Dr. Yadav’s “Black Heads Removal From Nose”

Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav’s:
“Black Heads Removal From Nose”

Well, I don’t have much to say other than this is what we have been waiting for – a return to the more in-depth style of extraction we love! The stuff that made us so ecstatic that first time we saw one of those huge, deep, solar comedones come popping free

“Here you can see an educational video showing you how to remove black heads on nose or face by using the comedone extractor. Watch out the video. Black heads & white heads on nose in ample amount…”

from Dr. Yadav…
Black Heads On Back – Complete Removal!!!

RUNTIME: 2min 48sec

TITLE: “Black Heads Removal From Nose”
YT INFO: Published on June 3,2013 by missiondigitalseema

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    • I’m hoping that soon Dr. Y will get a USB micro-camera like our friend Russ Hamstring—- these, or any of Dr. Y’s videos would be absolutely AMAZING in that hi-res magnification!!! I would even be willing to buy him one and send it to him if he would post the results here!!!!!

      WE LOVE YOU DR. YADAV!!!!!!!!

      RED, out.

  • Who can it be squeezing at my pore?
    Go away, don’t come ’round here no more.
    Don’t you see that it’s clogged up tight–
    Squeeze all you want, you still won’t win this fight.

    All I wish is to be alone
    Stay away, don’t you invade my home,
    Best off if you hang outside
    Don’t squeeze, I’ll be pushed out and die.

    Who can it be now….
    Who can it be now….
    Who can it be now….
    Who can it be now?

  • Once again, great work from our good friend, Dr. Yadav. Your gentle touch and softspoken voice must be so soothing to the patients. It appears to me that any of your patients who require a major procedure done, go off to the OR very calmly as you do such a fine job of explaining everything to them. It also seems that you don’t just have your patients sign consent forms without thoroughly explaining to them what they are signing and why – unlike many of your colleagues.

  • Dr. Y I love ya! I adore the the skin area your comedone-removing tools travel over! BUT must you tease us with the display of obvious pop-worthy blackheads and then p**ZIT**ing them by??? Why, Dr. Y, WHY???

    OK – back to expressing my delight as I view lovely keratin oozing through the instruments that brings joy to my little pea-picking Southern by the grace of **ZIT** soul <3

  • Thank you again for another, cream of the crop, Precious gems, Diamonds in the rough, simply wonderful videos! You are the best, top of the line, main Doctor. There is know one better! You’re the master at what you do! I believe you like us too, you go out of your way to post these, you’ve asked us what we like and you have provided exactly that. I want to thank you for all of your hard work. This video is outstanding!!!

  • June 4th was truly a red letter day for great videos!
    Thank you, Dr. Y, for sharing your blackhead videos with us. Such visual wealth is so welcome!

  • we love you dr. yadav! you da man! i think your photography skills have improved as well. i also understand that you probably got that big sucker that we didn’t see popped. as in any live video, things go out of focus, or don’t get filmed correctly for some reason, such as the patient jerks or moves. i’m sure you do a superb job, taking care of the patient first, then video comes second. you need to get married, if not already, and have your bride film for us. your sister did well also.

  • Don’t get me wrong DR. Yadav is the blackhead guru, the man, I only wish he would slow down a little so we can enjoy each fat blackhead
    being born into this world.
    The best blackhead extractions are the ones that come out all the way leaving a screaming cave of a pore, it’s just not as satisfying when the blackhead breaks off halfway out. CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!

  • Thank you Dr Yadav and thank you poppee for sharing such deliciousness with us… Please can we have an hour of blackhead removals… pretty please… pretty please with cream on top??? 😉

  • Doctor, you obviously have studied this for a long time but I’m wondering, most of us in the West will remove our own blackheads and such and own a comedone extractor or other tools. I know that we will not get comedones this big due to different weather conditions (not as much sun exposure and such). My question is this: Why do these people not remove these on their own at home? Are they afraid that it might be cancerous and see you for your expert opinion and you end up removing them or..? I’m really curious about it all, Dr. Yadav.

    PS: Thank you for all your videos.

  • Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. How on earth can you have blackheads this big and not want to remove them yourself. I mean how can you possibly resist when you look in the mirror, let alone let these monsters grow & ripe for weeks. That would take tremendous self control.
    Anyway, when you see the name Dr. Yadav you just know it’s going to be great. Forget about being a race-car driver or fighter-plane pilot, this is my dream job for sure.

  • Hello all,
    This may upset some people but it has been on my mind for sometime.
    It has to do with DR. Vikram, now don’t get me wrong I like DR. Vikram, just go back and read my past posts, I just feel that I may have given the doc more prop’s that he may be due.
    It may be because of the great crop of people that he has to draw from, some of the best blackheads I have seen have come from the good doctor, my problem is his removal technique, he doesn’t take the care for each monster BH as he should, he just sort of picks around with that tool, he should focus on the BH’s and not move on until he leaves a screaming hole behind and don’t use the mounded end of the tool so much, get in there with that loop and go to town.
    I would love to get my fingers on a couple of the faces he has worked on.

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