Boil Being Popped

I thought this was fake at first. It’s real, real short though, and ends way to soon.
She said it was a staph infection and that she was very sick. You can see her shaking – maybe a little scared, so she did what she could.

~~~ WARNING! ~~~
Professional Surgical Drainage of Abscess.
Pus, Loud Noises and Other Contents Like Blood May Be Involved
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
~~~ WARNING! ~~~

“This is my arm btw 😛 It was a staph infection i was very sick at the time.”

RUNTIME: 2min 07sec
TITLE: “Boil Being Popped”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 23, 2013 by phoeberoseeharris

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  • Holy **ZIT**! That was brutal. Poor lady! I didn’t listen (usually don’t) but it must have hurt horribly.

    The payload was amazing, chunks and slime and heaven knows what else. I sure hope she got better fast, that was just incredible. I can see how she was super sick, what a m**ZIT**ive load of super infected gack.

    Great find, @pussbuster

  • Oh yuck. Anybody would be very sick with something like that growing on their body. I hope that the antibiotics have done their job and that she is now feeling ticketyboo. Thanks for treating us to a great vid, PussBuster.

      • Sounds like a tropical disease. “While in the Amazon, Ed contracted deadly Ticketyboo Fever”.

    • Ticketyboo? I love it! Though I confess, at first reading it didn’t sound like a good thing. Then I started to say it in a positive, quick voice. Now I totally get it, @pusareus. Great word; I can’t wait to use it in conversation. I too hope our lady is back to feeling ticketyboo!!

      • I am so happy that you like ticketyboo. Perhaps it is a Canadian thing – who knows. My boss used to use the word often – anything that worked out well was ticketyboo. It must be an actual word because spell check hasn’t pounced on it – and I have an extremely strict version of spellcheck. To those of you who like it, feel free to use it at will. To those of you who don’t care for it, well kick it around the block and fahgedaboudit . I hope that everyone has an enjoyable Sa**ZIT**ay evening and that all the mamas have lovely Mother’s Day.

      • I have a little bit more info on “ticketyboo. I “googled” mit and the first thing to appear was from something called “The Urban Dictionary.” I was partly correct about it being a Canadian thing – it wasn’t but it is now.


        1. Going smoothly, doing all right. Copacetic.

        2. Proceeding quickly.

        This expression may have originated in Scotland, where it’s the **ZIT**le of a popular children’s song. A song called “Everything Is Tickety-Boo” was recorded by Danny Kaye as part of the film “Merry Andrew”.

        This expression is heard more often in Canada nowadays. May have originated in the British military. Possibly related to the Hindi expression “tickee babu”, meaning “everything’s alright, sir”. Some people spell it “diggity boo” or “tiggity boo”.

        Everything is tickety-boo, tickety-boo, tickety-boo

  • Oh, my. I feel for her; that must have hurt like the **ZIT**ens before, during and after the draining. she was very sick indeed. Hopefully the I&D and antibiotics have done the trick and she’s back on all cylinders now. Kind of her to share what she did, considering she’s shaking out of fear and/or pain (I **ZIT**ume).

    What she shot was generous and I loved it. Thanks for finding and posting, @pussbuster! Great find for a Friday weekend starter, my friend.

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