Popping a Back Boil, Pimple, Cyst… PUS!

Nice amount of pus squeezed from what might be a deeper cyst in the neck. They termed it a boil… but it has pus, so its good!! You can see the cyst-like roundness when she gets her fingers underneath it – whoa! Decent popping technique! LOL! And you have to love the pretty pattern on the requisite paper towel used for DIY’s at home. 🙂 Hey, all in fun when it is a good pop. And we have hopes of a sequel. How did they do it in Peter Pan? Clap your hands if you believe in sequels, Popologists!! hehehaha. Enjoy!!!

RUNTIME: 1min 58sec

TITLE: “Popping a big boil on the back! Pimple Poppin….”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 13,2013 by nicholas j

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