Massive Abscess! *GRAPHIC*

~~~ WARNING! ~~~
Professional Surgical Drainage of Abscess
Very GRAPHIC, Copious Amounts of Pus and Other Exudate.
Viewer Discretion Is Strongly Advised.
~~~ WARNING! ~~~

This giant back abscess was submitted via e-mail. Oh my, what can I say about it? It will be one for the record books, yes indeed!

1. Jaw floor pillow required
2. Patient may look awake, but is under the anesthetic ketamine (yes, they use it for more than just horses). Apparently, using this drug does not require intubation of the patient, which has definite gains for post-operative recovery.
3. This is a graphic surgery, with LOTS of pus, blood, and tissue. Please heed the warning.
4. Jaw… pillow… bears repeating. 😉

Let the romp begin!
~ H.S.

“this nice girl presented to me with huge neglected abscess in H**ZIT**ahesa hospital in Sudan. I drain it .look for the tremendous amount of puss”

RUNTIME: 6min 26sec

TITLE: “huge back abscess…Mr,Khalid Sudan”
YT INFO: Published on April 5,2013 by khalid adam

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  • I am speechless, that was incredible. What a find!
    I admit I did have to swallow hard.
    That would have impacted that girls life, it was HUGE.
    In Australia Ketamine is also used as an infusion for pain, mostly in ICU’s where the patient can be monitored closely.
    Also known as ‘Special K’ by recreational drug users.
    And of course the horsies.

      • how was it? any withdrawal after end of usage? how well was pain control? was taken by iv or oral? how long did each dosage last?
        people in pain would like to know. thanks, glad you have recovered.

  • What the **ZIT** **ZIT** WAS that? Dear sweet baby Jesus!

    Jaw floor pillow? How about jaw floor memory foam mattress and smelling salts after p**ZIT**ing out from sheer shock at the **ZIT** **ZIT** that poor girl is suffering through? Cuz it ain’t over for her yet..

    Holy aye chihuahua

  • At the risk of sounding very ignorant, how can the human body endure this kind of infection, effecting tissue, infecting blood and tissue and still survive? Add to that, if a small spot of human tissue becomes cancerous, like in the lungs or pancreatic tissue, the body looses almost everytime! I realize that it is 2 seperate ailments, I just can’t justify the magnitude of one and the survival rate vs. the size of a tumor (like a pea) and death is almost certain. Strange diseases..both of them!

    Great find HS, these are the types of vids that make my stomache hurt all day long…I think I will stop watching it now :/

    • I don’t find your question ignorant at all. I suffer from reoccuring MRSA infections due to an immunosupressant medication and after a certain point an abscess will cause fever and other symptoms. This is one seriously tough girl. The only thing I’m thinking is that the abscess had walled itself off and so it was contained.
      Just remember, if you’re thinking something, chances are you’re not the only one. And certainly not the only one on this website.

  • I’m gonna make an uneducated guess and say that was caused from an insect bite that got out of control. A UN doctor may have found this young lady and sent her to this hospital.
    Cl**ZIT**ic find H.S.!!!

  • It was hard to tell what you were looking at till you realize it’s a little kid.
    That poor little kid, it breaks my heart to see kids suffering.
    Hopefully it all worked out.

  • Oh dear **ZIT**… Couldn’t watch once he started poking around inside that cavernous hole with the hemostat 🙁 Poor, poor child… This video has actually made me think about the depravity into which I fear I may have sunk, watching a zit pop or a cyst get drained is one thing, this is entirely another :-/

  • OMG, bless her sweet young heart! Dear Lord, why would anyone let it get so so bad before seeking professional intervention! I guess some people don’t know the seriousness of these when they get so large. That sure was a dump truck load of some of the most vile, stinky(I’m sure) cheese, chunky gunk I’ve ever laid eyes on! I think there was some stringy cheese in there too! It sure was fun to watch though! Thank you so much HS! Keep these little beauties coming! Love it!

    • I’m wondering seriously, since this was received via email if we might be able to contribute to this child’s recovery through the doctor who sent the email. It might be a bit Polly-anna-ish, but we might want to give something to those who give to our somewhat twisted enjoyment.

  • This is epic. Almost like a good old-fashioned cow pus video. And like Halphie promised, jaw-dropping material.

    Next time, please position the **ZIT**p directly over a bucket before slashing it and letting the goop drip out.

    And let’s hope the girl recovers.

  • Hummm. I’ve seen tuberculous abscesses very similar to this in elderly patients but this is in a child. hummm… *scratching head*

    Poor baby. She could really use some nourishment also STAT

  • I have no idea how much a kidney bowl holds. Just the 2 emptying seemed like a lot of pus and gunk.
    Oh and the comments about pillows, mattresses and smelling salts are right on…. that was a S**T load of pus!

  • I have several questions after watching this one…First of all I feel for this poor kid.
    1. Was this in the lung, back, chest cavity? Where?
    2. All those chunks, was that the sac holding the pus or was it within the infection?
    3. If this was the sac, would there have been anyway the could have attempted cutting it out whole?
    4. Is this tuberculosis?
    5. Did this child make a recovery?
    Wow! So many ?? come to mind…Makes me wonder who is more sick, the child getting operated on or me for watching in awe and amazement without feeling sick?

    • From what I could tell it was some kind of abscess which was on her back; no organ involvement. She looked like a little girl, and could have gotten an infection or picked up a parasite years before. An abscess sort of encapsulates itself; it’s the body’s defense mechanism against infecting the rest of the body. That’s what that tissue was. It was under so much pressure, for so many years that when the doc made the incision he knew it would come out like that. The next trick is to get her onto a m**ZIT**ive amount of antibiotics. The body is really resilient tho! At the same time, as painful as this looked, she probably felt so much better once the infection was out of her back, and the pain began to lessen. No, not TB, just an open cavity which will begin to knit back soon.

  • This site is primarily a place where I come for recreational enjoyment. It’s certainly not always that, however — thanks to you guys, I am finding it more and more genuinely educational, as well as all too frequently a heartbreaking reminder of just how poor medical and veterinary care can be in parts of the world. This video in particular drives that home.

    Bless those medical personnel for taking care of that poor child! And yes, if it would be possible to donate to the facility where she was treated, I’d love to. I already make a regular monthly donation to Doctors Without Borders just because of situations like this in the poorest countries of the world; I honestly don’t think I’d be able to come face to face with the situations that produce this kind of terrible abscess, so I’m just happy to support those who are brave enough.

    TL;DR version: I came here to look at pus; I stayed for the education!

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