Russ Hamstring RHXVI: My EPIC Last Video

Russ Hamstring Video Series:
“My EPIC Last Blackhead & Whitehead Popping Video”

Attention fans,
Due to the nature of my videos and the lack of standards and incomplete policies of YouTube, I will no longer be making my videos. As most of you know, my original account was banned and another is on the verge of being banned. Sometimes I win appeals and other times I don’t. There is no clear policy on pimple popping videos and for a video to get banned someone has to lie on the YouTubes flag form and a YouTube employee puts it through. This is why I will no longer be making videos. Please know that I will still be around answering comments until my last accounts are banned and I still will be updating and replying through my website Thank you all for watching my videos and thank you all for the nice comments. Please enjoy my last video.

Russ Hamstring
(The Original USB Microscope Comedo Popper.)


RUNTIME: 8min 56sec

TITLE: “My EPIC Last Blackhead & Whitehead Popping Video”
YT INFO: Published on Aug 20, 2013 by ZitSqueezer

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    • Thank you! I didn’t get banned yet (well I did once) but I am always in danger of being banned all the time. Two of my four accounts are on the verge of banning. Videos get taken down for bogus reasons. I just got fed up.

      • Sorry for all the Youtube **ZIT**, Russ. Is that a pic of you btw? You look like a handsome guy. PS: Try Carley’s Clear and Smooth for your skin/whiteheads/blackheads. It can take 3 months to work. Fully vegan, fairly cheap and really good products. Can order from ebay or their website. Really helped me a lot and doesn’t dry skin.

  • I don’t understand the staff of youtube. What makes popping a cyst so offending to some people? And what bothers me the most is, that on youtube video’s containing violence and racisme are allowed, but popping a zit is forbidden……

    I know: maybe the staff of youtube are giant zits and cysts. Maybe we should pop them and place this on youtube. Who is with me?

    Russ, thanks for all your video’s. We loved them and maybe is there a way to keep them on this site. I respect your choice for stopping with the video’s. It’s a hard choice to make, you enjoy filming popping a zit, but people are taking away your joy. You’ll have my full respect and i hope to see post-comments from you here!
    So thank you again for making our world a popping blast.

    • Now i understand those people! I know why they keep flagging these video’s!

      They are jealous! And why?

      Because they have zits, but they don’t dare to pop them! That’s why!

      #loosers #youtubes*cks

    • @Efteling I know. I can’t understand YT at all. YouTube is a great website and they make it possible for people like me to have a channel and make a little extra cash for our efforts but their standards are for $hit. That’s why I built my own website but the time it takes to build an maintain a site has proven to be hard because I put out more money and time than it makes. I hoping my site get’s more popular, although, I feel kind of bad competing with the nice PTZ folks. Thank you so much for the kind words.

      @Pick_That_Puppy Thank you so much!

  • Can’t you continue to post here? Was your best video so far, and the music was spot on! Would miss your contributions to our odd little fetish world, Russ…

  • For this sort of video to be banned is upsetting. Give me a break. Youtube is full of nip slips, crotch shots, broken bones, the Kardashians, and far worse. Yet this is denied access. Ask yourself this question: Who is being hurt or offended by these videos? No one is being hurt. And if you get offended by a man clearing his pores on camera then you’re strung way to tightly.

    I’ve enjoyed Russ’s videos. I’m not going to lose sleep over the fact that they’re gone, but it’s the principle of the matter that I just don’t understand. Youtube gets a big fat booooo from me.

    Too bad, man. Each new Russ Hamstring vid was a guaranteed five to fifteen minutes of strange entertainment.

    • Two more things:
      1.) If Youtube is actually concerned about cleaning up their site and not offending anyone, they should focus on the comments section a bit more. That stuff is downright slovenly.

      2.) If this is considered offensive, think of all the other stuff that is deemed “unoffensive” because of its accepted presence. My daughter isn’t allowed to watch Youtube because I don’t want her to ever think that being a booty-shaking pill-w**ZIT** is awesome. A man uses a tool to clear his pores = no. Miley Cyrus shakes like a **ZIT** and sings about drugs = hit!

      • You are completely correct – the comments are down right cruel, filthy, explicit and vile! That is ok but a pimple is offensive??? They must be seeing things in the zits as they are excised and with their nasty minds she things that don’t exist!

    • @Xander Kelly First off, thank you for the kind words!! Second, what do you mean you won’t lose sleep!? That hurts me deep. Lol!

      I don’t think we’ll ever understand YT or their policies. Reminds me of Ebay and their BS standards. Thanks for the comment!!

      @NMGAPAOH I think they just have the WRONG people reviewing these videos.

  • That skinny, long blackhead waving in the breeze was a cl**ZIT**ic. This was an excellent video, Russ. Your vids are a blackhead lovers dream. Somehow, I know that you’ll find a way to continue. πŸ™‚

    • I liked that one too. I sit right next to an A/C unit in my garage. That’s why it was blowin’ in the breeze. Continuing IS an option. We’ll see. Thank you for the nice comment!

  • I am singing my own version of the national anthem in tribute to your artistry. Well, the first five words anyway…

    Seriously, this was great. And I hear you about YT. They will let some of the most vile, racist and violent **ZIT** remain — but take down zit videos. Totally arbitrary and capricious.

    Job well done, Russ!

  • I jumped back when the long skinny white rope jutted out! It had to be a inch long! Going to miss the FANTASTIC camera operation!!!! Always catches the flying pus in all its glory. Thank you Russ!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you. And I might be able to do that. I just need to make sure my website can keep paying for itself at least to keep it up. Right now it’s almost doing that.

  • For me, I like both the blackhead bustin’ and the eclectic choice of music for each video that keeps me wanting more from this fine producer of video art!!!
    I support justsqueezit’s proposal that Russ post here exclusively!!!
    Bravo and a standing ovation to you sir and your cl**ZIT**ic body of work!!!

  • What area of the face are these segments from exactly? One part looks like it’s from the nose or that general vicinity the other could be pretty much anywhere else on the face, I was just curious. Secondly, there has to be another good video hosting website out there that you can continue uploading & embedding video’s with, It’s just a matter of finding one. Honestly with as popular as this website is, PTZ should have a server dedicated to hosting video’s, it would be extremely easy to setup, I’m sure there are enough people out there that love this website that would be willing to chip in a few bucks a month to get something like that setup.

    • Mostly on my cheeks and some on the nose and once in a while behind the ear.

      I don’t know what else is out there but I am working on my own site. If I can keep paying the bills for that, I can continue there (and here of course). Also, I would have no problem paying a small fee for something like that.

      Thank you!!

  • I don’t think you will stop making your vids for the simple reason that you are just as hooked on this as we are πŸ˜‰ By all means stop putting them up at YouBoob but you KNOW you will always have an appreciative audience here at PTZ so I beg you Russ… don’t stop unless you truly don’t want to make the vids anymore, you fulfil a need (maybe it’s a bizarre need but it’s a need nevertheless) and you will always find a warm audience here… <3

  • Thanks for the show Russ. This last one was definitely the best. The music put an added touch of cl**ZIT** to the ethereal scene. I hope you will consider making vids for the PTZ croud. We all love what you are trying to accomplish. You will find an enthusiastic bunch of like minds dwelling here. All the best Russ.
    Caio Prunesquallor

  • I hate to burn anyone. I’m live & let live. But let’s face it, this guy has made the same video 100 times. He also “borrows” other videos for his own site. And now has a site that competes directly with PTZ that’s full of “borrowed” videos from YT. I’m pretty loyal to this site. It’s full of really nice people & a great webmaster. I’d hate to see PTZ damaged in any way. I really like it here.
    Thanks For Listening

    • Ahh!! Damn! It’s you again. Do you think that PTZ makes all of these videos? Do they make any of them? Wow! I think they “borrow” all my videos too. So we ALL “borrow” videos. Do you have a problem with it now brainiac? I embed the videos from YT. That’s a perfectly accepted way to make a website. Let’s see you make a video website with all of your own content and have it successful. You need a lot of videos to do so. Yes I am compe**ZIT**ion for these nice people but that’s life my friend. And just so you know, these nice folks gave me the idea to make my own site when they saw I had an issue with YouTube. So keep walking. NOTHING for you to see here.

  • Ahhhhh I love your videos so much! YT is strange in how it operates. Like they ban your videos, but allow people to post videos of animal beatings and children doing dangerous things… Ugh.

  • Russ, you are always my go-to video popper, and I would miss discovering each of your videos very very much if you stopped making new ones. Tonight’s offering was like finding a present on the net – I was so excited to see a new Russ production! And the thrill is REAL, every time. I hope you find a less problematic way to post – and I will cross my fingers that it might be here, your true home! BUT, no matter what happens, keep us in the loop, m’kay? After all, I’ve been all over your face and have thought of you as “more than justan acquaintance”! πŸ˜‰

  • Can’t we fight this by signing a pe**ZIT**ion or something? It seems that your videos should be the LEAST banned videos with all the other ones I’ve seen on YT. It just doesn’t make sense!! I agree that you should post exclusively on here for us popology voyeurs. Good work on all of your videos. I looked forward to each and every one and was amazed and awe-struck!!!

  • Russ – you have been my dream come true. I always wanted to see magnified pore purging. You exceed all my expectations. I am enthralled with your videos! The quality is always superb and your efforts are greatly appreciated! That this is the last I will ever see of them is a tragedy. I can only hope that something will happen in the future to allow you to return.

    • I have NEVER & would NEVER flag anyone’s videos, and have NEVER done so. I said my piece here to your face, I’m a stand up person who says what’s on his mind and that’s it. If you got banned, it wasn’t from me. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with your videos as it pertains to disturbing content.

      • Don’t worry people! Don’t worry. I just wanted you ALL to know how big of DOUCHEBAGS they were. Do those **ZIT**wipes think that I would just take all of my hard work away? Really? I’ve had worse comments on YT. You guys are NOTHING! They really think they have it figured out. I have them figured out…. Hahaha!! I told PTZ that they can have all of my videos. They’re going to post them here so there will be no YouTube ads and if another account gets banned, they’ll stay up.

  • Russ, I don’t think your stuff should be banned but boy I don’t think I have ever met anyone who needs to be stroked as much as you and who can’t handle a little criticism. The way you state it is your last video just so you can get fifty members to say how much they like you and how you answer every single one vs one thank you at the bottom. One person says something negative any you jump all over them. As I said before, I am so happy you are proud of your acne. In fact you should do something about it because it IS an issue and has affected your personality. Just my two cents. But then I don’t have any acne that I can be proud of and film the same way over and over and over again

    • You’re talking like you know me. You don’t. I am NOT proud of my zit s what ever they are. You said that before, and I told you it wasn’t true then. You’re a broken record like Ultraworld. Why must you say the same things. I heard you the first time. I just post videos. That’s it. I’m closing up shop now.

      Moderator, please remove ALL of my videos for your site. I no longer want to be **ZIT**ociated with it.

      Thank you
      Russ Hamstring

      • If you really want to create content for public consumption, you can’t just take your ball and go home the minute someone criticizes you. If you strongly disagree with something someone says, just don’t even dignify it with a response. Criticism can be a very useful tool, though. It’s all in the perspective.

      • You’re talking like the criticism is constructive. Tell me that my camera is a little shaky or can I do it in higher resolution or SOMETHING that sounds like you have a brain. You guys like causing trouble plain and simple. If you already know you don’t like my videos. Why are you here? Keep in mind that this IS criticism toward you and the others like you. SO barking back is a “no no”. HAHAHA!!

  • Like I said, you can’t handle any criticism. That is a big no no on the Internet. I love the boo boo please remove all my posts. Just like a little child because someone didn’t stroke your ego.

  • Wow! I just read through the comments on this and am absolutely appalled. Although the majority of the comments were in the vein of “sorry to hear you’re not going to post” or “I really love your videos”, there are a couple that just boggled the mind. Let me be clear – “constructive criticism” is when you say something to the effect of “try to hold the camera steadier next time” or “have you tried Clean and Clear?” or something in that vein. What I read were out and out attacks and I would have responded in a defensive vein as well. I had an account on PTZ once before but abandoned it because of the amount of negative comments being made posing as “constructive criticism”. I made a new one because I do enjoy the majority of the videos and have found there are still a few out there that are still doing the same. It is a shame that this is happening because it will ultimately drive away people. I can’t see why there isn’t room for more than one website out there that has videos like those on PTZ and to think that there isn’t is completely unrealistic. After all, I found PTZ the first time via You Tube, from which the majority of the videos on here come from.
    Just had to add my two cents on this, since I did enjoy some of Russ’s videos because of his technique, and now he’s been driven from this site. That is a shame and something that will give PTZ a bad rep.

    • Probably a difference in perspective. I haven’t read anything that’s sounded like an attack to me – at least, not until Russ escalated it and got them more riled up.

      Obviously I like his videos because I watch them like everyone else here. But the way he’s handling this is disappointing.

      • Okay. Everything was fine until I got them “more riled up”? Your statement says that they were already riled up when they came here. It seems to me that you have picked sides. ” help you deal with your detractors” you said? Don’t you mean “help my detractors deal with me”? Ultraworld came here to start **ZIT**. He did the same EXACT thing many times. If he doesn’t like my videos, WTF is he doing commenting here? Skip my videos (I already told him if he sees my videos, just skip them). I already know his view because he said it already. He even said it on YouTube and sent an email talking **ZIT** to my website email address. I know it was him because he said the same exact thing. He obviously went to my website to snoop around and give me **ZIT** about it. Again, why would he go to my website if he didn’t like me or my videos? Then he says he didn’t go to my website. Now if you ever looked or read any of my YT comments, you would know how I deal with idiots. I deal with them with humor. The difference is, I don’t have those idiots following me around everywhere saying the same **ZIT** over and over like Ultraworld sending emails, following me around here, going to my website, **ZIT** with me on YouTube. And by the looks of his guilty conscience got my account banned on YouTube. Dude. Enough becomes enough at some point. This guy clearly spends WAY too much time looking into me. He said in an earlier comment “I’m pretty loyal to this site” “I’d hate to see PTZ damaged in any way.”. Sounds like motive to me.

      • All you seem to want to do is accuse me of stuff when I was trying to help in the first place. There’s not a whole lot more I can say. Maybe I’m not the best person to **ZIT**ist with this, but **ZIT**. I tried. :\

  • Russ,
    Please don’t punish all of us because of a few **ZIT**holes. Your videos are EPIC and you are so sincere.

    You’re mostly in it for the money, but who isn’t? You will always have my admiration and respect.

    • And I’m not mostly in it for the money or I wouldn’t be here (PTZ) at all. I talk to you all because I want to. I come here because most everyone is nice. Did I make money on YT? Yes. Was it a lot? No. Does it suck to lose any amount of money? I think you ALL will agree. I told the Admin today to put my videos on PTZ without embedding from YT. This means that the videos will be hosted here (I presume). I will make $0 from PTZ and it is just fine. I’ll just have to figure out another way to pay little Jimmy’s medical bills…… Sigh…

  • Hi All –

    You friendly Site Administrator here. Just a cordial request for all parties to please refrain from personal slingshots. I think everything that can be said has been – lets just move on and enjoy Russ’ videos. If you have a personal issue with Russ, this is not the place to air it.

    Last I knew, and please drop me a e-mail if I am wrong, Russ has chosen to have his videos remain on PTZ. As with all videos, we strive to make sure appropriate credit is listed for the original creator of each piece. When requested, we have and will remove videos at the owner’s wish.

    Anyways, deep breaths, big smiles, happy poppings and on to some more videos, which I will now go post along with first putting up the replacement post for this video (Russ, I keep back-ups. ;P)

    Thanks for a moment of your time everyone! Now, Pop On!!!!
    ~ H.S.
    Site Admin

    • You are right we need to keep the peace and yes keep all my videos on PTZ. They do NOT have to be embedded from YouTube as, I know that the last of my channels will be gone soon and they will have to be fixed anyway.
      I am sorry for my rude behavior here. Please accept my apologies. And I just ask that if anyone wishes to critique my videos I welcome it but please don’t stalk me and there is no need to keep repeating yourself. Also, if you already know you HATE my videos, please don’t watch them. Is that too much to ask? Peace!
      @hedgehog please accept my apologies as well. You just got stuck in the middle of more than you thought.

  • I wish you all the best, Russ, in whatever endeavors you choose for your videos. I enjoyed them very much and I’m sure I speak for most of the PTZers that we were all thrilled with your videos. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • russ, this is your personal guardian pitbull from YT!!! if you so desire to do so, then you MUST keep making your videos. you have a lot of fans. and you are smart, funny, **ZIT**y, handsome and talented. (do i like you, or what?). ignore idiots who have nothing better to do than troll and stalk. if you don’t feed them, they will die. anyway, i want you to keep on keeping on because i am now addicted to you.

    • Where were you when I NEEDED you most? Hahaha! Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. I’m over those guys already. Like I said I’ll keep makin’ ’em. Thanks for ALWAYS being so kind to me!! Russ

      • i’ve been at pootube trying to find anything you may have posted recently!! so i ventured here and found you…YAY. what can i do to help? it’s pootube’s loss….what has to be done to keep your website going? i sent you a message on FB, but you must not be on there very much….<3

      • I don’t go on FB very much at all. The very best way to contact me would be through my website email address.

  • ok, this was one of your best ones, darlin’!! you simply must continue or i and others here will have to join a 12 step program to recover. “hi, my name is elaine and i am a russ hamstring ADDICT”… won’t be pretty. so save us all dr hamstring….your public awaits your next production!


  • I just saw your video on the making of a close-up zit video.
    I’m sure that you will be winning an Oscar in the category…
    “Zit Film Do**ZIT**entaries”
    I think they have that category, I could be wrong.
    Get your acceptance speech ready pal!

  • I don’t get how these videos could be more offensive than videos people in a cult (that I grew up and ran away from) put on Youtube about beating kids because that’s the only way to raise them. Anyway, I consider you a martyr for entertainment.

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