BigTull Presents: AFS FESS

BigTull Presents: “Allergic fungal sinusitis (AFS) – FESS “

I love part of the description they used during the video… “Extensive nasal polypi with macerated mucosa…” Why? Well, it seems the plural of polyp is polypi – who knew? And macerated mucosa just sounds fascinating, the way it rolls off the tongue. Go ahead, repeat it a few times to yourself, see if you don’t agree. The operating area isn’t as flushed clean of **ZIT** fluids as some of the other ENT vids we enjoy, but the sheer amount of debris removed is pretty monumental. Other than that, enjoy the nasty nasal nuggets!!

“An asthmatic with bilateral nasal polypi and allergic fungal rhino sinusitis with right eye proptosis was operated. Fungus had caused extensive mucosal maceration with congestion. Unfortunately shaver was not in hand, FESS was done using blecksley forceps. Fungus was slimy and adherent to the tissues slipping away from suction and instruments.The middle turbinate on right side was edematous and polypoidal,the skull base was the only visible land mark. Lamina papyracea was dehiscent on C T scan ,which was found during operation.”

RUNTIME: 7min 28sec

TITLE: “Allergic fungal sinusitis (AFS) – FESS ”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 7,2012 by aroraent

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  • 3 weeks ago I had an eerily similar surgery. I can finally breath thru my nose after many years of not being able to. I can commiserate with this patient.

    nasty nasal nuggets seriously suck.

  • I have chronic sinus infections and I will be seeing an ENT sometime this month, (whenever I make the appointment). If I have to have surgery I’m going to ask the doctor if he’ll record it for me. If he does I will post it on here!
    I’ve been a long time fan and viewer , love PTZ!!

  • Once again BT entertains us by sticking his nose up someone else’s nose with a fascinating procedure. 5 Star stuff Tully!
    And an extra 5 Stars for the perfect snot sucking music!

  • This has to be one of the most messed up noses I’ve seen on here. I mean how does the ENT know where to start?! All that gunk and junk! Very fascinating and I’m guessing this was a very sick patient prior to procedures. I can only imagine what if must feel like for these poor people to finally be able to breathe through their noses again! What a relief! Phew! Thanks for posting!

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