El Grano Teta

This appears to be a boil that one woman is futzing around with, getting her bearings?, getting a feel for the task?, before getting down to business. But when she does finally give it her all, she delivers a nice payload!

p.s. – I think that teta means teat, or breast. So would this video be en**ZIT**led “The Pimple Breast”? (check the translation… close! LMAO! ~ h.s.)

“Proveniente de Roque Perez, les presentamos al Grano-Teta, vamos a proteger la identidad de la portadora de dicho menjunje, pero tranquilos… no llores q ya se van…. JAAAAA!!!!!!”

“From Perez Roque, we present the Pimple-Tit, we will protect the iden**ZIT**y of the bearer of the concoction, but quiet … Do not cry and go …. JAAAAA!!”

RUNTIME: 3min 27sec

TITLE: “el grano teta”
YT INFO: Published on Apr 21,2013 by quek9

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  • Oh what could have been. She looked like she was afraid of it. Like it might bite her if she squeezed it. Just put four finger on it, tell the camera person, and squuuuiiiirrrrrrttt.

  • I just about lost my dinner – due to the excessive motion of the camera person. It seems that lately we have a whole raft of moving photographers. Many “squeezers” have learned the art of squeezing – and learned it very well – including the removal of the sac, merely by watching a lot of videos. Now why can’t wannabe photographers do the same thing? The popper did a fairly good job, except for the hper wiping and the use of cotton batting (cotton wool, as it is known in some parts of the world). This product often leaves little strands of fibres that can be potential problems.

    • I know right!?! cant these people just grow a pair? unproductive one finger “touching” not squeezing or pushing etc…but touching! she’s like a 50 yr old virgin, that still does that shameful giggling when the wind blows between her legs, then! this excessive dabbing….all I heard through this whole video, was the screams of puss saying “hurry up grandma!! and get us the **ZIT** oudda here for **ZIT** sakes!!”

  • I think the translation is something along the lines of joking in English that the zit looks like a breast, which it did indeed! Hubby even asked “Is that someone’s **ZIT**??” Silly pusaphobe.

    Well, I for one loved it! All that juicy goodness looked like it had risen to the top, so maybe the popper just couldn’t help herself and played with it a little bit. Who can blame her to enjoying the view? Not me! And when she got to it – what a splert! Thanks for the awesome blob to start the weekend, @squeezer. This one is off to my favs.

  • Nice Cyst!
    It looked like she was getting better as the video progressed, at first it looked like early man trying to learn to use tools for the first time.

  • Teta in this case means “head”, like in French “tête” is “head”. So it’s Pimple Head — the popper messed with it until it came to a head.

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