight! xoxoxo

  • Yep–the “sac” looked completely emptied out there at the end, but I am pretty sure he didn’t have any idea about needing to get the thing out–he was through! Good spewage, eh? Couldn’t keep from wiping it all over the place, either.
    Pretty much of a contortionist, too, getting both hands back there like that….could YOU do it? I sure couldn’t.
    Thanks to all responsible parties! BOO YAH, Emilbus20!!

  • A couple of good explosions, the guy knew just how to squeeze that
    it’s true there is something very special about hearing the popping sound when the cheese snaps out of the small hole, it can be heard and felt, and you popologists know just what I mean.
    I amsad to say that I have not had the pleasure of growing a beast on my face or back for many years.
    I will never forget when I festered a very ripe zit in my ear lobe, that bad boy ended up getting infected and it just throbed from the pressure of the pus.
    I ended up sitting on my vanity one night and vowed it would be the end of me or it.
    I stuck it deep with a pin and squeezed and nothing, so I stuck the needle in again in a different spot thinking in was like a can of motor oil
    from the old days that needed two holes, after the second hole was made I “fore finger” squeezed it with all I had and a jet stream of pus then pus and blood shot out of my nasty ear lobe until the **ZIT** mirror was covered, I **ZIT** you not, you could not see your reflection in that mirror when I finished.
    I could have written my first middle and last name on that mirror with what I had in my ear lobe.
    after that day it never came back to it’s previous glory ever again, oh it would give up a squiggle of cheese once in awhile but that was it..
    I will never forget that :]

    • Your story brought tears to my eyes!!! What a gift to have experienced such a thing! Wish someone would have been there to video it for all of the ages and prosperity to enjoy.

      My ear throbbed like crazy, it spurted pus covering my thumb nail but it was kewl when the hole edges opened forward like the lips forming an ‘O’. Like you, it’s never returned.

      • Wow! Such mellifluous descriptions! Y’all are pus-poets and don’t know-it…(but yer feet show it ‘cuz they’re Long fellows) (what?)

  • Gosh, this guy is a contortionist. Never saw anyone be able to reach their back with both hands like that. That must be great. I would love to be able to do that. I wish I could have seen it before he started squeezing, but hey Im not complaining…that was a thing of beauty !!Squirter and chunks..what more could you ask for. Thanks for posting…made my night.

    • Yes Maloralw! That was exactly my thoughts! The pop & delivery was all that & some, but I was more impressed by the way he just could reach back there & get at it with no problem whatsoever. That was **ZIT** good.

  • Oh wow, that was impressive! I can’t wait for round 2!

    And I know you guys will all appreciate this. My mom broke her hip a few weeks ago, and she’s been at the nursing home and I was there with her for several weeks (she’s 92 but is coming along very well, fortunately). Her roommate, however, made me absolutely drool at a lost opportunity — she’d gotten an infection in an old radiation scar in her chest, and described in loving detail the **ZIT**orted green hunks, chunks, white goo, and odd bits of this and that that were coming out of the hole in her chest. I could have killed for a video of that! Alas, no such luck, but I still savor her incredible description. I thought of all the popologists here, too, and knew that I would have had a fantastic audience for footage of all that gunk oozing out of her!

    • Did you tell her to call you the next time anything like that started coming out again? Like the Post Office, dead of night, rain, sleet, or snow one must go to capture pus and cheeze expulsions!

  • Someone take away the sink and water from this guy … tell him to just SQUEEZE! Such anti**ZIT**tion and such delay … guess that’s what fast forward **ZIT**ons are for! 🙂 Nice video … stringy, cheesy and chunky …. new 3 stooges? Can’t wait for round 2!

  • Wow!!! Thank you for the great post! I can almost imagine the splurch-squish sound that bad boy made! Whoooo hooooo! I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these beauties!!! Sigh……

  • Alright first off , this was an awesome video, an absolute great cyst pop !!! But what was almost just as amazing was how extremely flexible this guy was !!! Did you see how he whipped his arms around to his back and got in the right place , WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG!! I AM IN ZITTY GLORY! This brought gasps and smiles from my side of the screen! I enjoyed this post, well done to all involved. We may have a new term to use: Hyper-rinser but the wait was worth it.

    Twirls about… thank you for fun!

  • This was pretty epic. And I didn’t realize it was HIM doing the double hand squeezing until I read some of the comments. That being said, SOMEBODY get this man a cheese burger. My goodness he’s skinny! 🙂 Great video thanks for all the hard work that’s done so many of us can feed our rather peculiar obsessions…:)

  • Loved it. I too wish we saw it before the action. Can’t believe that he could reach that thing as well as see it in the mirror. Love it when ya hear the sound it makes, just makes the vid even better. To me he is far too thin and needs some more meat on those bones. Looking forward to next round

  • I don’t think this is so much of a contortionist trick as a body type (I am built like this). If you cross your hands right over left high on your chest you’re almost there; he has the added advantage of being loose in the joints, possibly longer arms and moves as though he is generally a young and active man. What jumped out at me was his focus, determination and economy of movement – even the multiple rinses were short, one handed with a thorough dry, towel tossed back in a “that’s good enough” sort of way. I propose he was doing the hand washing/drying to maintain maximum TRACTION on his skin! Well done sir, I applaud you… however am a little concerned re: the gold razor blade around his chest (I thought these were out at the end of the 70’s? Or have I just cloistered myself??). Hope this exacting action is not the side effect of a little tweaking, snorting or ????

  • That was just AWESOME Emilbus!! I was fascinated at the route that cheezy thing was going to use…that was a mini carbuncle!!

    Going into favs 5/5..I only wish that the guy would have used gloves..that always grosses me out AND had some clorox on standby, got the towel very HOT and took his time and can you imagine what would have happened had he sliced the top of that mountain o pus?? It surely would have been a thing of beauty!!

  • I wish I could find somebody who has one of these. I would ask them if I could take care of it for them and that they should not worry because I will stress the fact that, “I will be very gentle.” 🙂

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