Stubborn Bacne

Haven’t been around for awhile, but I thought I’d drop a line with this video – it is a long one, so here are some viewing tips:

1. Pretend it is an exercise in patience
2. Devise at least ten reasons why this bacne inclusion (it looks weird to me) is being so difficult. It sure doesn’t act like a traditional cyst!
3. Watch two videos at once?
4. Oh, and Dramamine might be required, there is more than some movement, but not the worst by far – lots of good shots to lessen the pain… Not everyone is Scorsese out of the box!

I like the perseverance, and what she ends up teasing and tweezing out of the thing makes it all worthwhile in the end. Hope some of ya out there are like me, so “genieten”!

“Popping a back cyst on my step dad on fourth of July.”

RUNTIME: 10min 33sec

TITLE: “Back Cyst”
YT INFO:Published on Jul 4,2012 by Kyla Vick

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  • So glad you came back again, bacne-up. And the present you brought us is magnificent. I think they were very sociable to share their prizes each time some of it was removed. Might there be a sequel to look forward to?

  • A small nick to open the hole a bit and a better set of tweezers would have made this so much easier.
    Still, you have to admire her persistence and his patience. Good pop.

  • That woman was savage with that poor ol’ guy. Jeeeze, just a little less frenetic l**ZIT**… She probably hurt him more than a boil that size would’ve…

    Thanks for the post!

  • What a way to say **ZIT**o! 🙂 Thanks for the post, bacne-up. Sure, it was a little shaky, but not so terribly. As you said, there were plenty of money shots, and I was happy with those!

    The first couple of good squeezes brought up some drier, darker looking material. I’m wondering if this was a large, deep blackhead gone amuck? It didn’t really seem like a cyst, to me at least. Whatever it was, she did a great job of sticking to it! Only, I believe she needs a nicer, sharper pair of tweezers.

  • Using the tweezer just made it too tedious for me. Then she would try to squeeze, back off, try to squeeze, back off. I’m just glad she managed to get it all out.

  • Years ago, well before we all had cameras to film our most glorious popping moments, I had something very similar on my thigh. It was a cross between a blackhead and a boil but the catch was that instead of growing normally (making a nice **ZIT**p that I could squeeze to my heart’s content), it was growing on the inside, making a nice crater in my thigh. That thing from Hell was unpoppable because I could not get a good grip on it. And it was hurting like you couldn’t believe. It took weeks to go away on its own.

    So I can only admire the perseverance that woman showed and the patience the man had.

    Great find, bacne-up and thanks for the memories! 😀

  • Maybe if she had moved her fingers out to the margin of the cyst instead of digging with her nails around the punctum and given it a few good 4 finger squeezes things might have been different??? A+ for perseverence though, thank you for sharing!

  • Did anyone beside me HATE her optical illusion fingernails??? There were times I couldn’t tell if stuff was was coming out of the pore because of the white zigzagging between the black polish 🙁 It was a stubborn rascal for sure!

  • I’m new and I think those were pre-polished, super-glued-on, broken and picked-at fake nails. And all she needed was a couple of good ole comedome extractors, Dr. Yadav style! She was very determined and he must of been ‘thick-skinned’ when it came to all her pinching and squeezing.
    I’ve been a fan of YouTube pimple videos for a few years. There are a lot of negative, b****y & foul commentators on that site. I joined PTZ a few days ago and I have to compliment everyone here. Everyone is friendly, positive and well, nice while interacting with others. I feel like I’ve come home and everyone here knows exactly what I want.

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