Large Underarm Cyst~Boil

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This is a fairly long video, just over 17 minutes.  This poor girl has a large underarm cyst or boil (I’m thinking boil).   Not sure which family member is doing the popping but the young girl is in such pain. Like most do it yourself anyone guess how long before it fills back up again?

~ Twinz

“My cousin had a huge cyst that my wife popped for her…there was a lot going on in this video…sorry cuz I had to post it…Don’t worry she feels way better now.”

RUNTIME: 17min 14sec
TITLE: “Huge Cyst Popped”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 13,2013 by shockazulou1988

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    • i was thinking the same thing! i know most people would think an underarm one wouldnt be that bad, but they hurt like **ZIT**! the only ones worse are **ZIT**/genital and leg, since you cant walk at all. Such a beautiful girl! i hope she got on some anti-biotics, because that was most definitely an infected boil, probably from an in-grown hair or shaving nick. they did a really good job getting it all cleaned out though.

    • I began praying during this one. I know that was tough pain to handle! I wrote Brea and Kissi and grandma in my prayer book. When a boil/cyst is that size, you need to know the pockets of pus under the skin are probably marble size. Sometimes there are several together, they have strong linings, and must be broken in order to drain through the outer hole. It would have helped if there were an incision instead of a tiny hole. I pray that the drainage was not MRSA. It is super contagious and can be spread through simple touch. I seriously pray that you do not ever get this again, but if you do, make sure all of your tools a sterile.

      I wrote you all down in my prayer book. I hope you NEVER get another one of those.

  • wow that was awesome what i just dont get and never will is the thought process behind people lets make a small hole and push forever and feel all that pain or lets make a big hole and push a few times and all the pain be over fast????? hmmmmmm guess im the dumb one cus the big hole seems better to me!!! great find wish for about 5 of these every day lol awesome work and thanx so much!!!

    • I really agree! She didn’t have to make really big hole just make it so it had better flow to get the pain over with faster. I feel sorry for the person being squezzed when they make a little straight pin hole and keep squeezing with out any results. I was felling so sorry for the girl to be put through all the pain.

    • I never saw that grammaw was squeezin it. I saw the comment from the girls cousin (the poppee) saying that his wife (popper) was squeezing it. STill no reason to keep going when someone is screaming that loud. Maybe they didn’t have a car? Not sure what kept them at home, I do hear alot of kids in background, all I can do is speculate…HOWEVER, it that was me getting my huge boil mashed on and I was screaming please stop it hurts and the person continued…that person would have a m**ZIT**ive hematoma on their forhead and their temple the size of a grapefruit that would require an appartus stuck in the brain to releive pressure. Sounds very dramatic, I know, but that sort of pain is unfathomable and NO ONE should allow ANYONE to cause that sort of pain on their body. Last reason for not going to ER, which I have seen time and again, the ER wait would and could be up to 9 hours long AND the young girl is more than likely deathly afraid of needles…

      I am very glad that she is OK now, I can **ZIT**ure you that the sac wasn’t removed though..

      • i think maybe they were doing the best they could given their specific cir**ZIT**stances, if that young lady was letting it happen. she was in incredible pain, and at least the cousin’s wife was willing to pop (or gently express) it. the hole should have been larger, yes. the poster stated it all turned out ok, and she is fine. maybe she couldn’t get to the doctor that day (booked up? after closing? on a weekend?). i can also tell you that i will have to be in imminent danger of death to ever go to an emergency room again. i did it once. was up all night, was there for 7 hours (it was a slow night, too), and left at about 7:30 a.m. we don’t know what her cir**ZIT**stances were. i’m glad she’s ok.

  • That borders on child abuse, I swear. It was soooooooo unnecessary! Like joe said, where’s the common sense factor here? One nice slice and a few hard squeezes and that poor sweetheart would have had a much shorter torture, cuz that’s wat it was, pure torture. Glad she’s feeling better, hard to believe, still looked nasty at the end to me.

    Man the multicolored stuff, clumps and lumps and that huge blood clump, never saw that before! never ending volcano, poor kid! Nevertheless AWESOME find, twinz, amazing!

  • Yep… A little lidocaine and properly sized incision would’ve really helped. It would’ve been pain free, but it’d be a heck of a lot better. Tough to see her suffer like that… but in the end, it had to feel better.

  • I knew, as did all of us who have had a “Grammaw” to do these things to us, that even though she was trying to be respectful of the girl’s wishes for her not to squeeze it….once she got her dewclaws into it, she’d never quit until she either ran out of pus or had a stroke, no matter how much noise the girl made. Shoot, maybe Grammaw’s a midwife. This little girl has no idea what she’s in for someday, probably. IJS
    Good post, Twinz! LONG tho.

  • Hats off to the young lady for gritting her teeth and getting though the procedure and for posting it on YT for all to see. That was one ginormus boil in a very tender place. There was a lot of pus in there and it will be throbbing for a day or two. I agree that the local hospital ED may have been a better place to dispatch this thing. Thanks Twinz. Good post.

  • When I watch videos like these, I thank G-d that here, in Québec, we have universal medical coverage! O_O It was almost unbearable to her this young woman scream! I always say that in cases like these, the magic word is “incise”. INCISE. I-N-C-I-S-E! Sure, the young woman would have jumped through the roof while the cut was made, but afterwards, she would have suffered a whole lot less, and it would not have lasted that long. My heart really goes out to her, and I pray to G-d that she is alright now!

    • Remember – this is why why we have Warnings on videos, to offer members an option to skip a video that may be bothersome. The woman was old enough to have made her own choice to have this done at home, for her own reasons, at is something we should respect. From what I know, she is perfectly fine and healed or healing nicely.

      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin

  • I had to turn the sound off, I don’t see why grandma couldn’t have given her a couple breaks to calm down, relax a little , then get back to it.
    I’ve always been one of the people to say just take her to the hospital.
    I’ve always had insurance so it was easy to say.
    I lost my insurance because work has been slow,
    I’d never been to the emergence room in my life till after I lost my insurance.
    I was in and out, in only 45 minuets, paperwork and all.
    It only took the doctor maybe 15, 20 minuets to s**ZIT**ch me up.
    It cost me $1500.00
    If she went to the emergence room, my guess is it would cost about 2500 to 3000 grand or more.

  • Great find Twinz!! There is more than 1 way to pop a zit/boil or m**ZIT**ive growth. Several DIY techniques that weren’t even thought of. If I was the one conducting this train and she couldn’t afford to go to ER, I would have recommended hot compresses, on and off all day long, neosporin, immediately and do this for a couple of days. After squeezing for so long, these things swell up more and become untouchable, which is why you have to wait, if there is no lidocain, pain releif meds, scalpel and trained physician. I do hope she recovered well. I feel so bad for her. The lady doing the squeezing should have stopped, I know I would have. The neosporin makes the skin very soft and after a couple of days, after barely touching this m**ZIT**, it would have squirted out, all at once..Try it sometime…

  • Damn I felt bad for her. I hope someone had some percocet left over from a dentist visit or something to give her for that pain. But like some many already said one nice slice and a few squeezes and it would have been over.

  • That poor, poor girl 🙁 I also don’t understand why the popper didn’t make a small incision rather than cause so much pain every time she squeezed… I guess we’ll never know… Hope it’s healed up now and thank you for posting!!

  • That poor baby…I just want to hug her…on the arm…right after opening that monster with a clean blade of some kind. I’m quite sure she’s not done with it…even at this date. I’m so, so sorry, baby girl.

  • I was thinking, like so many of you, why wasn’t a larger opening made? Since that boil has such pressure it could drain on it’s own for the first part a slit, even small, would have done the job so much better. I didn’t understand the use of the tweezers either.
    I am fairly sure she had to get medical treatment soon after.

  • Just heart wrenching!!! She was such a trooper, no punching anyone! They could have done 2 things before doing EVER having to do that! 1) make the hole bigger! 2) go to te emergency room! Dumb, dumb, dumb! What the **ZIT** is wrong with people today? I just pray that this beautiful young lady is ok and all healed up with no complications! Thank you Twinz, for a most interesting post! Great mining job!

  • Had that been done to an inmate in the exact manner, the amount of money he would have been awarded for being tortured would have been truly obscene.

    No ER would have turned her down, insurance or no. Payment arrangements of very small amounts can be made. There just isn’t any excuse to torture a person in this manner.

    I was so distracted by her pain (even without sound) that I barely noticed the pinhole sized trickle.

    Great find but where on Earth has common sense fled to these days?


  • What love the grandmother showed for her granddaughter. There was clearly an infection. Possibly a life-threatening infection. Since the patient did not go to a hospital, the next-best thing is to do what grandma did. Grandma persevered throughout the patient’s screams and cries to get the pus and blood mostly out. If it were me, I would have razor-bladed the golf-ball or tennis-ball sized lump to excrete the contents with (hopefully) less pain.
    Poor gal (patient). Good for grandma.

  • Oh goodness, poor girl! I have to agree with a lot of you here….it would have hurt like **ZIT**, but lance that thing and squeeze with all you got. Better short and fast than to prolong the pain.

  • I typically try to be positive in my comments to those nice enough to share personal videos with us, however, this one really got me hot under the collar! There are too many ways to have this taken care of without all that unnecesary agony and those ways can be found literally at your finger tips. That girl is one tough cookie! I would have been out of there as soon as the gloves went on!

      • Yes, you are correct BT. Please folks – this is not a situation where someone was forced to have a DIY done. If it bothers you, then you can always opt to not watch it or cease watching it. Warnings are provided for your edification, and thus we rely on a “Watch by Choice, and Comment with Respect.”

        So, anone wishing to discuss the avdnatages or disadvantages of current healthcare crisis – the Forum is designed for just that. Thanks! 🙂

        ~ H.S.
        Site Admin

  • It, Happened…..This is the first video that I felt super bad for the person in pain, I don’t care what anyone says this girl was hurting, all I could think about was my own daughter….there was no drama there, that was real.. The only thing that upset me was the person worried about the headphones.

  • I am appalled. This was like a snuff film. This is another case of do it yourselfer’s gone terribly wrong. I’m sure that in the beginning everyone was sure that it was going to be quick and easy but 30 seconds in someone should have called the fight and offered to drive to the ER. Gramma was just too stubborn to throw in the towel and be thought of as a failure here and the poor girl was a victim as a result. I’m not interested in hearing about being able to afford a trip to the ER. An infection that bad can easily get worse very quickly and needs immediate medical attention. Add to the mix the unsterile, ungloved hands pressing on a wound and you have the makings for a disaster. As if this is not enough, to then put this poor girl’s agony on display is unforgivable. This is not why I come to this site. F-.

    • Are you serious “like a snuff film” Grandma did what had to be done. she was gentle with the pressure, part of the reason it took so long, in my opinion. Something like that hurts for sure, but it had to be drained all the way or it would be just as full by morning. If you think this is like a snuff film I suggest you forgo this site. Wow!

    • Please pay attention to the *warnings* on videos. You have the choice to watch or not to watch. We work hard to make sure that members have a good heads up about the content prior to pushing play, and in return we ask that members use discretion and courtesy in their replies. Relating this video to a snuff film is far from respect. Please refrain from such broad and negative judgements of a family you have no knowledge of beyond this video, which really doesn’t give anyone any indication as to their social values, economic status, or personal beliefs.

      If you have any further issues, please feel free to contact me directly.

      ~ H.S.
      Site Admin


  • Well for sure that thing was huge and painful.It was smaller at the end though. Brave girl cause I am a wimp when it comes to pain,she took it with no medication, like having a baby all natural.I have had some boils in my life,and they hurt.Glad she is better according to the cousin who posted original video.

  • I didn’t like this video at all because it broke my heart watching this little girl suffer the way she did. Mom should have taken her to the doctor way before it got this bad!!

  • So sorry to see this …. it does appear that a doc was in order … possibly to lance this. Based on the location, this could have been an infected hair …. too much pain for this poor woman.

  • I was horrified at the woman laughing in the background, and then trying to excuse it by saying, “You know I just can’t stop my laugh.” Laughing at that poor child’s pain? That was dreadful!

    Take her to the ER. If there was a big bill and they truly had no money, the hospital would have probably either (a) written it off or (b) allowed them to pay a little bit at a time. But that big a boil in that location needs proper medical attention by someone who knows what they’re doing!

  • Usually I can put up with almost ANY I&D video, but this one is one of those I just can’t… It is actually painful to watch how much this poor girl suffers. As the daughter of a Popping Scholar (aye, Mum was THAT good), there is one of the few things I did learn that may had help in this case:

    You can’t get an elephant out through a window! Please make a decent size opening for the boil to drain less painfully.

  • I’m sorry to be negative, and I almost never comment, but she had to be in the worst pain. How does someone let something get that big. I’m sure she did not wake up one morning with that boil under her arm. That had to be their for some time. I could tell that she was in the worst pain of her life. Then to only let someone touture you by squeezing it slowly. That boil needed to be lanced not squeezed. They should have just iced it and poked a hole with a sterlized knife. One shot deal!!!!

  • Oh my – incredible size boil – had to be agonizingly painful! I’m in awe how she was able to tolerate the growth. Recall a video on this site where three medical students tried to remove 2 very large boils from their friend. They used copious amounts of pain killing injections to no avail. They said he was taken to the ER and immediately admitted for emergency surgery. Those boils under the arm and nothing to laugh about or ignore.

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