Neck Abscess Gush

~~~ WARNING! ~~~
Professional Surgical Drainage of Abscess – Some Blood.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
~~~ WARNING! ~~~

Another fantastic gushing abscess from Dr. Sankaqm! This man loves his abscesses!! And so do we, yes siree. Enjoy, an may you all have a most excellent weekend. Everyone needs some cheer in their life, may you find some and brighten your life! AKA – get out and smell the Spring air!!!! LOL :)!

“Large Collection Of Pus From Neck Of a Young Lady Drained under Local Anesthesia.
The collection was diagnosed as cold abscess neck.The collection was huge. So it required drainage under local anesthesia.
under local anesthesia, small incision was given over the most prominent part of the swelling. pus drained.with finger all loculi if present broken .cavity irrigated with saline then packing with povidone iodine soaked gauge .It required daily dressing and anti tubercular drugs complete course.The wound healed within 2 weeks.”

RUNTIME: 3min 15sec
TITLE: “Large Neck Pus (Abscess) Drained”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 2,2013 by sankaqm5

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    • Imagagine what a festering cesspool that river is…charred bodies, gawd knows what else…superyikesville!

      Humongous cyst, what a river flow! The doc doesn’t disappoint that’s for sure!

      • Not only is the Ganges a festering cesspool, it has an increase increase in waterborne diseases, including cholera, hepa**ZIT**is, typhoid, and amoebic dysentery. An estimated 80 percent of all health problems and one-third of deaths in India are attributable to waterborne illnesses.

  • I first though a small apple had left the esophagos and located itself somewhere in the neck before a resounding flood of white and red goodness filled the bowl.

  • Fantastic amount of pus!!! Not so fantastic for the patient. Great Find Poppintime!!!!
    Pick_That_Puppy is absolutely right about the Ganges River.
    Another fact, Approximately 3 billion litres of raw, untreated sewage are dumped in the river on a daily basis. 1600 people die a day due to Diarrhea from water pathogens.
    I will probably get all dislikes for this???

  • This was an amazing video as far as the pus factor goes! This video also gave me the **ZIT**! That area of the neck is so vital! It has so many bones and veins, both little and big! Such a touchy area, it made my tummy flip! Thanks for posting Poppintime! You’re fabulous woman!

  • I can only speak for my abscess. Sorry my doctor would not film it for me and all I can say it was a doozy and OMG did it stink! I had what I thought was a small pimple on my lady parts 4 days later it looked like my lady parts had elephan**ZIT**is. The next day when they drained it (yes I was tottaly knocked out) when I finally spoke with my doctor he told me he drained 3 liters of pus and used 1 full jar of packing, plus a half of another bottle. In his words it was the biggest and nastiest he has ever seen. That happened on march 5th and still to this day April 7th I am still having the packing changed it is slow process but the initial dimensions of the hole was 4.5 cm long, 8cm deep, 2cm wide. now it is 1cm long, 2.7 deep, .5cm wide so I am healing.
    I just wonder how long she took

    • luv: It sounds like you had a Bartholin’s cyst , which is one of the most painful ‘lady part’ ailments known. I hope that you are healing up at a very rapid rate and that you are never again struck with this SOB of an illness again.

  • When traveling, I’m always worried if I have to go to another country’s ER and I’ve flat out refused some care because they had equipment that wasn’t sterile, wanted to do a procedure in a way that made no sense, etc…

    Still, I have to say that I am VERY impressed with the doctors from India that we have on here (especially Dr. J). I would totally entrust my health care to them if I were visiting India. I know there may be some shady clinics but good doctors like that usually work in a big hospital setting. They are making their countries proud that’s for sure.

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