House Of Weird: “Roe Deer – Nasal Botflies!” *GRAPHIC*

Unusual Subject Matter
AND Botfly Larvae Infestation!
Some May Find Content WAY Too Graphic
Sensitive Viewers, Take Heed!
Viewer Discretion Is Strongly Advised!

PLEASE READ: This is a video that contains the skull remains of a Roe Deer buck that was shot by a hunter. It is fascinating information on a condition, or form of Myiasis, I never had heard of before. However, there are people who aer sensitive about hunting. So, consider if you want to watch this video, use mute, not read the Commentary below, etc.

We at PTZ do care about all our viewers. Oh, and this video goes out to my friend whom I promised long ago to post the coolest Botfly video ever. I hope this suffices!!!

~ Your PTZ Staff

YT Commentary:
“I always say people are missing out not boiling out their trophies 🙂 This is the head of the buck I shot earlier ( “Roebuck missed.. and hit” ). There was absolutely no reaction from the buck on the first shot, was this the reason why? Quite possible…
This is not the first roebuck with nasal bot larvae I boiled out. They are more common in some areas I stalk and not really present elsewhere. I find mainly roe from forestry and wet areas got nasal bot flies infested. I never found any in farmland roe. That one was quite bad as there was over 50 large larvae inside buck’s nose/throat area. Must have been causing him major irritation. His body weight was below average, but I have seen roebucks with nasal bot larvae in much worse condition.
I must say we watched the buck for a while before shooting and he was behaving normally (except not reacting to missed shot). Usually bucks with nasal bot flies cough and sneeze, shake head, later change coat, have scruffy coat or are missing some etc, but not this one.
Not the prettiest sight, I know, but if you are a roe stalker as I am, this is part of the sport. Roe deer are fascinating species.


RUNTIME: 3min 29sec

TITLE: “Nasal bot fly infestation in roe deer”
YT INFO: Published on Jun 24,2012 by gregloginway

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