Disgusting Toe Pus Fountain!

Ahem… excuse me as I channel the poor, poor victim in this video – it is just so much fun!

“One day I was at work
A smile on my face
What a glorious day
Until a **ZIT**ing 8 kilo plank decided to plonk itself right down on me foot! Can you believe the gall of that plank?!? I already had 5, count them FIVE dead toenails after I got a stomping from some cleats, and now this? A 6th dead nail, and one heck of a disgusting, swollen, painful, pus filled toe to boot!! Ha ha – boots! Protective gear, ha again! You think leather is going to help? I don’t even think double thick steel toes would have stopped this party from kicking off. (Ha again!) So, did what needed doin’ – I stuck in a pin and squeezed the stuff out!”

Enjoy C’s and B’s!

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
DIY Medical Treatment of Any Kind Is Not Recommended By This Site
And Should Not Be Attempted By Anyone
As a Subs**ZIT**ute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
May Also Contain Adult Language, Monitor Volume!
*** WARNING! ***

YT Commentary:
“This is the gross result of a 8 kilos plank falling on my foot and leaving a dent deep in the leather of the shoe …..
5 toe nails dead after being stepped on with cleats ……a 6th one to complete my collection !”

RUNTIME: 1min 35sec

TITLE: “Disgusting gore puss popping ! Degueul**ZIT**e jet de pus !”
YT INFO: Published on Jan 27,2013 by barricades1968

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  • He should put those under his pillow. Surely with so many toenails, the toenail fairy would pay him a visit. Actually, someone from the company he works for should be slipping a large wad of cash under his pillow. He has slowly been donating his entire foot for the job.

  • Oh, ouchy bow-wow!! That foot looked like it was about ready to limp off into the sunset, that poor man must have been in a world of hurt. I hope he’s healed now and hasn’t lost any mobility in any toes.

    I have to admit, when he put his needles on the ground, I got nervous. I don’t think mixing that much inflammation and infection with a non-sterile needle is a good idea. I’m still cringing. I sincerely hope it didn’t complicate an already complicated foot! Hope he’s better because that just looked so painful!! But man was he a trooper. Not one peep out of him.

    Thanks for the post, poppintime. That was quite the Foot Fountain you Found! 🙂

  • I know that people like to collect things. Stamps, baseball cards, speeding tickets, money, everything. But this was for me a top 10 place. Toe nails?
    Imagion this; he meets a girl and asks her, to go out for a dinner and a movie. During the dinner, she asks the guy if he collect things.
    He’ll say; “Yes, i like to collect toe nails. Want to see them?”
    *girl grabs her bag and run for the door like chased by the devil.

  • That gave me the shivers! They sounded like a couple of school age kids throwing frogs at all the girls on the play ground! Toe nails, of all things!
    Thanks for posting love!

  • Please tell me he didn’t lance that with a needle laying on the (bathroom?) floor? He’s playing with fire… My dad had a similar situation and refused to deal with the issue rationally. Cost him his big toe, then his foot, then his leg. It **ZIT** near killed him. All from stepping on an old carpet tack-board nail and not dealing with the ensuing infection.

  • OOOHHH EEEEEE !!! Is it just me, or do things with toenails and fingernails give you the hibee gibees! They do that to me. To be fair, I also have to include anything with the eyes. (And ANYTHING to do with **ZIT**roaches) Ok, now you know all my fears. LOL. Sure hope this fella gets better soon. I can only imagine the pain, as Ive never had anything like that happen to me. He does seem to have a sense of humor about it though. Great find. Thanks for posting.

  • poppintime, what a great post! Isn’t it funso to see what other people collect? I used to collect dolls and stamps, but nails would be so much cheaper…and readily available…

  • Im not suggesting this guy is stupid, but after losing five toenails to NOT wearing steel toe capped boots, he then continued to NOT wear appropriate footwear and dropped a heavy plank of wood on his toe that caused an abcess like that? No, i wouldnt call that stupid at all…..its a good job he doesnt work in a very dangerous environment, otherwise he might be dead by now! This type of person is why health and safety have to exist in the workplace.

  • My husband mangles his big toes all of the time from soccer…..he usually ends up losing at least 1 per season. He enjoys hiding the dead toe nail in our bed for me to find. I know, jealous ladies 😉

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