Un Barrito

Un barrito
Un barrito
Oh so sweeto
Very neato
You are what I want to pop
And never stop
Un barrito

Muy bueno, un barrito!
(This one oh so put the “fiend” in me! LMAO!)

RUNTIME: 7min 50sec

TITLE: “un barrito”
YT INFO: Published on Nov 12,2012 by Saul Salazar

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  • BigTull – I was thinking exactly the same thing as I was watching. I think that it is a mole that has become infected from too much squeezing. This requires a visit to the doctor ASAP, particularly because due to the length of the popper’s nails, it looked like the mole was almost amputated because of slippage due to moisture on the skin. Moles are not something to become DIY projects.

      • I agree. I have a difficult time watching anyone who cannot seem to figure out how to pop a **ZIT** zit or cyst.

      • I totally agree! As soon as it would start to come out, the popper would let up! Cool video but I’m afraid I found myself yelling at the screen again, and I promised I’d stop that! 🙂

  • When I see something like this, it always reminds me of that “Friends” episode, and I start laughing. It was Ross goes to an herbalist to get his “nubbin” removed and the herbalist puts some herbs on it and he jumps back saying” That clearly was not the way to go, it seems we’ve angered it” Hahahaha! Thats what I kept thinking while watching this. This “nubbin” was clearly angered!! If it was a mole then I think a DR should see about it, however, if it was a cyst, I think it would have been better (and easier for the patient) if a tiny cut was made, it would have come out with less squeezing. Nice cheese and I did enjoy it. Im always torn about this anyway. A cut would have made it come out better and quicker, but then this way it last much longer. More time to enjoy!! Thanks for posting Popfiend. Nice Find!!

  • Anyone else think it looked like an ugly, gross, swollen ol’ woodtick? Gave me the heebie-jeebies… I SO wanted to yell at her, “Are you trying to give a tantric m**ZIT**age to that thing – get under it and squeeze it!” Me thinks it would have been less traumatizing then the looong, drawn out process it ended up being… IMO. I know…

    • You are right justsqueezit. It did look like a tick now that you say it. EWWWW!!! While **ZIT**roaches ( always has and always will) hold the #1 position in ickyness, ticks are definately #2. They make my skin crawl.

  • You know what we need? Live zit-pop podcasts. That way we can ask the burning questions that leave us screaming at our computer screens, pounding our keyboards, and breathing like we just ran the Boston Marathon.
    For instance, is this person giving a back m**ZIT**age along with the zit pop? Otherwise why are they starting two feet away from the **ZIT**p and rubbing in that direction? Just squeeze the **ZIT**p already.
    And why are you floofing the kleenex over the **ZIT**p like it’s going to bite you? Either wipe it off or squeeze it some more! It doesn’t need dusting like your great aunt Edna’s antique china chicken collection that she left you in her will.

  • Thanks to everyone for your great observations! I actually thought of a nasty tick invasion myself, like the tick was gonna say thanks for clearing up its pimple so it could continue chomping in peace. I hope he’ll see a doctor if that really is a mole. **shudders**

  • Probably the most annoying video I’ve even seen. She dragged it out until I couldn’t take it anymore. Squeezed for two seconds, messaged for about 5 minutes. Practically. Wiped away at every itty bitty, tiny piece of pus, then stopped. Took another hour of m**ZIT**aging and pushing her fingers into the guy’s back. Then squeezed another smidgen of pus and wiped away, and the SAME tormenting routine all over again. I was so irritated I stopped the video halfway through. That was pure torture. If I would have been there, I would have kicked the popper.

  • Talk about milking something for all it’s worth, and I am not just talking about the cyst. she was talking way to long to squeeze the life out of that cyst.
    It was kinda funny, she would move her fingers in towards the cyst and then just stop short of squeezing it.
    I wanted to see her just blast **ZIT** out of that baby but I really can’t blame her for keeping the experience going and going and going and…………………………

  • Here… let me give you a niiiiiice back m**ZIT**age…. ahhhhh… lovely… that’s right, relaaaaax…. SQUEEZE!!!!!!! Poor man, I’d have biffed her one I’m afraid, lol… Didn’t like the colour of that thing, I think I’d have had that looked at rather than messed around with 😉

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