**SPECIAL** Extreme BH: Multi-Head Cyst and Blackheads! **PTZ Exclusive Footage**

“The Extreme BlackHead Series!”
Multi-Head Cyst and Blackheads: The Exclusive Footage!!!
Only Here on PTZ!

As promised, here is some footage that joe/aka Extreme BH has provided just for his fellow Members of PopThatZit.com! If you consider the order of the videos, this would be kinda like Video 1.5, smack dab between Vid 1 and Vid 2. (which can be seen here: https://www.popthatzits.com/2013/07/extreme-bh-multi-head-cyst-and-blackheads/)

Thank you, joe, for your continued efforts – and don’t worry folks, lots more to come as more and more aged cheesy goodness gets brought to the surface! There is some fun, fun stuff ahead, with more “Only on PTZ” footage, too!

RUNTIME: 6min 56sec

TITLE: “CAM01537”, originally created by Extreme BH/joe
Copyright 2013 by PopThatZit.com: The preceding video is owned by PopThatZit.com. No Downloading, cross posting, embedding, etc., of this video is allowed without the express written permission of PTZ Administration. Violators may be prosecuted.


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  • I have enjoyed following Joe and his family ever since they started! Every day I check for a new one! They are great videos, I love the commentary, ,everybody’s really cool! I am hooked big-time! Thank you, thank you, thank you Joe and the rest of your family For sharing these videos or should I say Gems!
    For some reason though, I cannot watch down here on PTZ. I can only view them on YouTube, which I do on a regular basis!

    • Since these are now PTZ exclusives with copyright, am I going to be able to view them on YouTube anymore? Because I can’t watch them here on PTZ. There are a few others that the same thing happens, but I can always find them on YouTube!

      • Hi 3C!

        Just this one… most you will still be able to catch on his YouTube channel, no worries.

        Have you updated your Flash Player recently, or your browser? I have actually found that sometimes the *older* versions of players or browsers work better with some machines (don’t quote me on this! I am by no means a tech head!!! LOL)

        Maybe I can send you a special copy, 3C, drop me a note, ‘kay?

        ~ H.S.

  • You can see it bubbling just below the surface. A small incision would suffice! I wonder why they haven’t at least done a small pin**ZIT** or something?

    • I think they are having fun keeping the entire PTZ Community on the Edge of their seats and the edge of going out of their minds!!!This is just Crazy,just slice the **ZIT** open and pop that piece of hard Gem out of there!Please don’t let us go insane!Lol another week of this and there will be some Psycho Cysters looking for the owner of these stubborn little fucccckers lol

  • You need to make an opening so you can express the pus without so much squeezing without good results. Try when squeezing (after making an opening over cyst) to get under cyst main body as much as possible not just on sides of it. You might get a better extraction of the cyst that way, which will cut down on how many times you need to keep trying to clear it up. Which will hopefully clear it up in one attempt, instead of multiple times, saving them any un- needed discomfort. Just friendly advise 🙂 Good-luck.

  • I want to know what caused the folded skin that seems to make the popping procedure very difficult. I gotta give you an A for persistence trying to get the BH’s popped out!!!
    Excellent post Joe!!!

    • Go to BH Extreme page on YT. She explains it all on one of her videos. It was basically caused by surgery she had as a young adult. She had an allergic reaction to deodorant and had to have surgery Due to having many many boils, This is how it healed apparently. What a horrible story, she must’ve endured so much pain when she was younger.

  • I too want to know about the folded skin. It looks like the end result of some minor surgery. Try applying very warm compresses, then using a comedone extractor.

  • Take a pin a trace around the outside edge of the comedone where the black meets the white. This will break the logjam as effectively as a stick of dynamite, and will be non fatal to the host organism. I can’t say the same for the TNT. Oooops, the NSA is now tracking me.

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