Andrew’s Cyst Removal

This is a dentist.
This is a dentist removing a cyst.
This is a dentist removing a cyst with two **ZIT**istants.
1 patient with 1 cyst + 1 dentist and two **ZIT**istants = MANY hands that amazingly manage NOT to block our view!
Good dentist! Good!
Now ask your dentist if he or she would remove a sebac from your face… 😉 A non-oral sebac… and don’t forget to share your dentist’s answer!! Enjoy the video!

**** WARNING! ****
Surgical Removal of Sebaceous Cyst
May Contain Loud Noises of Discomfort or Pain
Also May Show Blood as Well as Pus
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
~ Thank You! ~
**** WARNING! ****

YT COMMENTARY: “Many people said I couldn’t do it…but I went for it anyway…”
(We are **ZIT**uming this video was posted by the dentist…)

RUNTIME: 9min 07sec

TITLE: “Andrews Cyst Removal”
YT INFO: Published on Dec 08,2013 by Logan Ditto

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  • I want to know who that dentist is- I would NEVER EVER want the suction thing stuck in my mouth after sucking out a cyst. It was as annoying as unsanitary!

  • Oh YESSSSS another winner! I really really love this one, the music (starting out with Mack the Knife and ending with I had the time of my life) with lots of adorable commentary, handsome popper and poppee (beautiful blue eyes, btw), general hilarity ensuing! An absolute 5 star!

    @justsqueezit FABULOUS, vigorous golf clap hahahaha

  • oh yeah the sucky thing, i’m sure it was sterilized after! And it really did suck the pus out good, glad he didn’t suck most of it out. Wonder if he would have centered the sucky thing right over the capsule if it had the strength to suck the capsule out? LOVE this post!!!!!!!!

  • This is a wonderful video – it has a great deal of humor and great music. Howerver I did find it a little difficult to hear all of the dialogue because of music. While watching, I kept on thinking, if this guy has dental insurance what code will the doc use for billing. Then he said to keep it off the books. Since , apparently he shouldn’t have been doing this, I am surprised that he allowed a full frontal view of his face to be shown. If a disgruntled ex-patient happens to see this, there could be trouble. This would be a shame as it appears that the doc was just trying to help the kid out. But, I also wonder (I wondered a lot while watching this) why would he go to a dentist with a cyst. Does he only have dental insurance? Is one of the **ZIT**istants his nother/sister/girlfriend? I did hear him say that his mother said he should go to a “real” doctor. I somehow think that I could not phone my dentist (and I have been seeing him for at least 35 years) and make an appointment for a cyst removal or even say to him, while there for a dental matter, “while I am here, could you please take this zit off for me?” I would like to thank “the unknown dentist” for starting my day off with a great deal of amu**ZIT**t Thanks for finding it, JSI. BTW, the dentist also happens to be very easy on the eyes.

    • No it’**ZIT** brother. At the end he says ”Mom said why don’t you go to a real doctor” and the dentist says ”real doctor”. Also, they look alike terribly just one is older.

      • Not sure why I got s downvote for this. If it wasn’t also the dentist’s mom, the guy would of said ”my mom” but he said ”mom” meaning that they share a mother and therefore are brothers.

  • am i the only one that saw more of the sac still left behind and if you noticed after he cuts the sac out he says look at that well dont look at the sac look at the big chunk of sac that is still in there and watch he never tryies to push any left overs out he actually very gentely pushes the hole together and s**ZIT**ches it up immediately!!!! watch this again before everyone praises him to much yes good job but plzzz bad finish!! and as usuall im sure ill be removed cus of my honest and truthfull reply but anyways GO HEAT!!!!!!

  • 1. There’s a whole range of qualifications here. One can be a dentist (DDS/DMD). Add a four-year residency to become an oral surgeon. A six-year residency qualifies one as an oral AND MAXILLOFACIAL surgeon. And it earns one the MD or DO degree as well. The periorbital surgery in the video is a form of maxillofacial surgery.
    2. I sincerely doubt this physician is an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, especially since such are “real doctors.” Also he’s too young. 4 years undergrad, four years dental school, six year residency and most of them so a fellowship term or two, so late thirties is as young as these fellows come.
    3. So he’s out of his license, has no malpractice coverage for this, and lo! not only a rupture but also a great deal of tissue maceration, seeding of cyst wall in the immediate neighborhood of the eye, and premature closure of the tract. Should have marsupialized this rather than suture it up so completely. This is not up to the standard of cre in New York (ymmv).

  • just about anyone with a little knowledge can remove a cyst (non-surgical)- u just need to know when NOT to do it (surgically)!!! it’s more or less a trust issue 😛

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