Huge Cyst on Back Entertains the Party! *FIXED*

I think Squeezer said it best that this might qualify as the **BIGGEST CYST IN THE WORLD**! If not, it certainly is a contender. And despite the camera not having 100% Full Attention on the glory of the pus being volcanically exploded from out of this camel hump of a sebaceous cyst, it is still a most worthy watch… several times over. On playback loop. Fall asleep to it (although you may have to hit mute, or subs**ZIT**ute the track for sleep mode.) Please don’t watch it while driving. Probably more dangerous than texting while driving. It will be tempting, but I know you can resist.

the cyst
the looped
(…it exists!)

Thank you to Justis for jumping on this prime puppy first, Squeezer for the great commentary and all others who submitted the link. Thank you to the person who invented: video cams, the internet, YouTube, and of course, most of all – thanks Emil for creating PTZ so we could all watch this video together in the fraternal bonds of pustular enjoyment. ~ H.S.
(ps… no kidding, there really is a looped playlist, muwah-ah-ha-ha-ha)

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
PTZ Does Not Recommend DIY Medical Treatment of Any Kind
As a Subs**ZIT**ute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
*** WARNING! ***

YT COMMENTARY: “Large Boil being popped on back”

RUNTIME: 5min 33sec

TITLE: “Pimple popping extreme”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 27,2013 by TheBrotherbam


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  • This camera person needs to be prosecuted! The most unbelievable video in his hands and he has an at**ZIT**ude. Doesn’t even finish the job. I want a shot at him. He ruined possibly the most amazing video to this date. But on the other hand, thank goodness for what we did get. The gl**ZIT** is half full. Sorry to be negative.

    • You’re absolutely right. Bad camera angle until the last third or so of the video, plus the guy repeatedly making “vomit” noises is annoying and distracting. If not for the cameraman this would be an award-winning video… and even then, it’s so good this could take a prize. Amazing.

      Whoever found this – keep watching the OP’s channel – maybe they’ll try to lance the one on the guy’s shoulder, too.

      • *NOTE TO ALL* –

        Let’s just agree that the camera work was not the greatest. And let it go at that. Try and keep positive – these videos are not being filmed for us and us only. The people doing them are only human, not film school graduates. The griping on every video is becoming a tad redundant… Enjoy the fact we even got to see this happen, because there are millions of cysts, boils, blackheads, etc. being exploded the world over without do**ZIT**entation. That is the real waste in my book! πŸ™‚

        Thanks, all. Now back to your enjoyment… with more to come. A unique earlobe emptying, some interesting blackheads and more!!! Have fun!

        ~ H.S., Site Admin

      • Thank you HS! We think alike! You said it beautifully, Took the words right out of my mouth!

        On a second note, Even though this video has been fixed, (thank you very much by the way.) It still will not let me play it. It takes me to an app that’s called nostalgia?? There’s nothing there even remotely related to this. Just thought I’d check with you! Thanks again!

        Anyone out there who may have a copy of this video, Could you send it to me in an email? Thanks! Xoxo

      • This was an amazing cyst.
        Frankly, I want to thank the guy who filmed this, bc he persevered inspite of nausea and this clearly not being his thing. I think he’d be happier handing the camera to his kids and getting himself a beer, sitting the next one out.
        but thanks to him, at least we got to see it

  • If PTZ were to have a party, this would be the entertainment. This is a thing of beauty destined to be enshrined in the PTZ Hall of Fame with the other “super cysts”. I liked the wide haz-mat parameter everybody kept while this was being drained. Kudos on an excellent find Justis.

    • Hats off to you Justis! This one should be a contender for #1 for 2013 in my opinion. This is the 2nd biggest I have seen, the first one being the chubby older guy with one the size of a grapefruit on his back. His little tiny wife lances that one and gets it all out in a matter of minutes.

      Now, if this was my dad, he would definitely follow up with a doctor visit. Antibiotics and perhaps getting a doctor in there to get out the sack. The one on his shoulder should be taken care of too, again my opinion. The camera guy did a pretty good job considering he was nauseated. He held his composure pretty darn good if you ask me. I am soooooo happy that they took this outside, matter of fact, I am very proud of them for doing this outside. Hopefully they will get some Clorox water and the water hose and wash that funk away.

      I have only gotten through half of this one, it is a 5 out of 5 in my opinion and one of the best I have seen in several years. Halph, I totally agree with you statement above. These are being video taped by people who are freaking out. The smell alone would keep me from continuing. Give the guy a break, the video came out pretty good, in my opinion.

      Stepping off the soap box now!! GREAT FIND!!! GREAT JOB!!! AWESOME CHUNCKY CHEESY MESSY CYST!!!

  • Ok, couple of observations here. One is immature….. Sorry, but it is.

    1. First thought that came to mind? That thing looks like a **ZIT**. (Hey you all were thinking it, I just said it!)

    2. Loved, loved, loved the neighbor kid in the bushes hanging on the fence watching! What one of us wouldn’t love to have a neighbor like that? Huh?

    I, too, wanted to smack the camera guy but all in all this was a fantastic find! Great Job!!

  • Most of the time on here when I see someone post that the popie should go to the doctors I usually am thinking what for, but I know how big that sack has to be and no way is that going to be taken care of anywhere else.

      • They sack big to make a hot air special shapes balloon for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta the first two weeks in October every year.

    • Yeah.

      As entertaining as a bit of backyard surgery is for us, I just do not understand the mentality of “I’ve got a lump, the size of my fist on my back. I’ll get my wife to hack into it and squeeze it out instead of going to the doctor to get it checked out and removed.”

      A small cyst, doesn’t bother me. But something that big? Insane. Doctor please.

      • I think only an exceptional doc could have brought this pus teat onto it’s knees. Better have an enthusiast wife apply a good ‘piping bag’ technique.

    • I agree, Uncle Fester. As Alice’s Kitty Mama put it, as much fun as it was for us to watch (and what great fun it is!), this giant mountain might be one for doctors. Anyone know if he says on YT how well it healed for him? (Maybe no doctor was needed after all.) Hopefully this generous gentleman is healed up nicely and working on a new cyst. πŸ˜€

      That was like seeing the ocean for the first time – so big, so majestic and you can’t believe how long it goes on for!! Thanks for this epic, epic find, @Justis!

    • I have to agree about this guy visiting a doctor. Let’s be honest the guy was pretty old and that area of skin has been so stretched it might not go back. He could well be left with a floppy area of skin that could become infected and, of course, the sac is still in place.
      I know medical treatment is very expensive in the US but that does need to be sorted out along with the lump on his shoulder.
      Despite all my concerns, it was still a cracking video!

      • It’s a sebaceous cyst. As in harmless. No sign of infection, and the old coot probably only got it done because it was starting to hurt his back when he laid down on it. Later on, if signs of infection occur, then yes, off to a doctor you shall go. But those things, even this big, are actually a sign of a functioning immune system. The only followup would have been an ear syringe with some betadine squirted in the hole and allowed to drain out. Neosporin and a bandaid. Done.

    • The rac**ZIT**s will become rabid (obviously not) if they eat that. Or turn into zombie rac**ZIT**s and infect everyone causing the start of the zombie invasion. The world as we know it will end because of a super-zit infection.

      • I don’t know if you noticed it CystFace, but one of those squirt**ZIT** Bambi in the eye too. Now we will have zombie rac**ZIT**s AND zombie baby deer.
        Oh… The humanity!

      • ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!! CF, if there ever is a Z-invasion, I want to meet up with your group. Somehow I think I’d feel safer with you being a part of my After-Zombie-Survival-Squad. So, where do we all meet up?

        ~ H.S.


      • PTP I cannot stop laughing at Bambi being hit by the gack I just CAN’T!!! You are just hysterical!

        Zombie Bambi!!!! LOLPIMP

      • I know a guy named Hershel who owns a big ol’ farm. We can all meet there. But if you bring a really moody, wishy-washy dude named Rick whose kid can make solid decisions faster than he can, I’m kicking you off of the farm. Fair warning.

  • All I know is that if would never have allowed that thing to be popped in my yard. It would be worse than stepping in dog **ZIT** and the smell would linger for weeks.

    I like this ra**ZIT** comment.

    That is the biggest cyst I have ever see. And it will fill up again because the sac is still there. Chris, we need to make contact to get a PTZ exclusive.

    • Better in the yard than in the kitchen or bathroom. Can you imagine that **ZIT** being squeezed all over your kitchen counter and sink? Even in the shower, that cheese wouldn’t go down the drain…No man, the yard it is..water hose, Clorox water and get ‘er done!!

      I wish I had the link for the other cyst that I referred to, it is actually bigger, maybe twice as big and the payload is astounding. Can someone provide the link to that cyst, if you know which one I am talking about?? It is comparable to this one, maybe a bit better.

  • EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This should be in top ten if not the top three BEST PTZ VIDEO EVER in the history of this website. I think it qualifies as the “8th wonder” in the world πŸ™‚

  • First off, this is the first time I’ve seen five stars stay up this long. YESSS!

    Second, this is soooo much like the English milk my pus teat only soooo much better!

    Justis, I bow my lowly zit mining skill head to YOU! You da (wo)man, don’t even know which one but who the **ZIT** **ZIT** cares with this treasure under your belt? This is hands down the BEST **ZIT** squirting chunky gigantic monster even slightly scary cyst EVER!!!

    I’m still hyperventilating and drooling at the same time, never thought that would be possible but now I know!

    The only reason the camera guy went off task was because poppee flung some gack on his leg and he freaked out and hightailed it to hose it off. He did come back! And the only reason he stopped videoing is because poppee said “I’ve had enough” or the equivalent. If you go to youtube you’ll see I went insane trying to find the guy who posted it, even giving my email address. How does one contact a youtube poster anyway? I couldn’t figure it out, but that was on my ipad maybe it’s easier on a regular computer.

    I even showed it to my husband who watched in disbelieving horror and still thinks I am really nutz.

    This is beyond the beyond of beyond insane cyst making. I mean the one on his shoulder and he even has a smaller one around his right shoulder too. A cyst creator! we MUST find this creature and make him OURS! He’s a real character too if you listen to the audio.

    This is soooo much better than a bouncy house, eh? I’d pay quite a bit to find out where he lives and pop that baby, I probably would die of sheer delight.

    I cannot stop watching it. This is PTZ Paradise no sh*t.

    Holy Moly super duper incredible AYE CHIHUAHUA beyond belief

    deb p AKA @lovesalsa

    Shocked and awed

  • She may have removed the sack, but we don’t know since he stopped taping. I’m pretty sure it was the camera guy that said he had had enough. I’m sorry to bash the guy so much, but that was the number 1 cyst ever, and he acted like a wuss. It was such an amazing cyst, that even with poor videotaping, people are giving it 5 stars. Again, thank goodness for what we do get to see.

      • Although I liked the Cyst, but I felt the Camera man should be been more mature about the whole thing. I hate it when the camera is shaky, the camera Person isn’t mature enough to run the camera. Grow up! Making puking sounds is childish, ans if you want to film the thing, One) Film from a Distance. Two) use your zoom. Three) Film it to the very end!! Four) Keep the comments to a minimum, you sound like children acting “FOOLISH”. Five) Study other films, they can give you great tips on how to act and get Better shots. All in all The subject I was very impressed, but the Camera work, was extremely POOR. There might be a next time, if so, please be somewhat more professional in your technique.

      • Would you rather watch this video with the “Camera man should be been more mature about the whole thing. I hate it when the camera is shaky, the camera Person isn’t mature enough to run the camera. Grow up”
        or never had the camera guy tape it and never have seen it??

    • Maybe she removed the sack and made a handbag out of it? This thing is so gigantic making a purse out of the solid sack would have done it great injustice!

  • On the other hand, the popper did a fantastic job. She attacked the monster with the game plan that was necessary. She saved the day! Can you imagine if someone had gone at that thing gingerly?

  • I haven’t commented in quite a while, however …..

    This video has made me resurface long enough to cast my vote for best hands down vodeo of the year!
    Never mind 5 stars, this video is deserving of the Milky Way!
    I love that there may be more videos from this person, as I noticed another golf ball sized Cyst on his shoulder.
    Thank you PTZ I shall dream of this video for months ……

  • This is absolutely awesome!!!!!! I could **ZIT** slap camera guy as well… Such excellent squirts he missed! Would have loved to see the **ZIT** blast that drenched her gloves! Laughed my **ZIT** off at the kid hiding in the bush but yet didn’t want to miss anything. And the rac**ZIT** comment. First thing I noticed too was the whopper on the shoulder…Oh we can hope that they find us here on PTZ and give us encore of both back and shoulder in its entirety!!!! No one can take our dreams away…. This would have been the post of the year!!!!! That was definitely the biggest back **ZIT**/man **ZIT** I have seen….great find Justis!

  • THIS WAS AMAZING !!! That was wonderful. I do believe its the biggest we’ve seen to date. Justis you have just found the coveted jewel !! This must go into the PTZ Hall Of Fame !! I gotta go watch that a few dozen more times. I agree with others, I wish the cameraman wasnt so queezey ! I wonder how it smelled?? Im sure Im not the only one that wondered that…LOL!! Thanks for posting this gem Justis.

  • OK, first thought, that sucker has to have been growing for a long time to make that size, it looked like a giant cow udder, that is the nastiest cyst these eyes have ever seen.
    You know there is a large THICK sack inside, a cyst that size could have a sack an 1/8″ thick,
    no kidding he would have had to wear some sort of a bra on that to keep it from bouncing around.
    It’s going to keep producing as long as that sack is left inside, also even if the sack is removed the skin will never take it’s original form unless he get the this cut off he will always have that empty skin bag flapping around, he may want to just sew a zipper on it and use it to store money, his wallet…ect…
    all in all I liked the video, thanks for posting.

      • come on i have no problem if you have a weak stomach kool i get it but for petes sake all that whinning then the cameras everywhere then to leave the seen of the crime cus he has some on his pants geesh wth!!! sissy boy!!!

      • And the popper just kept on squeezing and flinging, gal after my own heart! I still am shocked and awed…

    • Joe – calling the people who make videos that we enjoy an “ffffing sissy” multiple times and repeating that you’d like to fight him or take a swing at him is rude and foolish. You do know that often times the YouTube poster is invited by a member to stop by PTZ to see the post and talk to us about it, right? How many people are going to be chomping at the bit to share their sequels with us if they have the pleasure of being greeted by your hyperbolic anger and talk of fighting?

      Share your frustration or dislikes, sure. But can you please keep a civil keyboard about you?

      • Agreed doc!! Halph Staph already asked in a very nice way to chill on the rude comments. People are known for making rude comments on You Tube, PTZ is known for being respectful to the people who share their videos with us.

  • I’ve been a cake decorator for many years and the first thing that came to mind was how much it resembled a piping bag–sat here thinking if only she had attached a rose tip to that bad boy she could have created a most unique bouquet!

      • Deb, I am enjoying how much you are loving this video as much as I enjoyed the video!! lol. You are like a kid in a candy store. It’s so fun.

      • Thanks @DrSpencer, so sweet of you to say. I think my explosive verbal shenanigans get on other people’s nerves, but I am very excitable about giant cysts! I too enjoy all the comments as much as the videos. Everyone is sooooo funny!

  • Words cannot express how much I would of loved to take that down on my own. A dream come true, no doubt! But emotions and desires aside, I think he should of gone to a doctor. The infection that could grow in that sack could be deadly!

  • I’m going to chime in here with my 2 cents as well. First off, April 28/2013, will go down in history as having hands down, the BIGGEST cyst we have seen on PTZ. I mean, the glory hole was on his back, but this sucker almost went completely around his left side to the front. There was no way she could have gotten the sac out. When it becomes that big, we get into the territory of a DR’s. Office visit. It probably had grown its own blood vessels, and attached with whip cord, and sinew to boot :-). I hope camera guy reads the comments before attempting the golf ball on his shoulder too. I would tell him, “Be not afraid. You are do**ZIT**enting a momentous occasion of great historical significance”. We could start something like an academy award night. You know. He could have been in the running for best cinematography. We live and learn. The popper was a real trooper. she might even be a PTZer. All in all, this video was so entertaining on so many levels. The cyst. The popper, cameraman, and the kid on the fence. Hell, it could be turned into a mini series. Much thanks Justis, for your sharp eyes. I feel re-born. Pop on People.
    Caio Prunesquallor

    • Not to argue, but this isn’t the biggest one. The older heavy set man who is sitting down and his wife injects his cyst with lidocaine, lances it with a scalpel and when she squeezes that thing HANDFULS of cheese comes tumbling out!! Then she inserts a hemostat, starts s**ZIT**ing around with about 4 fingers inside that thing and pulls out the sac. Wish I could find it over here. It is on You Tube with over 25 million views. I won’t ever forget that one, because when she first begins squeezing it, she gets squirted in the face with the lidocaine that she has injected into it.

      • It seems that huge sebac has more gack, but it’s a totally different kind of cyst, like comparing apples to oranges. I have to say I could not pick which one I love better, honestly. They are both stunners.

  • That was… TITANIC!!! In so many ways… The popper was working it. She’ll probably have to get PT after that, it was so much effort on her part, and I, for one, must thank her. She was tenacious. I’d love to see how far she went; I think she went for the sac; she seemed to have a good handle on things.

    I think we were sooo losing the camera guy at the end. He lost his focus as it were. I’m sure the gag gallery wasn’t helping. Vomiting is contagious.

    Potential part 2, did anyone catch that left shoulder boulder???

    Phenomenal Find!!!

  • PTZ family, I think we just witness the 1st human being that have grown an udder on HIS Back! Man….that was truly Awesome! I wouldn’t have believed it if I wouldn’t have seen it.

  • WOW, just frickin WOW!!!! That cyst could have fit in a C cup! WOW!!! AWESOME!!! I agree with the comment that said that would have been the best video ever if the camera person hadn’t sucked so bad! Oh, and he’s got another one right up on his shoulder! Sure hope they find someone else to shoot that video. Wonder what happens to that huge pus pocket of skin that’s left over? He’s need a pus pocket tuck done by a plastic surgeon. Gotta go now & watch it one more time…

  • Gotta love our future PTZers…When the camera sissy says “I’m done” the kids are even saying “NO”…

    Squeezer if you are among us please identify yourself!!!!!!!! I must have watched this 20x…That kid behind the fence was ducking for cover…..LMAO!!!!!!

  • Flay the camera wussy–worst job we’ve seen on here in awhile. That being said….Omigod….Omigod….Omigod…thanks to all who provided the eye-candy for our most humble enjoyment….Omigod….Omigod….Good old Marco! He’s a true cyster!

  • Cameraman is a total sissy! Come on! Focus!

    After seeing the size of this thing, I think it would have been better for the poor guy to get this thing removed at a doctor’s office instead of in the backyard.

    • From the looks and comments by the poppee, I don’t think he’s been to a doc in many years…he said if he could reach it he’d do it himself in the beginning…

    • Any doctors watching this, if so how would you handle this case if he presented in your office? I imagine a 3 inch long incision then placing a suction tube inside to remove the contents? Just AMAZING!!!

    Hand the camera to someone else!
    The was incredible. Wonder how long he had it? Wonder how often they milk it? Wonder if the cameraman eventually did throw up? Wonder if that was another one I spied on his shoulder?

  • I never thought there would be a video that would cross the line, but this one just might do it. I think the puking sound effects did me in. There just aren’t words to describe it. I’m feeling excitement and severe repulsion at the same time.

  • They should have gotten one of the kids to film it. Unlike the wuss taping it, they were not afraid but interested. That has got to be one of the biggest cysts (not abcesses) ive ever seen. WTH didnt he take care of it sooner?

    • Seems to me the kids didn’t want to get any closer than they were…if they would have gotten the old geezer onto a stool with a kiddie pool in the firing zone, a tripod would have been awesome if everyone kept within camera range…

      I’m just ecstatic they got what they got and shared it on YouTube!

  • The return looks like it will be even better. The great floppy skinsac was not (it seems) irrigated or taken off, and there’s enough keratin left inside there to start the whole cycle, only this time, there will not be as much counterpressure from the growth of the cyst. If this was a 30-year cyst, expect a comparable recurrence in a year or so…except that now, with the wound open, this will likely need surgical intervention sooner than that. The sac will most likely die but it will not be quick to slough off…too much tissue. There’s an elevated risk of septicemia here as well. Really, at the very least, this should have been irrigated with 3% Hydrogen peroxide and then packed with iodoform gauze.

    • Well crikey on a crutch, more questions! We must know the answers to these burning questions! Marco should definitely get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame!

  • Before I say anything, I loved the video………
    I have said this before but I don’t like it when you have the popper or camera person doing the fake gagging, 99% of the time the person who is doing the gagging is enjoying what’s going on more than anyone.
    in the case of this video I believe the lady doing the popping is having the most fun, and there is a kid in the background who is a future popologist.
    did you all hear the sound the cyst made right after the guy said he would have done it himself if he could have reached it…awesome!
    He is going to have to see a cosmetic surgeon to remove that skin flap, that back skin is thick.
    The sack is still inside so get ready for part 2 next time Pop’s come for a visit.

  • I still cannot believe what I have just seen. It is the closest thing to unbelievable to p**ZIT** before my eyes – and I am no spring chicken. Even in all my years as an ER nurse nothing quite like this appeared at the hospital. While I agree that the cameraman was definitely a reject from MGM, the patient also is partly to blame. He kept turning back and forth. I actually believe that he (the patient) has had a stroke at sometime in the past. At one point, he mentioned that his leg was getting weak. They should have put him into a chair prior to surgery. Oh, I forgot, someone would have had to hose down the chair afterward. Sorry I mentioned the fact the patient was not up to standing for the whole affair. I suppose they followed up the afternoon’s entertainment with a family barbeque.
    I think that we should put out a search for this guy (might need a P.I.) so that he can be the main attraction at our upcoming (only in my mind) convention. I suppose that we would have to pay extra to the hotel to cover the entire floor and walls with plastic during the appearance of our “keynote speaker”. The convention planner will thing we are all a bunch of nut cases – and of course we are, so we can’t take offence. I wonder how we can estimate the length of time it will take for this growth to fill up once again, so we can plan a date for our soiree.

  • I just noticed, this thing only has 4 Stars!

    How can that be? It’s worth 3,000 Stars and it only has 4?

    H.S., go fix the Star counting pump, it’s obviously broken!!!

  • This is truly epic.. But the shear magnitude of this thing makes me think this man has a serious medical problem. Looks like he’s getting one on his shoulder too.

  • I think you all covered everything to be said, which is. A good thing! I’ve been left speechless, with my jaw on the floor! Very special video going to favorits straight away and a five star for sure!! Thank you very much for sharing this A+ one of a king gem! And now, back for a third view………

  • Allmost the last queensday here in the Netherlands, and then this video made the day for me. But why wait so long before popping it? This isn’t a cyst grown in one day, you’ll know.
    Second: why is Bambi on the background? He did survived the shooting, or not?
    Third: lot of kids in the background too. PTZ’ers of the future, maybe?
    Fourth: why videotaping it, when you’ll know that you are going to puke?

    And last, butnot the least: can somebody tell me where this was shot?
    Because that house is the one i’m not going to buy! Puke and stinky cyst on the gr**ZIT**? No, no, no, no, not in my life i’m laying on the gr**ZIT** to get some sun with my nose just above the puke………

  • holy mother of GOD. forget about back yard party, this guy should make himself available for weddings, christmas parties and bar mitvahs. Even with the f**ked up video, this has become my favorite PTZ video to date. Great work.

  • oulala This is not this good!
    this man is sick. TB? In any case, there is an almost as important as the second one.
    You’ve seen on the left shoulder?
    hard drive

  • The Mt Everest of cysts! I hear dermatologists thanking their stars that they didn’t have to pop the hump back whale growth. It had to have been there about as long as the age of the popper.

    It is THE biggest cyst I’ve ever seen in my life let alone this site.

    The yard needed a Haz Mat Team response to remove the cyst contents from the yard.

  • I don’t comment much but used talk to E before the Tyra show featured him and PTZ, lol…now the site has become so the “ZIT IT” …I thought the “Eureka” video was wow but man this is frightening, BUT to kool, all that, da bomb, urp, osha hazardous material, let the sunshine in…hey i tawt i taw a **ZIT**ty tyst (tweety bird was in awe) but OMG , MOTHER OF ALL PUS POCKETS…(HOPE HE IS HEALTHY OTHERWISE) the absolute volcano mother lode…have mercy and simply put “WOOOOOW”

  • WOW. I’m gobsmacked. Dumbfounded. This is just m**ZIT**ive. MASSIVE. Just imagine the incredible amount of gack would have been collected on a paper plate and weighed, instead of having been thrown to serve as worm and bird feed – we need metrics here.

    This is the famed pus teat, the equivalent of the famed pus udder. And yes, unless they remove the sack, there will be a “Huge Cyst on the Back: The Return of the Pus Teat” sequel, followed by the squeeze of the shoulder boulder, if the two are not interconnected by a gack conduit reaching across the back of grampy.

    This beats “Ultimate Sebaceousness” and “Huge Sebac”.

    This goes into the annals of PTZ. I need a gl**ZIT** of scotch now and I will lift it to toast Justis, the new pus prophet and bringer of the shipload of gack!

  • “Should Boulder – the Sequel”

    Perhaps the camera man’s gag reflex will be rendered obsolete when his wife pops the one on his left shoulder. Marco must be single because any significant other would have popped those confetti makers a long time ago – I know I would.

  • Omg nice back**ZIT**. Then it deflates, but there is still so much in there. I beg these people to keep filming in the future so I can see all that cottage cheese stuff coming out. I want to see the shoulder one too!!! I love when the kid says “How does the skin unstretch?” LOL!! I hope those rac**ZIT**s p**ZIT**ed on the cottage cheese dinner. I bet mushrooms are going to grow in the ground with that fertilizer all over the place…

  • Dear Marco- thank you, OH, THANK YOU, for growing such an amazing sebaceous cyst and allowing us to watch the Fountain of Glory that erupted from it. PLEASE allow the next draining to be filmed as well, and as soon as possible??
    Dear Filmer- thank you so much for doing your best, and for not throwing up directly on the camera when you suffered a hit. We were glad you were willing to come back on the job at all- it was AWESOME.
    Dear Popper- you milked that pus teat for all it was worth. Well done. What I would have given to have had a chance at that sucker Marco grew.
    Dear Kids/Future PTZ Members- ROCK ON, and POP ON. You are all One Of Us, and we’ll see you here online soon, I’m sure!
    Dear Justis- BEAUTIFUL! Thank you, and well done- 5 stars and straight into the faves this goes! Happy happy HAPPY!

  • Well, that was fun….
    I was watching the video on YouTube and just this very minute (10:15) this video was yanked due to their policy on “**ZIT**ual content and nudity.” Huh?

    Oh well, I knew it would happen…

    • Doncha worry. I for one have a high quality download of this one. After seeing what happened to Portuguese BTE, I immediately save the good ones.

  • My thoughts on this beauty:
    1.- definitely the BIGGEST Ive seen so far.. Just the other day I was fantasizing about a zit on that area of the back, and also thinking about how painful that would be..
    2.- The guy with the cyst (Uncle Cyst) sounded like he was enjoying the squeezing, almost like it gave him pleasure. this comes in sharp contrast with that brittish guy with a similar size growth on his side who only complained with very mild squeezing by him mother.
    3.- Sac is still inside, so we should all hope for a 2nd part… maybe even 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th.. . . . .
    4.- Considering the various organic materials being dumped on the lawn (puss, blood, puke..) this could provide for a better than miracle-grow fertilizer. Watch out for vigorous growth in that part of the yard.
    5.- I wonder how it will affect all those kids in the background to be exposed to such raw reality at such an early age. future PTZers? cystic nightmares? after this, they sure will be hard to impress..
    6.- Uncle Cyst (as I call him) is a party’s main event. Judging by the looks on his face, he enjoys this kind of attention, and wouldn’t be surprised if he let this puppy grow intentionally.. looking forward to poppin day..
    7.- GREAT VIDEO!! Thanks for sharing, and for being thoughtful and reuploading πŸ™‚


  • Went to the YouTube poster’s YouTube account and all evidence of the cyst video have been destroyed ! WTF? The you tubers really hate gigantic cysts, that’s why we PTZers have to be more alert than ever and post a good one ASAP and download it at the speed of light due to these idiots at YouTube dammmmmmit

      • Just doin’ my job, thats all. πŸ™‚ But it is a good idea for those who submit videos to download a copy, just in case 5 minutes later it gets yanked before I even have a chance to see the submission and download my own copy. For everything posted, there is a back-up copy… although having the time to fix *all* the missing vids is difficult, we do try and jump on the newest and the greatest ASAP.

        That is why if something 4 star goes down, send me an e-mail directly for best results (and fastest!) –

        Now go watch it again all y’all!!! πŸ˜‰

        (Thanks Deb! tee hee)

        ~ H.S.

  • This was a GREAT video and it could have been even BETTER if the camera-man wouldn’t have been such a PANSY and a BIG WUSS! What a BIG BABY! Just like Marco said when the guy started running away and gagging when his wife was squeezing the cyst, “Give me a ***king break!” My “sentiments” exactly! Is he a man or a mouse? He was acting like a little 5 year-old girl who was forced to pick up a slimy snail! He might as well have went off screaming and crying WHILE he was running away! Damn CRY-BABY!!! AND, we missed a lot of terrific footage because of this spineless jellyfish! While he was off taking his Dramamine, we were missing some good quality cyst squeezing and some awesome pus-shooting and good chunks!! Next time they better find a different person to film this thing of beauty on the back of Marco, or else I’ll find out where they live and I’LL come over there and film the darn thing MYSELF!! SHEESH!!!

    • Be thankful they filmed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You should be thankful for what it is !!!!!!!!

      Halph, DrSpencer and diamondgirl all posted a comment about making negative remarks about the camera guy, maybe you should read them?

  • Amazing cyst, great find. However it was as frustrating to watch as the Zapruder film! Or maybe Cloverfield. Big, Big, doings just off screen or out of focus.

    There’s a part of me that wants to take a field surgery kit, a photographer and go downtown to pop cysts on junkies for $10 a head. – I pay them!

    • Hey now that’s a great idea! I’d add either a bodyguard or a beefy videographer…

      My daughter has quite a few little cysts on her back but won’t let me near them DAMMITALLTOHELL

      • Problem……………. reluctant daughter.

        Solution…………….. Taser and a pair of pliers.

      • PTP well then you’d see me as a dead person and her in jail for killing me – she’s preggers and really really **ZIT**y so I walk on eggs**ZIT**s now…believe me you don’t want to get her angry…

  • Ok I thought that was truly epic. It was amazing. But do people realize that when an infection is that large and you don’t handle it right it can become systemic and actually kill you. I hope that guy is ok. I hope he had it looked at.

    • From the looks of him and his comments, I think he would say to that: “I don’t need no stinkin’ doctor! I’m just FINE a**hole!” I mean he said in the beginning he would do it himself if he could reach it…

      But I agree this is way over the top. How in **ZIT**’s name could he stand that thing hanging on his back? I would have gone insane.

      • I have been wondering how he was able to sleep for the past few years. He would only be able to sleep on his belly or on his right side. Turning over in bed must have been agony and, I am sure that any pressure on the cyst while turning over, would have caused a bit of leaking. His bed linens must have looked pretty grungy by the end of the week.

  • This was a rare treat; thanks to Justis for discovering this beauty! Thanks also to the people that posted it.
    And yes, the cameraman is a wimp.

  • I have to agree with those people who were a bit concerned that this procedure was happening “al fresco” and not under more sterile cir**ZIT**stances. And while it looked like atypical sebaceous cyst, the proximity to his lungs makes me concerned that this might be TB related….but I”m probably just over reacting. Pretty gorgeous none the less….

    • well look at huge sebac guy, unbelievable amount of gack and he’s just fine, and that thing was near a lot of stuff too. The human body is both fragile and tough, just depends on the person and the cir**ZIT**stances. I think this old geezer will be around a long time creating more and more of those lovely cysties for us if we are lucky enough that someone will film it, I don’t care if it is gaggerman, i’ll take anything from that tough old bird!

    • You don’t have to alleviate cysts under sterile conditions, just clean, she had on gloves. The knife, scalpel, or razor (hopefully not chicken wire or a **ZIT**er knife!) should be newly opened for sure! But it isn’t a sterile procedure! If it were a boil , possibly MRSA or staph, now that’s different.

    • There are those nitwits who click on the stars and only put one on which lowers it. You know, the same people who are **ZIT**in about everything and just do it for the fun of it to see if there is any reaction. The same mentality of kids who will do anything for attention, even if it is negative attention. At least someone is paying attention to them.

  • Why doesn’t this one have 5 stars? If any vids deserve that rating, it’s this one. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a 5 star vid on this site.

  • Outside of the cameraman doing a ton of **ZIT**e or speed the video is one of the top 5 best on here! Everyone I have sent this link to thinks I have stripped a gear. (And then they join the site!!)

  • That was the breast…err…best Monster in at the annals (not to be confused with **ZIT**s) of both YT AND PTZ history!

    Oh the chunk! Oh the funk! Oh I bet that softball stunk! Squeeze the teat, expel the meat. Rarely is there such a treat! Burn the chair and hose the gr**ZIT**. The neighborhood now smells like A$$!

    Sorry…waxed poetic for a moment. I’ll contain myself in the future. Or not.


  • this has GOT to be the most posts i have ever seen, too many to read. so I’ll just say i pray there’s a part 2 for the one on his shoulder! Loved her heavy duty gloves. The fencing around it made it look like a petting (or popping) zoo. EPIC



  • WOW never ever ever saw a cyst that large, i thought they were squeezing on some ones breast.
    that was just plain m**ZIT**ive, i dont know how she could possibly empty that whole thing.
    that one really needs to be flushed out.
    just wow.
    when it comes back video it again for us.
    thanks very much for your effort, that was just super fantastic.

  • Did he wore a “man-zeire” (yes, I am borrowing from Seinfeld) turned around backwards? That would be alot of cleavage. Might turn a drunk on…

  • One month at the top now, so far, no video has managed to top that, even with memorable videos like “Huge Sebac” or “Ultimate Sebaceousness”, even if these are also top of the line. Simply epic. This is probably the top video of 2013, unless something even grosser comes around the corner, but I really think this is hard to top.

  • This is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. I was falling off my chair laughing! πŸ™‚ The guy with the cyst was so funny and the woman doing the “popping” was excellent. The guy taking the footage was doing a good job too. It was so gross it was hysterical!

  • Jesus **ZIT** Almighty!!! How can someone let something so GIGANTIC grow on themselves? What, over time you don’t notice it or something? I will admit weak knees now. Poor son-of-a-gun…

  • I can see how that looks like a one-breasted beast with no back, fertilizing the lawn with cyst fromage. However I couldn’t help but be reminded of a bag of decorators frosting…

  • Given the wobbly camera work after the camera guy got flicked with cheese, I think he was probably overcome with nausea. Not like the fake puking at the beginning, at the end he sounds like he’s struggling to keep it together.

    i hate fake puking, i always think ‘ugh attention seeker’.

  • I think it was all a bit undignified for the poppee, being de-cysted in front of that mob, plus all that yuk stuff on the lawn..somebody cleaned it up I hope! I feel a bit sorry for him, being laughed at and comments. Next time, try the bathroom with him sitting and an old towel beside him?
    just my viewpoint..otherwise, a brilliant cyst/thing/pus.

  • I think it was all a bit undignified for the poppee, being de-cysted in front of that mob, plus all that yuk stuff on the lawn..somebody cleaned it up I hope! I feel a bit sorry for him, being laughed at and comments. Next time, try the bathroom with him sitting and an old towel beside him?
    just my viewpoint..otherwise, a brilliant cyst/thing/pus.

  • I would have loved to see that monster opened with a knife and the whole payload coming out at once. You could have filled a quart jar with it. I doubt that his skin will ever return to normal. He is going to walk around with a flap of skin the rest of his life. I am waiting for round 2 for that cyst on his shoulder.

  • That was without a doubt the BEST video and sebacious cyst I’ve ever seen! Imajine how much MORE was in there, because even flatish cysts are deeper than they are on the **ZIT**p outside (much like an iceburg)! He really needs sygery. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the other side of him, and the “**ZIT**” was only a 1/4 of it all. I’m not even sure how a surgeon would handle that. AWESOME! I must have watched this video 10 times now.

  • As an ER nurse , going on over 11 years of nursing I have seen and witnessed many I&D”‘s on boils, cysts, abscesses, and infected follicles etc…. I have NEVER seen anything so big and full in my life. My co-workers think I’m crazy for loving to watch or even better squeeze these “puss filled areas of skin”. It’s almost an obsession. I love the release. I dunno maybe I am crazy. Anyway, I agree with some of u. I wish the camera guy would have kept going so we could have seen the interior sack. Wow that blew my mind.

  • I also wanted to add that I agree on him going to see a doctor after that. I feel being such a large cyst he would need fluid and electrolyte infusions and also IV antibiotics for infection- if not already infected it would have been after squeezing it with gloves that touched the ground and god knows whatever out. It had to be hard on his body losing that much m**ZIT** of puss/or “meat” at one time.


  • This is no doubt the BEST pop that zit video EVER!!! We all agree! I’ve only seen 2-3 that come close to that amazing! BUT, I am really disappointed (to put it nicely) with the camera man! And what a nice wonderful neighbor Marco has! What a kind woman! I sure wish he’d go to the Dr. though! That poor man must suffer terribly, for a very long time, and until he has a proper surgery on that thing, it will NEVER go away. I don’t know how he has been able to stand it for so long? I guess he hates hospitals, but boy, does he ever need to go! Wish I could write and talk him into it! AWSOME! The kids made it even more fun, but the camera man can…. kiss my, oh never mind, I’m a Christian woman.

  • Incredible!!! Wonder what happened with the cyst?!? It must have leaked all over him that night in bed. He had to have seen a doctor to get treatment. I wonder if they ever popped the one on his shoulder? Those were on his back and shoulder for more than 20 years. Largest cysts ever shown – cottage cheeze content.

  • This is the most amazing pop I think I have ever seen! He looked like he was being milked except with spoiled milk that had become clumpy. I’m so glad the woman just squeezed the **ZIT** out of it.

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