House Of Weird: “Giant Lipoma… G-I-A-N-T Lipoma.”

How (ha ha – H.O.W.) can you say anything else? Your jaw will drop (floor pillows out!), your eyes will cross (do what you need to for that one, folks) and your brain may possibly short out. So be warned. What an amazing procedure and life change, however! Prepare yourself, fellow Popologists! It is the ‘Giant Lipoma aka “Big Back Lump” Gets Removed!!!’

Giant. Lipoma. Wooowah!

*** WARNING! ***
Professional Surgical Excision of Lipoma.
May be Considered Graphic,
And Contain Blood
Viewer Discretion Advised.
*** WARNING***

“A patient suffering from giant tumor on his nape of neck & back since 25 years.Pt is very funny as he was using his tumor as toy for his grand childrens.Size of tumor was more than giant pumpkin & weight was about 40 pounds . As patient is hypertensive ( B P 210/120) & Ashamatic and high risk for GA, pt. has gone under an operation under local anaesthesia. Pt was talking during operation and listening talk between medical staff..Immediately after operation pt. was discharged.Such a large lipoma is rare in these days..I hope you will amaze after seeing this operation. You must watch it.”

RUNTIME: 11min 38sec

TITLE: “Giant lipoma (tumor) weighing 40 Lb operated under LA by Dr. J K Lakhani.wmv”
YT INFO: Published on Oct 24,2011 by jklakhani10

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  • please note I watched it on mute. decent camera work-and a jaw dropping video, certainly.

    after seeing videos like this, my life is perfect. I have no complaints.

    I hope that down the road the patient will be able to get the scar tissue “toned down”, and will enjoy not having to carry this tumor.

  • justsqueezit, this is so unusually large it’s amazing how effortlessly they operated to remove it. Please take a standing ovation for finding one of the all-time best operations ever!!

  • Wow is right! Imagine a 40 lb. backpack off center always on your back and in a relatively short amount of time it is gone. I like that they called him Uncle, as I’m guessing it is a term of respect.

    • Yes, in India calling older people Uncle or Auntie is the traditional way to address them. I’ve always thought it was much more polite than the western tendency to call older strangers something like Grandpa.

  • Jeez, was that what you call a Lipoma? The Dr. seemed to know his craft quite well, and seemed to be sewing s**ZIT**ches at 2x speed. I loved the picture of all the clamps that were keeping the blood from spurting all over. I hope they kept track of the number, and took them all out. My only compliant, is that there was no ‘after’ picture of the patient. We had a whole raft of ‘before’ pictures. Oh well, I’m sure the guy felt a few pounds lighter, and walked away with a spring in his step. Oh yes, I was gob smacked to learn the patient was awake for the whole procedure. I would have been demanding morphine every two minutes. Lol. Great post justsqueezit. Ya just gotta love these offbeat videos too. Pop on people.
    Caio Prunesquallor

    • Yes! Looked down and there must have been 50 clamps? But the size of the veins to be secured – needed every singe one. AMAZED it was local anthesia!!! I wound have wanted to be knocked out – that was major surgery not a simple **ZIT**p removal.

  • This was just astonishing in so many ways. The size, the blood supply! – – It reminded me of the aliens in the first ever Star Trek who ran the menagerie. I am incredulous that this was done under local anesthesia! Wow. Wow. Wow!

    • Exactly – think under general so the blood supply could be better controlled. Some of those veins were literally the size of a finger in width! Wonder why waited so very very long to have it removed.

      • He probably had no access to medical care. There are many, many small villages in India where medical care is virtually unknown, unfortunately. And even in the big cities, there is such a large poverty population that can’t afford to see a doctor that things like this can happen.

  • I’m surprised they didn’t use general anesthesia during surgery. This was definitely a jaw dropping video. It must have had an enormous blood supply keeping it alive. I can’t imagine walking around with that thing on my back for 25 years. Wow. Thanks justsqueezeit. Fascinating post.

  • Unfreakingbelievable! Yeah that vein was a trip. The running type across the screen, misspellings and way with words is hysterical. And I bet the grandkids will be unhappy hahahaha

  • Good lord, that must have been a weight off his shoulders. Glad to see that thing gone, what a reliefe for him. The s**ZIT**ching seemed a bit rough but hey, rather a big scar than carrying that alien around.

  • I hope he had the best night sleep in decades! Guess I’ve seen some pretty gross stuff being a trauma/er nurse, because I didn’t find it jawdropping. I was disappointed.

  • WOW …the human body amazes me. I can only imagine carrying that thing around for years. Removing it, had to change his life for the better! I will never stop learning from visiting this site. It was great watching the doctors treat him with total respect and caring for his comfort. Great find!!

  • Impressive work and yes, the s**ZIT**ching was fast, but it’s obvious he doesn’t do plastic surgery. That “Unkle” is going to have a scar to rival all scars.

  • This surgeon was amazing. His speed and skills were awesome. I was at first shocked that this was done with a local instead of general anesthesia. But as I was watching, this was the best way to go for the patient. The skill of this surgeon made that possible for this man. Another surgeon may not have even attempted this with a local, but we all know that general anesthesia carries more risk than a local. Cant believe that the patient was able to go home right after surgery. This was the biggest Ive ever seen. Its stated that it weighed about 40 pounds, I would have guessed double that. I dont mean to make light of this, but this brings new meaning to “I have a lot of weight on my back”. 🙂 Great find, thanks for posting.

  • Not to be rude, but my nuts crept up into my body watching this. I actually felt sympathy pain down there. That said, this was one of the most amazing video’s I’ve ever seen in my life. My hat’s off to this incredible surgeon!!

  • Holy cow is all I can say! I wonder if the gentleman lives in a tiny village without access to medical care. Why else would he have left this for long. His tailor must have had a dreadful time trying to fit him a shirt – let alone a suit. I wonder what his gait is like now after having 40 pounds removed from one side of his body. I would think that he would require a bit of physical therapy to work on his gait. Lastly, can you believe that this procedure would be done anywhere in North America with the patient awake? Also, in our part of the world, the patient would be kept overnight to ensure that he didn’t suffer a post-op hemorrhage. They cut a lot of blood vessels. The entire episode is mind boggling.

  • Just managed to pick my jaw up from off the floor… That was so shocking to watch that I had tears in my eyes and believe me, I can watch pretty much anything… The sub**ZIT**les were cute, misspellings and all, and hats off to “Unkle” for being brave enough to have allowed that to happen with local anesthesia, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have… Wow, I need coffee and a smoke after that lot 😉 Thanks (I think, lol) for posting such an epic video…

  • This was truly amazing. I can only say he let it go so long was because of a lack of medical care or no means to pay for it. Who knows? I hope it turned out well, he’s the Hunchback of Notre Dame no more!

  • Poor patient, it must have been heavy. But am**ZIT**ing for 25 years little by little, the weight must not have been an issue.
    The video was good, except for the annoying words going across the screen every so often. I wanted to see the video, not the videographer’s words.
    It would have been 5 stars except for those words going across the screen like a banner, so I gave it 4 stars.

  • Wow! Talk about a weight lifted off your back…Stunning! I love surgical videos. The only thing i did not like with this video was that horrible music. Listened for about a minute then muted it . Other than that, great find.

  • Two things really stand out: THEY DID THIS UNDER LOCAL ANESTHESIA!!!!
    Second — I hope they admitted this guy for a couple of days. His risk of infection (especially in India) is huge!.

    This was an all time first for PTZ — thanks for sharing:)

  • Had you read the commentary, you would have seen,
    “As patient is hypertensive ( B P 210/120) & Ashamatic and high risk for GA, pt. has gone under an operation under local anaesthesia.”

  • Quick: Somebody call Linus, because they’ve found The Great Pumpkin!!

    And he has varicose veins…

    And with all those clamps hanging from him, he sounds like wind chime!!


  • He needs to see a psychiatrist afterwards. Anyone, unless it was an issue of health coverage, who would live with a growth this size before having it removed has mental health issues as well as a tumor.

  • WOW, talk about taking a load off of his back! Just amazing that anything can grow that large and especially that an individual let’s it go for so long. Hopefully the patient recovers quickly!

  • Holy lipoma, Batman! I do wonder though, with all the veins did that not cause any problems if they were cut & was there a possibility of any nerve damage? I’m truly shocked & impressed.

    And to think, a surgeon is told me last week “it will be too difficult for me to fix your abdominal hernia due to your past gastic byp**ZIT** surgery”. WTH? I’m going to get a second opinion from this Dr in India.

  • For the OR staff to not have their noses covered by their face masks defeats the purpose of wearing the masks in the first place, which in turn greatly increased the risk of post-op infection. Sure hope Unkle was sent home with some antibiotics…..

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