Dr. Yadav’s “Sebaceous Cyst On My Shoulder”

Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav’s
“Sebaceous Cyst On My Shoulder”

See? Even Dr. Yadav can produce a decent cyst with a most excellent payload. (I’m jealous!!!!) Bonus is that this is a family DIY extraction event!!! Enjoy!

“My sister extracting out i.e emptying the sebaceous cyst present on my left shoulder, in earlier description there is voice of my sister and later you hear male voice which is mine. She told that the material oozing out is the keratin not the se**ZIT** as name indicates. Yes its the sebaceous cyst not the black head.” ~ Dr. Yadav

RUNTIME: 1min 29sec

TITLE: “Sebaceous Cyst On My Shoulder”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 18,2013 by Vikram Yadav

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    • I think that the cameraman has drank a few gl**ZIT**es of too … the video is wonderful but the resumption is horrible….but thanks for the video Dr. Yadav

    • Maybe, but i’m not having fun with Monopoly!
      I’m the one that always goes bankrupt first……….
      And then i have to be the one for serving the drinks and snacks.

      Dr. Yadav does it again! And now he’s the patient.
      Talking about it, i’m wondering; does Dr. Yadav send a bill for service to himself?

  • I can just imagine that the good doc wishes that he were double jointed so that he could film and squeeze his own cysts anywhere on his body
    simultaneously. Of course, if he were able to do that, it would make him too perfect – and **ZIT**ody can ascend to that level of perfectness – at least not in the real world that we all live in. Dr. Y, that was pretty darn good. I think that you should have your sister in more of your videos. The 2 of you make a wonderful team. Is she also a physician? Thanks once again for a great piece of videography.

  • So that was a sebaceous cyst, and I’m **ZIT**uming that it was dark because it had a large punctum? (Is that the correct word – “punctum”?) And that is why it looks like a large blackhead but isn’t. Dr. Y, is there a way for those of us with no medical training to be able to tell the difference between a sebaceous cyst like this one and an honest to goodness blackhead?

    Your sister is also a great extractor! Must run in the family.

  • I can’t believe Dr. Yadav has a cyst! It looked more like a blackhead to me. But, maybe they keep it emptied out instead of letting it grow for 25 years, that’s knowledge. She talked exactly like him, so cute!

  • A family that pops together, stays together…LOL ! Ive learned so much from this site….before PTZ I would have sworn that was a blackhead. But by any name….its wonderful. Thanks again Dr. Y. and your sister.

  • oh you even have a sister that loves zits. you guys are just wonderful. GOOD VIDEO. MY FAVORITE DOC AND DOC FAMILY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU KNOW I CAN TAKE OUT A CYST AS WELL AS ANY DOCTOR I KNOW. I WORK IN ER AT A SMALL HOSPITAL. WILL BE WATCHING FOR YOUR STUFF.

  • So whatever happened to “getting the sac out” if it is a sebaceous cyst like you say? Or is this your little “hobby” cyst? (I used to have a couple of them–couldn’t WAIT for them to fill back up! Kept me absorbed all through my teens and twenties. Coulda been worse, I guess.

  • I kept waiting for her to get the good ol’ four fingered two handed grip on Brother Vikram and get that sucker EMPTY.

    “Hobby cyst” — I like that.

  • I showed this clip to some people at work and i thought Dr Roberson was going to have an episode. What i call an episode is having a very good time, she loved it. So while we had time i showed her the clip that you took the day you showed the day in your office. I also showed her the one with the bug licking the blackhead. WE SURE HAD FUN THAT NIGHT. GUESS WHAT SHE IS INTO ZITS TOO. I BET SHE JOINS. LOTS OF LOVE AND HAPPINESS IN YOUR CAREER. YOU HELP PEOPLE THAT CAN’T PAY FROM WHAT I CAN TELL. NOT HERE HAVE TO SELL THEY’RE HOMES TO GET SEEN IN AMERICA OR GO BANKRUPT. NO MONEY NO MEDICAL YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK.

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