Mangoworms… and More!

Oh Most BIG Warning!
MYIASIS – Maggots, Larva, Nasty Stuff.
And I Mean More Nasty Stuff – Ticks and Fleas!!!!
Please, Viewer Discretion Advised – Nay, Required! πŸ˜‰

A veritable Parasite Paradise, I don’t think I have ever seen all three nasties on one poor animal in huge, triple infestation numbers!!! My heart goes out to this dog, but I thank (insert deity of your choosing) that he found his way to the caring arms of the Vet Clinic Gambia. Micha and his team have never stopped impressing me with their unending devotion and ceaseless capacity to heal these poor animals. *sniffle*

~ H.S.

For Those Interested in Learning More:

RUNTIME: 2min 40sec

TITLE: “Uncountable number of parasites in a Mastiff-Mix in The Gambia”
YT INFO: Published on May 2,2013 by VetClinicGambia

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  • I’m sure this is the first video that brought me to tears! This poor dog and his sad face brought me to my knees with sadness! What on earth would bring a trusted owner to allow something like this happen? I will pay YOU to allow me to take possession of this dog so I can show him what love really is! So I can take proper care of him and nurture him back to health! All he needs is proper care and attention with love! Thanks for sharing HS! I hope I can make this dream come true and somehow get this big baby home (to me)!!!!!

    • Bless your heart 3CC. Your comp**ZIT**ion is felt in your comment.

      Hey people, go to the clinic’s web site and you can do a world of good by clicking the PayPal “DONATE” **ZIT**on and send them a few bucks.
      It’s the least we can do.

      • That is exactly what we need to do to help. Our government would NEVER allow any animal from Gambia come over here for no one. It is very sad, but in a sense, I am glad because the USA doesn’t have mango worms and I don’t want them over here! The pay pal donation to these clinics in Gambia that work on eradicating this demonic worm is the only way we can help, unfortunately. πŸ™ I hug my big rotti’s and my little pit bull girly when I see this! We are fortunate to be able to care for our furry kids the way they deserve to be cared for,.

  • The Man who the vet kept asking him his name, must be the owner???

    If he is they should take the dog from him. How can someone let their pet get that infested with that amount of mango worms and fleas!!
    The poor dog could be a stray, but I doubt a full bred Mastiff is?

    It is a great video, but the dog sure did suffer for it!!!

    • I sent the Doctor an email about the Mastiff asking if he was a stray and is it possible to adopt a dog from South Africa. He replied the next day. The man who he was asking the questions was a security guard for the owner.
      He thanked me for offering to adopt. I told him I will make a donation.

      • Thank you. I wish I had more money or I’d follow in your footsteps. Then again, I could donate 5$, it wouldn’t kill me. Would you mind sharing their info? Maybe they are obvious on here and I missed it. If so, I’m sorry.

        I hope they don’t look down on a 5$ donation πŸ™ If I were rich, I’d make it 1000$ but that’s my monthly income being disabled. Not complaining…I just really would love to be able to give money sometimes…time is tougher having a tougher time to get around as a ”sick person”. Maybe I’ll win the lotto some day if I start buying tickets haha. I’d be broke pretty fast but happy. So many things I’d want to give/causes. Yes I am a weird person. I like material but I love giving too, especially for non-human animals and babies are they are so defenseless.

  • These doctors are amazing, and they really care for the animals they work on. I know some think stray animals don’t deserve the same rights to a healthy life that people do, but in this case, it seems the dog has an owner who is so ignorant he doesn’t even know he is responsible for cleaning up his dog. He should be charged.

    • Why must he be punished?
      This was not a dog from a rich country. In fact, it is a dog from Central Africa. And there is a dog just a dog. If it gets sick, dump it somewhere.
      These people are trying to rescue him. And that is also the reason why his **ZIT**s are removed. To prevent that his offspring get these things to.
      It’s like a simple rule: 4 dogs (2 male, 2 female) –> 18 pups. 18 pups –> 108 offspring and then it goes to 486 dogs. And this is just a example, with all the “right” conditions. 3 years and a village has a serious dog-problem. And they don’t have the money for that kind of trouble.

      All those worms and fleas….. I got itchy all over my body! And i saw some ticks too. Can somebody, please, scratch it a bit?

      Thanks for sharing this itchy video!

      • As I said in my comment above. The vet said the dog is from an owner who does have $$. He has a private security guard at his front gate. This case is not a matter of being poor, just neglect. Unfortunately in this country dogs are just dogs as you said. I do not believe they can prosecute for this neglect?

      • Efteling, you disgust me with your words! I think you might want to go back and listen to the video this time! I’m delighted that we (as in, kind & giving and good natured people with huge hearts for others) far outnumber people like you (as in, callous, cold hearted and cruel SOB’s)! You remind me of the horror stories you hear about where a hateful man can take a cage and fill it with a litter of 1 week old kittens and toss it in the river. Without a second thought and never looking back!
        The sad part is, this all could have been preventable with a shot for the mango worms, liquid medicine behind the neck to ward off fleas and ticks & heart worm pills! Simple…… Oh and one more thing, I hope to **ZIT** above you don’t have any innocent dogs or cats in your home for you to abuse! Or, if one of them gets sick, dump it somewhere! Where is your comp**ZIT**ion?

      • There is a special place in Heaven for vets. They are the best defenders of the needs of animals. All you folks who are gushing over the “rights” of animals and who want to adopt this particular animal because of its suffering, I suggest you send your money and your goodwill to the vets if you want to save the animals and prevent their suffering. These are not human children after all. I don’t think Efteling meant anything cruel. Support the vets and deal with the issue *directly*.

  • This made me so sad and infuriated. Sad for the poor dog and infuriated with the owner. Let me have that beautiful dog and I will care ,love and nurture him proper. My little girl and me would care for him the way a pet should be cared for. Pets who are literally family to us give us so much and ask for so little in return. They give us unconditional love and devotion even when we are not worthy as is the case of this sorry excuse of a human in the video has proven. I will pray for this fine animal!

  • I follow the doctor in youtube. they are in Gmbia and the mango worm is one of the biggest health problems they have, because they aslo go inside people. Terrible really. Most of the dogs, strays and owned, have flies and ticks and all those terrible creatures. Mayority of people cant buy preventive drops of any kind, but THIS PERSON, the owner, he CAN and he doesnt because he doesnt care. Pehaps is the security guards fault, maybe he is responsable for the dogs well being, we will never know, but it is so unfair that dogs will suffer like that because people are negligent….

  • i have watched this video so many times and i still get amazed at the amount of mango worms on the poor dog along with the fleas…seriously.. this poor animal is really suffering, Why do owners let it get to this point.! i would really like to know

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