Bird Cyst Extraction

Seems like either lots of birds get little cysties, or people like to film the excisions of these usually hard and crumbly cystic growths.

Oh, wait. its 2013. People like to film anything and everything. Sorry! My bad!

Remember, dear Cysters and Blisters, these videos can bother our sensitive family members. So please, watch a your own discretion. Just looking out for you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Removal of Animal Cyst, Abscess or Other
Pus Producing Lesion or Growth.
May Be Very Bothersome
For PTZ’s Sensitive Viewers.
Please Watch At Your Own Discretion
And Remember to comment With Respect.
Enjoy, and Thank You!

RUNTIME: 5min 05sec

TITLE: “Operación de quistes en pájaros”
YT INFO: Published on Dec ,2011 by Aviarioguanche

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  • Nice find poppintime.

    Sure seemed like a large cyst for such a little parakeet. I have 2 parakeets myself. Neither one would have been that calm. The vet would have had to wear thick gloves or knock my birdie out.
    Sure glad to see the little guy pulled through.

    • That was a Canary. Had that been a keet it probably would have bit the **ZIT** out of that fella but Canaries are soft billed and their bites don’t hurt. They can also die from stress so the man is lucky his bird was so calm. Hope it got better. I’m a bird lover. I’ve got a Canary that sings so loud you can’t be in the same room with him.

  • At the point just after he removed the cyst, when he was petting the bird’s head, I was thinking the narration would be “At this point in the procedure, check to make sure your bird hasn’t had a heart attack.”

    I bet that was scary for the little guy, but I’m glad he’s ok. Pretty plumage, too. I haven’t seen a canary like that before.

  • Oh dear, that poor little birdie. All I could think about when he was cutting with the blade – light or dark meat?
    That would have been very stressful for the bird, likely to drop off it’s perch.
    My canary would get very stressed just catching her to give her medicine.

  • I’m very impressed with how gentle and kind this young man was. You can tell he had a lot of comp**ZIT**ion for this bird. And such a pretty bird indeed! Poor thing, you could see how hard and fast he was breathing! I’m so happy to see everything went well and he sitting on his perch again. Nice catch Poppintime! Thanks for sharing with us! <3

  • Yikes…. I hunt and I have never seen any bird or waterfowl with anything like that and success in a limited office. That was pretty interesting. Like me, I’d do anything for my dog, this shows birds get the same love from their owners. Sorta nice to see.

  • I am guessing the fellow was a breeder of canaries – in my extensive experience of watching random youtube videos with my cats, this appears to be popular in Spanish speaking countries. I was worried at the beginning of this video they were going to squeeze the cyst, as we so often see – and that the little head would pop off! I’ve bred a few cinnamon canaries, and there is not much bird under all the feathers! I am going to **ZIT**ume everything went well and the patient recovered!

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