Get Thee Buttocks To A Doctor! *FIXED*

This poor person…I do believe a doctor may be necessary… But we can at least satiate our curiosities 🙂

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
PTZ Does Not Recommend DIY Medical Treatment of Any Kind
As a Subs**ZIT**ute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
*** WARNING! ***

“I was so lucky to have my camera ready the day.this ***ZIT*** abscess exploded. I was able to film it for all you out their. This was really a sight to see. But better her than me.”

RUNTIME: 2min 36sec

TITLE: “Ass abscess with major amount of pus and blood”
YT INFO: Published on May 7,2013 by energykart

*FIXED: 05/28/2013

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  • This poor person looks be elderly, and the wound is necrotic. This could be a diabetic abscess…who knows. It needs deep surgical debridement and a LOT of treatment…

      • Why the 3 negative votes? I was just relaying what the guy who made this video posted on youtube. Is it a negative thing to post the facts now?

        How absurd is that?

      • I agree with you on that, drunkb. I don’t understand the down votes, unless people thought that you were making a disparaging guess instead of just reporting what the poster on YT said? (He did say that was the case, unfortunately.) I upvoted you! 🙂

  • I think she says near the end, “That’s where the surgical site was too.” You can also see faint black lines (like a surgeon would make), and maybe some betadine on her skin? I hope to goodness she has a follow up appt! Very gross and impressive!

  • Sometimes I think that some people put away their common sense during various seasons – kind of like having winter and summer tires. Why would you think about entertaining thousands of anonymous YT viewers, who don’t know you from Adam and could care less about you, before seeking medical treatment for something that is obviously very serious??? This person needs several doses of IV antibiotics before they would even think of oral ones. She needs to be admitted to the hospital PDQ.

  • Holy cow! I agree with everyone that she needs to get thee to a hospital ASAP. The way he was squeezing that booty cheek, it must have been purple and throbbing like **ZIT** the next morning.

  • I doubt there will be any doctors in her near future.
    I checked it out, it’s from injecting heroin into muscle because she’s been an addict so long she no longer has any veins that will work.
    I was at a party once and this girl was there with a really bad wound on her calf.
    The people that knew her told her she needed to go to the doctor, she made a joke about it.
    The next time I saw her several years later, her leg was gone.
    they had to cut it off from the knee down.
    She wasn’t an addict any more at least.

    • I guess I didn’t word my post right, I didn’t **ZIT**ume anything.
      I just found the original post and repeated what the post said.
      It was posted by the squeezer, so I believe it.

  • I think it is improper to judge a person as a heroin addict or any other abuser without all the facts. As a street cop with 20 years and then 10 federal under my belt I have never seen this. I have seen enough bodies with a needle still in them to last a lifetime but don’t judge her without all the facts. The **ZIT** is mostly fat tissue unless she had access to needles that were not the usual insulin needles addicts use. It’s not fair to judge without the facts It is true necrosis can and does occur but the amount of vein collapse would have precluded the surgical sites we saw. She would be inpatient anywhere accredited by the AMA.

    • You are correct it isn’t right to **ZIT**ume.
      The guy that posted the thread said he was the one in the video doing the squeezing, and that the infection was from injecting heroin in muscle because her veins were shot.
      I guess there’s always a chance someone could have found the video, and made the rest up, but I think it pretty safe to say that’s not the case.

      • Only thing you can **ZIT**ume on the internet is not to **ZIT**ume, and to highly doubt any information posted. There are a lot of people who apparently have a lot of time on their hands and can make anything seem like the real thing, videos, photos, etc. It’s so sad but oh so true.

        Whatever is true about this video, it looks horrible and I sure hope that person got proper care. That is truly nasty.

      • No matter how this woman came to have this terribly painful wound, she absolutely deserves medical care. I don’t think anyone who so far has relied on the information given by the video’s YouTube poster that this lady has been injured due to injecting drugs is judging her in any way. We often take the original YouTube poster’s word. But, as is sometimes the case, the poster may be wrong or may be simply “messing around” and “joking” about the needle drug abuse. But I still do not believe that anyone is judging her or implying she doesn’t deserve the best medical care available. And the AMA doesn’t accredit hospitals, clinics or physicians. It’s just a professional organization that a doctor can decide to belong to or not to belong to.

    • Bless you for your comment and your service to the community. In the ER, I saw plenty of ‘skin poppers’, the results of subcutaneous injections of heroin, but never in the **ZIT**ocks, nothing like this. I’ve also seen a lot of infected bedsores, and honestly that’s what I thought this is what it was at first. Sadly, users won’t always get good care or the care they need, and they are even less likely to get the care they need.

      This needs debrided and a wound-vac.

  • IMMEDIATELY go to your doctor! It seems to be a post-op infection, NOT NORMAL! You need IV antibiotics and professional wound treatment ASAP! I hope you have insurance, and I hope we Americans can in the near future finally have civilized health-care, in which the expense of treatment is not dealt with by the sick patient! We are the LAST “1st world” country on our planet not to have affordable health care, dare I say SOCIALIZED medicine! NOT communism, don’t be scared!

    • First of all, if I were going to make any **ZIT**umptions about this wound, I would say that it started as a diabetic ulcer. I doubt that street drugs had anything to do with it.

      Kinaa: As a Canadian, I couldn’t agree with you more. I spent 6 days in the hospital in December and 6 days in January. I had dozens of tests done. At the end of March I had major abdominal surgery and spent 3 weeks in the hospital because of complications. This entire episode cost me absolutely nothing. Nada, not one penny – except for a trip to the gift shop to buy some ice cream – that cost me a dollar. In fact, I was supposed to have a semi private room (I have extra health insurance that I pay for and they cover that) but there wasn’t one available. My insurance company pays me if I cannot get what I am covered for, so I shall be receiving a thousand dollars from them. That’s right folks, twenty nights at
      fifty bucks a night. A couple of times when walking up and down the hall I looked in the various rooms to see if a semi private room was available, but after a few days I didn’t look very hard.
      Yes, Canadians pay higher taxes than Americans for the privilege of having medical coverage for everyone, but the taxes certainly are affordable for 99 percent of all working people – they are not that high. Yes, sometimes we wait a little longer than Americans for elective surgery (particularly for cataract and hip and knee replacement) but generally things happen relatively quickly. I saw a cardiologist early in February – routine referral and I only waited a month for the appointment. He ordered an echocardiogram and a MIBI scan. I was told that the echo would take 6 months. Both tests were finished in less than 2 weeks! So, socialized medicine is pretty darn good and I am happy and proud to be a Canadian. The one thing that we definitely are not is Communists, although there is an official Communist Party of Canada and occasionally they run a candidate in an election. They never win. The Canadian political parties go pretty much from left of center to center to right of center. There are those that are quite far left and right of center, but not many people support them. There you have Canada, its politics and medical system in a nuts**ZIT**. And I love my home and native land.

      • Any houses for sale in your neighborhood? We are about to get jammed with Obama Care which is highly endorsed by the undertakers and funeral home administrators!

      • The poster of this video on youtube said it was the result of a bad heroin injection. She could have gone to any emergency room and they would be required to take her, but she chose not to. Why turn this into a political rant?

    • Any ER in America is bound by law to treat this patient. Period. And if she can’t pay? What will they do do her? Take her dog? Yes we have health care issues here. No denying it. But I’m tired of hearing that people let wounds become septic or gangrenous because of “no medical care.”.

      Emergency rooms treat indigent patients all day, every day. Not ideal for the taxpayer and I have my own ideas on ObamaCare but this isn’t the place to vent them. I’m here to watch zits, crusty feet, dandruff and the occasional maggot in an office where it should not be!

      I WILL say this: my husband has worked tirelessly for over 26 years in a State Prison with the most heinous, degenerate monsters society has to offer. As a result of the sacrifices me and my children made we do have good healthcare with Kaiser. The longest I have ever waited for non-urgent surgery is about 4 weeks. The longest I have ever waited for an xray is 30 min. A non-urgent ultrasound 1 week. A non-urgent MRI: about a week. my blood tests are posted online, many within hours of the draw. I can email all my doctors and specialists and attach pictures.
      Surgery costs me $15. Diabetic meters and strips $0. Hospital stays: $0

      I get medications that run in the THOUSANDS of dollars for a copay of $15. People on Medicare and Welfare can choose Kaiser. Their doctors are free to refer to specialists at will and get paid a salary like most folks so there is not much incentive for unnecessary procedures.

      I know I am lucky but our care has been paid for with blood, sweat and tears. There are millions of Americans with GOOD healthcare. America does need some serious improvement but we are not alone. For every happy story I’ve heard about socialized medicine I have heard another very UNhappy one.

      Like I said, ObamaCare is off limits for me to discuss. But before people get into an uproar they really need to try to learn about insurance exchanges and what they REALLY mean. It’s complicated but help is out there. Please find out if you qualify for gov subsidized health care. SO many do or will and don’t know it!

      There are 2 things that I will NEVER regret paying taxes on:
      1: Keeping convicted murderers, rapist and pedophiles behind bars and away from our precious children and;

      2: Helping subsidize healthcare for my fellow Americans that can’t
      (NOT WON’T) buy it outright.

      That is all I have to say.


      • Yea, she’s not, not going to the hospital because of lack of insurance, she’s not going because (according to the poster) she’s a drug addict.
        For one, when you’re high all the time you don’t have the best decision making skills, but I would think the last thing she wants is to have happen, is to get admitted and have to deal with everything that would entail being an addict.

  • One of the few I could not finish. The absurdity of not taking this patient to a doctor is so far beyond the scope of what I enjoy from this site that I just shut it down. All I could envision was septicemia and a coffin. Definitely not for me, this one.


  • Ouch! That must have been the most painful infection. Certainly a trip to an ER or doctor is in order. This wasn’t a typical zit or cyst … this was a very serious infection … hope this person received the help they needed.

  • Why the **ZIT** did these people not think a doctor was necessary ASAP?! Does this look like something you can casually just drain and forget?! *sigh* I hope she sought out medical attention for this one. A nasty infection could have caused life-threatening complications.

  • I am glad the post-er put the truth about how this was obtained…maybe it will help others not make that mistake-very brave of her to say the truth; however, I don’t care if she was trannie-hooker crackhead, NO ONE should have this kind of pain. Probably hates going to drs b/c they judge her. I had this happen in which hospital thought I was lying after I had worst pain in my right hip/leg ever-after 2 months of begging drs at ER for MRI, it was too late-an abscess from my upper thigh muscle (after getting MRSA externally from an attacker in LA) had eaten my ENTIRE SACRAL ILLIAC RIGHT HIP JOINT-Gone! and started eating my right hip bones, it went into my bone marrow and I have septic arthritis now. It took FULL KIDNEY FAILURE b/4 dr would help me and I still had a hard time getting pain mgmt. Dr literally berated me and called me a junkie and told me he didn’t feel sorry for me b/c I deserved it and if I complained about not having enough meds for pain, he would take what he gave me and let me suffer…had roommate who witnessed this daily torture from him. He proceded to take 1/2 mg from the 2mg dilaudid they gave me and I suffered kidney failure, being crippled and pain so severe that I now have BP problems and can stroke out from the High BP due to constant chronic pain. They **ZIT**umed b/c I was from Hollywood, CA and worked in film that I was a party girl junkie worthless thing since I was back in So. Va. b/c life was on the line. I feel for her b/c I know the judgement is more painful than the injury itself. I pray for her and applaud her courage!

  • I do not believe that this infection was drug related. I have never ever heard of anyone “skin popping” in their booty. That infection was way too deep to be the result of “skin pop”. I, too, heard the girl say it was the location she had a surgery incision.

  • I just saw this on YouTube. I retract what I said about the heroin addict thing, If he knows she’s on the needle, well chances are. It sucks regardless of how she got it. She needs help on many planes. It sucks to see people destroy themselves. There is NO reason an ER would not admit her- Am I wrong? Honest question. I don’t know. I’m blessed with insurance and common sense. It seems the latter is where she falls short, drugs or not. That is gross. How do you shower, sit, sleep, use the can anything? That is just messed up.

  • My heart-felt thoughts, prayers and wishes go out to this poor soul! And all those afflicted with this sort of thing as well! I want to go on a road trip to every Saints’ shrine in the country and make an offering at each one on the off chance these people will heal! As far as pus and the like! Just awesome!

  • 1) Good comments thus far re: this video.
    2) This patient needed to seek medical care. I know not everyone has insurance, but there are clinics out there who pro-rate their fee with the patient’s income.
    3) Did anyone else notice the fresh blood (bright red) coming out along with the pus at the end?
    4) The poor woman must have been in a tremendous amount of pain.

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