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“Death Of Kimberly The Cyst!”

When you trip over a good video, nay, a pretty darn great one, sometimes you must just share – share – SHARE! 🙂 Especially when the first squeezes of pus take you back to your childhood when you made your best friend spaghetti from the now oddly colored-once-white-playdoh… but, really, who names a cyst Kimberly?? Gah, I’m not one to question the eccentricities of others, heck not! I will say, though… we now have a new sub-type of hyper-wipers… hyper-flickers. He stops with the mega squeezing and starts getting a little too… tool insane? Alas, as goes with so many videos, it just doesn’t maintain that Uber greatness potential and declines into little squeeze, little pus, little flick into sink… but worthy watch, worthy indeed.

I still think the opening shot of the tool spread should be turned into a “What to Have When Doing a DIY…” poster.

Enjoy, and happiness this weekend to the entire PTZ Pus Popping Family! Spring is in the air, may it bring you a giant cyst to pop all for yourself. Or a swath of giant, deep blackheads… or whatever makes you giggle with glee and **ZIT**ter with tee-hees and tickles!

Oh I give up, I think my mind is lost. If found, please e-mail my service squad at

~ H.S. (or so I am told)

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
PTZ Does Not Recommend DIY Medical Treatment of Any Kind
As a Subs**ZIT**ute for Professional Medical Care.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised. Thanks!
*** WARNING! ***

YT COMMENTARY: “Killing a cyst!”

RUNTIME: 18min 33sec

TITLE: “Death of Kimberly The Cyst!”
YT INFO: Published on Mar 3,2013 by Morgan Hemingway

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  • I’m yelling at the screen like the guy while back..”MAKE A BIGGER HOLE”…In the beginning the way he was talking, I thought maybe he might go for the gusto…Disappointed.

    • Maybe it’s cause I’m really tired (8 hours of yard work) but his constant talking then the constant wiping got on my nerve. Couldn’t even finish watching it.

      • My favorite part was when he explained to us who Kimberly – the real Kimberly – is. She’s a be-yotch who is a pain in his neck!! Wait, what was that? Oh, it’s his current girlfriend/wife telling him, “No. Don’t say ‘beyotch’. It, it just doesn’t work. It’s like my mom trying to say ‘beyotch’.”

        Poor Mark. She had just asked him not to say the actual ‘witch’ word, so he politely respected her request. Then when he tries to use the subs**ZIT**ute words all the cool kids use, he sounds like his mother-in-law. Poor guy. The **ZIT** we put you men through!

  • The Good:
    He looked up all the proper terminology so he would sound like a pro;

    He attempted to keep the area and instruments clean;

    He had a really nice whitehead, which when squeezed, offered a nice bang for the buck for a few seconds;

    He wasn’t in the kitchen.;

    There was **ZIT**ody shrieking OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The camera work was decent.

    The Not-So-Good:
    He was much too timid to undertake a cyst of that size;

    Because the hole was not big enough to express the contents (much less the capsule) of the cyst, his hard, largely unproductive squeezing efforts only succeeded in traumatizing the fragile tissues of his neck and throat.

    He was a true Hyper-Wiper, which was bad because there was so little to wipe in the first place;

    And finally and most tragically of all: a potentially magnificent pop will fade away in the annals of the Utterly Forgettable.


    • The posts have been spectacular this week! But I have to throw in a little pet peeve of mine about the lady in this video. The guy was kind of a know-it-all scaredy-cat, but I thought she made womankind look bad by playing the ignorant, over-concerned-yet-helpless little waif. I don’t like it when today’s women act like they’re from the 50’s and pretend to be ‘weak’ to ‘get a man’…”ew-w-w. ew-w-w, ew-w-w”. Come on, be a tough, strong woman and make us all proud! You’ll get a stronger man in the end!
      Thanks to all who contributed to make this a fun site!! Sorry for the griping…

      • If that was me and my husband I would have had his head down on the floor squeezing that sucker for all it’s worth. He wouldn’t stand a chance around me. I’d never make it as a 50’s woman. I mow 5 acres (push mow 1/3 of it), empty mouse traps and do alot of fixing things around the house. Everyone needs to gripe sometimes.

      • I’m a guy and I agree. It’s a big turn off **ZIT**ually and zit-tuilly when a women is shrieking in the backgroud. You are woman hear you roar.

  • AHHHH! That started out SOOO good, but it didn’t take long to fizzle out. After the initial excitement of the first few squeezes of goop, it went downhill pretty quick. Mostly frustrating hyper-wyping of little drips and not much pay-out. I don’t think he was squeezing it properly.

  • WHY, WHY, WHY??? Why must some people wipe ever single small drop when it comes out? It drives me mad! For heaven’s sake he did everything except squeeze the contents out! Did it hurt? I don’t know, maybe that is why he kept incessantly wiping. It could have been completely done rather quickly! Plus, he kept saying inaccurate things, although he did his homework in some ways, it is not a sterile, but just a clean procedure. And I knew he wasn’t going to finish! It seems that people don’t do well when they try to get these without as helper. Well, a nice couple. Don’t mean to be mean, it’s just a pet peeve, “hyper wipers”. Maybe he wanted to keep Kimberly after all.

  • The man put an Exactoknife in his own neck! Repeatedly! Not to mention that the hole wasn’t wide so he risked his life for naught…

    I’m an utter cowboy, not afraid to do almost anything, but that and the voodoo pin thing…

    And he was sane in the beginning, it was almost a teaching video…

    Still, a fascinating post! Thanks!

  • He really annoyed me…mr knowitall who really doesn’t know much, yapping the whole time to impress Ms. Not-Kimberly. Funniest thing is he probably angered Kimberly so she will refill with some infected gack and he will end up in the ER with it much worse because he futzed with it.

  • I just watched this video twice, just to make sure didn’t miss anything. The guy started out sounding like a super popper, but it soon became all too apparent he was just one of us. Trying get the goods out anyway he could think of. Things didn’t go as planned, so it became a series of small cuts and short squeezes. What he needed was someone to make a large slice of at least 1/4 inch. This is hard to do by yourself. We all are able to stick a needle into a pimple and squeeze, but making a good size slice in yourself takes a bit more mettle then most of us can muster. He was able to get about half the contents discharged, but the sac remains intact. So I hope this guy has learned a few things and gets someone to do the slicing and removal of the sac in the next exciting episode of The Death of Kimberly the Cyst. Until then, Pop on people. We live hoping the next video will be the one of our dreams.
    Caio Prunesquallor

  • When I first saw it, the size and the little white-head on top, I said to myself, now this has some potential. He did wipe every drop, which was a little bothersome, but its ok…and maybe because of where the cyst was it was hard to get a good squeeze hold on it…under the chin/neck area usually is a fatty area and everytime you try to grab it, it sinks in and you cant really get a good hold..With that being said it was a pretty good video. Now for my 2cents worth, the lady shooting the video drove me crazy. It seemed every word out of her mouth was eeww, eewww, eewww !! And as if that wasnt bad enough she said it like a 12 year old girl would. Drove me crazy. I hope I never hear another person say eeww again. Ive had my lifetime share. Probaby would be better to watch on mute. 🙂

  • AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH one good smush with both hands and it would’ve been cool not to mention the dab every teeny tiny emission of the contents. He wouldn’t even let us get a good half inch out b4 wiping….squeeze…but not too hard…wipe, squeeze, talk about “wow” it bubbled” and other nonsense…wipe again, barely squeeze, frustrate people watching (we fast forward…several times once blood starts boiling and we can no longer sit through it and realize we have a choice) squeeze, wipe, squeeze, wipe…..efffffing efffing effffffffffffff

  • In defense of our popper for all the excess wiping that frustrated so many of us, if you didn’t have the sound on, this poor guy was being reminding many, many, many times by his camera operator girlfriend/wife that he would be cleaning up the mess in the bathroom. Any great squeeze that landed in the sink was a reminder of how gross this was, how much she didn’t want him to do it, and how he would be cleaning up the sink, and the bathroom, and how she was not going to be doing it, no siree, not her!! I agree his hyper-wiping was annoying to see, but in his situation, hyper-wiping was probably done at least in part to keep the peace. Poor guy.

    Great squirts and fliers on this one, HS! Thank you for finding and sharing. 🙂

    • OMG the camera wife/girlfriend was annoying the **ZIT** outta me. I wanted to say just shut up and film. She kept telling him to please not hurt himself, I mean come on what kind of injury would he inflict on himself by squeezing a cyst?! She was annoying and I can foresee a cyst in this guy’s future named after her.

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