Goat Cheese… Yummy?

Removal of Animal Cyst, Abscess or Other
Pus Producing Lesion or Growth.
May Be Very Bothersome for Sensitive Viewers.
Watch At Your Own Discretion
And Please, Comment With Respect.
Thank You!

Goat, looking pretty sedated and isn’t struggling against the relieving procedure the vet? farmer? both? is performing. Although it still sounds somewhat nervous – who wouldn’t be, eh?!? Not sure what country this takes place in, but the goat seems to be in good hands!

Check out what happens when the vet decides to ham it up for the camera and pretend to take a sizable taste of the, ahem, cheesy product being squeezed from the patients neck abscess…. he he he he he, that’ll learn him! And then when he disappears to get a syringe, his helpers can’t resist trying to get a piece of the fun… all in all, and entertaining video for those who like animal pus.


RUNTIME: 7min 05sec

TITLE: “Removing Goat cyst”
YT INFO: Published on Jun 17,2013 by Richmond Chiong

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  • I believe Mr. Goat farmer actually did get some goat cheese in the ol mouth on accident while hamming it up for the camera. All I can say is better him than me on that one. Great video popfiend, thank you for enlightning my day.

  • I found the video interesting but the behavior of the farmer and his wife – I am quite sure that was not a vet – disgusting. It seemed that the more pain that the goat was in, the funnier that they seemed to find it. I know the goat is not a family pet and they certainly don’t love it, particularly in the fashion that most of us dote on our family dogs and cats. But, even though, to them, the goat is merely a chattel in the same way that their tractor (if they have one) or their barn, this is still a living, breathing creature. It might have been better had they just been quiet instead of hilariously laughing. It also seems that they were actually pouring potable alcohol into the wound at the end of the procedure – at least it seems so by the appearance of the label. All in all, the goat will probably feel much better after healing up but this procedure could have been done with more care. BTW, I am not a strong supporter of PETA, just a human who respects life.

  • I love how they took great care of this goat! That goat sure was voicing his opinion on the matter, wasn’t he? At one point, it sounded like he shouted a big “NO” the longer they worked on him the calmer he got though. When the surgeon started goofing around with that sweet creamy pus, I think he almost lost his lunch! That was even too much for him to handle
    I thought they did a wonderful service to this goat, and the goat felt better! Thanks for such a great post Popfiend! You started my humpday I out with an awesome beginning!

  • The vet acted as if it was not bleu cheese coming out of that baseball sized lump. I’m sure he had to get all of the infection out – the squeezing the wind pipe a little aggressive. I don’t know what green substance injected into the wound. Wasn’t the whole purpose to get it out?

  • I was wondering if that was Tequila they were trying to pour into the wound?
    I had a friend in the service that said he had a severe cut on his leg and was two days away from the nearest medical aid. He had a flask of Tequila with them. Not to drink but to use as an antiseptic to kill bacteria and avoid infection. He said it stings and pains really bad but it works…
    The goat did seem relieved toward the end.
    Great find!

  • Thanks for all the comments, folks! I found it cringeworthy and a bit urpy myself. I think the goat might have gotten a chuckle out of the dude’s shenanigans. Served him right…

  • Goats are pretty loud no matter what you do to them — you could poke one in the side to get it out of the way and they holler like you’re killing them.

    Pharyngeal abscesses like that are usually tubercular in nature — I hope they Pasteurize the milk. I’m sure the goat felt a lot better after that round of field surgery than it did before.

    Nothing wrong with sterilizing an open wound with ethyl alcohol if that’s all you have. And the spray was gentian violet — it’s an antibiotic and helps prevent fly strike, where flies lay eggs in an open wound and it gets all maggoty.

  • The thing I absolutely don’t get in these videos is why don’t anyone place a bucket or a pail on the ground so the puss can be easily removed! I’v seen numerous videos where a Cow a Steer or a Bull gets a Huge Cyst cut open right in the Barn besides the healthy Cattle and the ppl just let it leak all over the Barn’s Floor.With a Big Bucket clean up would be so much easier and cut down on the spreading of viruses and infections in my opinion!Thank You!

  • Someone commented on being an animal lover, and I am too. I agree that these animals are just a means to an end them, but it breaks my heart to hear them cry out in pain (I turned off the volume) and I just wish while they are holding the animal down, could they at least talk to it and rub/pet it to calm it? I would. But that’s also why I could NEVER live on a farm or a ranch, or work in a shelter etc. I would absolutely get attached to every animal.

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