PTZ Member Exclusive: Underarm Drain Pain


So, this video is short, and I had already squeezed out most of the pus earlier before getting my wife to come up and take the vid. It hurt….SO much. I’m a pretty tough guy. I grew up on a farm in Northern Ontario, and am well accustomed to pain (being a former infantryman and boxer) and I’ve had my fair share of cuts, bruises, breaks, contusions, lacerations, dislocations, infections, bug bites, etc…but this one was by far the most painful thing I’ve had to endure…even compared to a spinal tap! I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

The infection at this point in the video was at it’s peak. For a week prior to this video, it kept getting worse and worse. After the video, the swelling and pain decreased dramatically over the next few days. The doctor **ZIT**ured me it wasn’t a Staphylococcus infection, but I was still on a very heavy, potent dose of antibiotics.

It has been a few months since this happened, and everything is A-OK now. After being a member of PTZ for 6 years, its great to have something to share!!


~ C.L.

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  • Bless your heart C.L. As soon as I saw the area outlined and how red it was I knew you were in a world of pain. And its such a tender area too. Im glad you are doing much better now. Thanks for share this with us. Take care.

  • I love when members share their videos with us. The enormous outline showing where the edges of the swelling had been was jaw dropping. Glad to read that things have greatly improved .

  • Yup, on a pain scale of one to ten, this one was an 11. I’m sorry the vid was so short, but you guys were the first ones I thought of when it began to leak. I’m just disappointed that I couldn’t get it ALL on tape. My wife decided not to hurry like I had asked her…

    -“Babe! Get the iPad and get up here NOW!”
    -“Why? Is there some creepy spider eating an earwig?”
    -“No! My armpit-zit-thingy is leaking! And I wanna record it so I can get it on PTZ! ”
    -*Sigh of annoyance* “Are you for real?”
    – “Dammit YES WOMAN! Now get up here!”

    Needless to say my 5 year old daughter was instantly curious as well…that’s her in the background stealing the show.

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