Mouthful of Maggots *GRAPHIC*

Oh Most BIG Warning!
MYIASIS – Maggots, Larva, Nasty Stuff.
Please, Viewer Discretion Advised – Nay, Required! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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Patient With Myiasis in Nasal and Maxillary Sinus

We’ve seen something like this before but one can’t but be horrified and affected by this man’s miserable condition. I hope that being the subject of this video means that he got the attention and relief that he so desperately needs.

NOTE: This condition is so severe that we are looking at the sinuses through the roof of the patient’s mouth. And yes, it can and does happen in America, sadly enough. Great video, gimpysgirl!

“Isso e para terem mais cuidado, com certas laceraรงรตes deixadas expostas em qualquer parte do corpo. Isso ai รฉ na BOCA e quem observar bem da para ver a fossa nasal e o seio maxilar”

“This is for (people to) be more careful with certain lacerations left exposed in any part of body. This is in the BOCA and anyone who looks closely can see the nasal cavity and the maxillary sinus”

RUNTIME: 0min 50sec

TITLE: “paciente com miiase nas fossas nasais e seio maxilar”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 28,2012 by rehnan4

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  • Oh my…some serious infection certainly attracted those flies, and made a prime ground for egg laying. I know that they weren’t medical maggots, but I hope that they at least cleared some of the diseased tissue. Poor man. ๐Ÿ™

    • Pretty simply. As we all know flies are attracted to foul ,decaying putrid odors and for the females that makes for a prime nurseryor breeding grounds for her eggs This gentleman may have been suffering from alcoholism or not but in any case he was not in the best of cir**ZIT**stances, probably homeless which left him exposed to all the elements including the local neighborhood flies. He most likely had bad oral hygiene that led to perhaps an infection which caused his foul breath and while sleeping unbeknownst to him a female fly stealthily crawled into his open mouth (snoring etc.) lay her eggs ( and depending on the species) for example The Screwfly (Cochliomyia Homnivorax ) that feed on live tissue 1 female can lay at one time any where from 200-500 eggs , a typical housefly eggs are laid in batches of 100-150, with a female capable of producing over 1,000 in her lifetime. The eggs hatch in about 8-12 hours . There are over 80,000 species of flies and until the maggots are removed and sent for **ZIT**ysis the doctor then would know what species attacked this poor soul. I hope this helps a little ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I was just about to eat a nice hot bowl of Couscous. And for some reason, I just don’t want to eat that anymore. That’s funny….I don’t even know why.

  • I can’t even imagine the sort of “dire straits” that could bring a fellow human to such a state, but as a comp**ZIT**ionate viewer, I pray he has gotten the attention he needed….in time to keep this from becoming life-consuming instead of just life-threatening.

  • OMG I’ve been a nurse a long time and have never really found anything that grossed me out and made me ill upon visual inspection…..until now.

    It isn’t the thought of maggots per se, I’ve seen plenty of those in extremity wounds, but in the mouth? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww…..

    Then I look at the location of where they are, the severity of infestation, overall condition of oral cavity and I can’t help but wonder if there is a sinus tract which penetrates the dura allowing these little critters to travel. From a clinical perspective i’m fascinated and would love to see CT Scan results and actual removal process, as well as final outcome.

    Now I have that stupid ditty in my head, ” The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, The worms play pinochle on your snout.” and I’ll probably be saying it all day now.

    • How does the maggot infestation start? How are they removed – suctioned out?

      I had no idea this was seen from the upper mouth palate. I hope this man fully recovered from this wound and is able to get care to prevent it from ever happening again. There must be a lot of reconstructive surgery needed.

  • Definitely on my list of OMFG things. One can hope this fellow was comatose, so he didn’t have to hear or feel these things as they ate him alive…

  • Is that post-mortem? I know that may sound dumb but how could someone live like that? Looks alive and little involuntary movements but Yuck is the same answer

  • I don’t know if it is possible to survive something like that… There’s obviously necrotic tissue in his mouth, and the sinus is exposed, which would make inserting a nasogastric tube very complicated as well… The only way I could think he would be able to get any nutrition in that condition is a feeding tube directly to the stomach or a PICC line with total parenteral nutrition (TPN). I feel so sad for this man… plus he’s basically living one of my worst nightmares… ๐Ÿ™

  • I know that some people have a bad breath, but this guy takes the gold.
    Unbelieveble how this stil happens in the world. We can take people to the moon and back, clone animals but a guy with this kind of injury comes way to late for treatment.

  • There are so many awful things about this video that it’s difficult to put them into words. From the original **ZIT**le (Portugese) I’m thinking that he was in Brazil, and in preparation for the Olympics they are really ‘cleaning house’ in Rio. The Favelas are being demolished and homeless people are being picked up. The Drug Cartels are ordering curfews in the Favelas. This man seems to me to be one of those many people that are only now being noticed and examined in any way. The amount of necrosis it would take to establish maggots in that quan**ZIT**y seems to me to be that of a long term drug user – maybe solvent inhalation – that would not only severely compromise the mucosa, but also allow flies to enter as the user would probably have an open mouth while unconscious in order to lay eggs. While I don’t ever want to see this in person, it was a horrifying and fascinating video.

  • gimpysgirl, appreciate your bringing this post to our attention. I am not normally “speechless”, but I am simply stunned. Did anyone actually treat this person?

  • AS a Nurse I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing and having to remove maggot infestations in people and also saving animals that have been abandoned and left to rot. But I have never seen myiasis in the mouth, Thank **ZIT** !,,I feel sorry for this man tho for that cannot feel good to say the least, and I doubt that he is able to eat with that obscene amount of larvae in his mouth!..I pray that he gets the help he so desperately needs.

  • Oh my lord! As I Nurse I can say that I am not grossed out by the maggots , as I have had to remove maggot infestations in wounds on some unfortunate patients. But in the mouth and sinus!! now that is Ewwww WOW. all the tiny hairs all over my body are standing up on ends!. This patients must have been suffering with a nasty abscess or just lacked in proper oral hygiene enticing an **ZIT**ortment of female flies to crawl in and lay there brood. I say an **ZIT**ortment because by the looks of it if you look closely there are some different looking spiracles and color of maggots in the wounds which leads me to believe that there was more than one type of species of fly. In any case I would have been interested in seeing a scan of how deep these flies penetrated into the sinuses, and in how the doctors or specialists went about in removing them. All the best to the patient , I pray for a speedy recovery. Maggot Free!

  • I am going to have fricken nightmares now…Why aren’t they waking him up? Or sucking them out? Quit showing everyone and get the sucker and start sucking! GEEZ!!! I am so glad that I couldn’t see the nasal cavity, not really sure what I saw, but it was moving and that was enough.

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