Stubborn Blackhead Finally Gives Up The Pus!

Despite using a great extraction tool, this big blackhead is refusing to give up and come out with its head up! Finally, getting her nails under it provides enough OOMPH to force it out… and she says there is probably more so let’s hope for a sequel!!! I don’t know why YouTubers get so worked up over nail marks – I mean what can you expect from a stubborn blackhead? The extractor tool leaves the same kind of marks, and most of us Popologist know they disappear really quick. I thought it was awesome seeing it finally come out, absolutely a worthy blackhead video!!!! Sure as heck one of the better ones on YT. But since it was far from finished… Part 2 will be a welcome addition!

🙂 🙂 ENJOY! 🙂 🙂

“Disgusting m**ZIT**ive blackhead extraction! Gross!”

RUNTIME: 2min 48sec

TITLE: “Blackhead Squeezing!”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 11,2013 by Jen Jen

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  • Great video Diamond Girl. It just seems like on the really good ones they don’t finish filming them and it is frustrating. That blackhead was not wanting to come out and that tool wasn’t working to well. It was still a great video. Thank you for taking time out to find it for us. I just love a good blackhead.

  • Great video DiamonsGirl!

    All the fancy gadgets they have and good old fashioned fingers and nails did the job just fine. LOL
    I do agree with princesspustule that the video ended to soon. Would have liked to see a bit longer to see the ending. To see if she was able to get more out. 🙂

  • :/ Near the end I got real mad at the person filming this lovey blackhead, first it was out of focus and then ended way to soon! It’s late just past 2 am and I think I’m getting crabby, so I’ll watch more the next day or two.
    Great video 🙂 anyway, goodnight!

  • Aww poor shy little blackhead. Don’t be afraid little one; we all are nice people. No one is going to hurt you… much! *insert evil laughter*

    Very nice find Diamondgirl and thanks for sharing!

  • Nice one! I did wonder if she would have had an easier extraction if she used the ring end of the tool the way it is intended to be used ?? Maybe, we’ll never know now 😉 Still an awesome video, thank you!

  • She lost faith in the tool too fast. A warm towel on the area for a few minutes, a bit of skin stretching, and that puppy would’ve popped like corn.

    Thanks for the vid… I love blackheads.

  • Those fingernails scared the holy bejeezus outta me the way they were digging in! I have to agree, there was more good stuff to come outta there. Good find!

  • Once again, another unsatisfactory video because somebody couldn’t film just another 30 seconds or another minute longer. It leaves me feeling annoyed and ticked off. Like I don’t even know why I started watching the video in the first place if I can’t even watch it being finished. It was only one little blackhead! If you can’t show ALL of it, then why even bother? Because all it does is make me agitated. Don’t start what you can’t finish!!

  • This was more than a blackhead. After watching a few of the good Dr. Yadav’s videos of what I always thought were blackheads, he taught me that they are actually small sebaceous cysts. The blackhead looking part is the ‘punktum’?(Not sure of the spelling). That’s why they never seem to end, like a real blackhead. There is still the matter of getting the sac out too. The **ZIT**le of one of these videos eludes me at the moment, but they shouldn’t be too hard to find. Anyway, think of the fun you will have going back over some golden oldies by Dr. Yadav. And proving this site is educational to boot. Pop on people.
    Caio Prunesquallor

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