The Most Intense Case of Botfly Myiasis *GRAPHIC*

Myiasis is a Parasitic Infestation of Fly Larva
This Video Contains Images and
The Extraction of These Larva
From an Infested Female Dog
Sensitive Viewers Take Heed
STRONGEST Discretion Is Advised!!!
**Consider MUTE as well**

This is a video for the botfly/mangoworm/myiasis fanatics out there in PTZ land. It is being posted despite its graphic nature because the outcome is G-O-O-D! 😉 I think the (rough) translation describes the situation the best:

“The objective of making this video is to show the gross negligence with animals that need care. Resources were not in place,
Before you get disgusted, keep in mind that the grubs were not extracted fast the next step would be a the death of the female dog by screwworm.
Today she is vaccinated and is as healthy as any other dog.
Botfly or dermatobiosis is an infection caused by a larval stage, type of disease known fly Dermatobia hominis, popularly known in Brazil as the blowfly, which infects many animals.”

If you choose to watch the video with volume, you will hear the gentleman huffing and puffing with his efforts to remove the larva. The dog is very weak, and in obvious discomfort – but as was stated, it had to be done as quickly as possible. I would imagine that perhaps where the dog was found was far from the neccessary facilities. Given how many maggots you can see… it is perfectly understandable that time was short – these things were literally wasting this poor dog’s life away. I am so happy she is well and healthy now!!! This can happen just as easily right here in America. I won’t do my soapbox (*cough* Adopt! *hack* Rescue! *ahemmmm* vet care!) but will now let you get to the viewing of the video.

The doggie is all better, be happy!!!! 🙂


YT Commentary: (^translation above^)
“O objetivo de divulgar esse vídeo é mostrar o descaso com os animais que precisam de cuidados. No local não haviam recursos,
Antes de ficar com nojo, lembre-se de que se os bernes não fossem extraídos rápido o próximo p**ZIT**o seria uma bicheira e óbito da cadela.
Hoje ela está vacinada e p**ZIT**a bem como qualquer outro cão com saúde.
Berne ou dermatobiose é uma infecção produzida por um estágio larval, tipo de doença conhecida da mosca Dermatobia hominis, popularmente conhecida no Brasil como mosca-varejeira, que infecta diversos animais”

RUNTIME: 5min 53sec

TITLE: “Como tirar berne sem frescura”
YT INFO: Published on Jul 11,2012 by Felipe Miranda

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  • I usually can’t watch these but since the doggie is fine, i got brave.

    I was so impressed by the other dog who was very attentive and supportive, just “being there” for his/her friend with the infestation. How sweet is that? Very touching, and I am so happy the infested doggie is ok now.

  • Oh Poppintime, **ZIT** bless you sweetheart! I was so upset watching this and in tears for this poor unfortunate pup, and I do still feel so bad for her. And I have know one to blame but myself for this either!! I unfortunately, did not read ANYTHING, not one stinkin thing, before I went in and watched this! I think I would have handled it in a much better way. I’m so thankful there was something in the comments about her health and how she’s doing now! This was an awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing everything with us! You rock cyster!

  • Son of a biscuit-eatin bulldogge! Pour some alcohol on those nasty worms and set em on fire! Yah, I know, circle of life and all that, but they are like ticks, only serving themselves…

  • Wow Poppintime that is one serious infestation. We only got to see the larva removed from one side of the dog. I am **ZIT**uming the other side is just as bad.
    I am wondering why the vet didn’t give this poor puppy a tranquilizer. I am thinking more along the line of dog care here in the US. The cost of a tranquilizer, in Latin America may be to expensive.
    Poor puppy, glad to hear he made a full recovery.

    • The post said they were in a rural area. Vets were not available. Plus no doubt cost would have been a factor. Tranqs might calm the dog down but probably wouldn’t do much for the pain.

    • Can’t lie….love bot fly vids!!!…watchin them squirt out and all that! This one however, was very difficult watching thru my tears. I reccomend reading the dialogue that’s posted with the video. From what I understand, this sweet pup was found where no resources…such as tranqulizers….were available and to “wait” would have been even more devastating to her life with the large infestation and the already obvious weakness of the animal……the larvae were just continuing to waste her away at an alarming rate!! I commend this gentleman for his devotion and determination to do everything he could as fast as possible despite the lack of resources…gloves, meds, tweezers etc. He most likely saved her life in being so quick to act without worrying about the minor things. He wanted to save her and that’s all that mattered to him. Amazing video and thanks so much for sharing. So so glad there’s a happy ending to this one. I recommend checking out the one with the howler monkey…..very very sad! Thanks again.

  • i like watching the botfly/screwfly, etc. removals, as the dogs must feel so much better afterwards. If i had a dog in a rural, third world country, i would check it over for them daily, why cant there owners? does poor have to mean couldnt care less? it costs nothing to get them out by squeezing them! grrrr!

  • Seems to me that tweezers would have been a better way to extract them. That was a lot of squeezing, that seemed to be painful to the doggie. Regardless, I’m glad they were extracted. Good job all way around.

  • Poor little girl, must have been painful at some of those sites. Just want to treat her, bath her, feed her and let her lie on the foot of your bed at night in comfort. Some animals (and people) live a miserable existence.

  • that is the toughest dog ever.
    I love the guy squeezing, the dog stops to whimper and he sshhhh’s him down then you can here him grunting as he goes back to squeezing the heck out the dog.

  • That’s awful.
    It may have paid to cover all the holes with Vaseline overnight to suffocate them.
    You’d have to keep him from licking it off, but once they are dead, I believe they come out much easier.
    I’ve seen some that were more than halfway out trying to get through the Vaseline.
    It’s is weird to think that tiny thing has lungs

  • poor dog, as well intentioned this man was, I think he didnt know how to properly squeeze the botfly out. He seemed to be very rude, not that he wanted, but just too strong. It gave me the impression that he was hurting the poor animal.

  • Those were THE largest worms I’ve seen.. And I have seen a LOT of mango worm/botfly/myiasis infestations. They must have been living off of that poor dog for SO long to have gotten THAT enormous! Good thing that man was determined. To comment on a previous question I read, tweezers alone cannot extract these awful little things. The way they attach themselves inside the animal requires that intense pinch or squeeze to loosen the grip they have with their mouths or whatever they suck the life out of their poor victims with. You should google and see one up close, they’re terrifying!! Their excretions they leave behind can cause life-threatening infections as well. These creatures are seriously like, the s**ZIT** of satan. Lol

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