Arm Cyst Surprise

Since this was submitted by several members, Meechl was first in line. However, we thought it would be nice to include a few opening remarks from a few other regulars. Thanks to all who landed on this great find, an d special kudos to Meechl!

“This looks like an infected sebaceous cyst. But it could be an abscess? Whichever it is, the entertainment factor is superb!!” ~ Meechl

“Holy moley, this is an absolutely stupendous arm infection with 2 awesome surprises!! The video quality is very good and the content is superb but judging by the comments on YouTube I think it’s probably a good idea to have your sound muted like I always do 😉 If you’d like a spoiler just go to 5:44 (but you’ll be missing some delicious pussage if you do). Happy, happy pus-popping fellow popologists, I KNOW you will love this and want it to go right at the top of your favorites…” ~ wylderose

“I found this gem tonight! There are two parts where you need to see it explode. It is funny since his camera person has gloves on but the actual popper does not at all. The gloved person does not even help that much at all. Great amount of pus that everyone would be amazed with!!! Enjoy!” ~ lcking0623

*** WARNING! ***
This Video Contains Subject Matter
That May Be Considered Disturbing to Some Viewers
DIY Medical Treatment of Any Kind Is Not Recommended By This Site
As a Subs**ZIT**ute for Professional Medical Care,
And Should Not Be Attempted By Anyone.
Viewer Discretion Is Advised.
*** WARNING! ***

YT Commentary:
“Sebaceous cyst”

RUNTIME: 12min 02sec

TITLE: “20130809_213033.flv”
YT INFO: Published on Aug 14, 2013 by Chris Keleher


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  • Another scaredy-cat guy going for sympathy-**ZIT**! This could have been epic if he had let the girl-with-the-gloves have at it! But all in all, a fun one! Thanks for posting!

    • I just dont understand how someone could let something get that big and obviously infected!! And not even close to being empty at the end! Hope the girlfriend drags him to a doctor before his arm rots off!!

  • That globule of pus on the side of the bathtub was worth the price of admission all by itself!

    Yes, do turn the sound down unless you’re very fond of hearing ‘eww’, and ‘OMG’…

    Excellent find from all three of you!

  • As soon as he laid a finger on that mound of glory, and I saw how timid he was fingering around with it. I knew that it was gonna be one of those. And I kept saying to myself over & over “don’t this to us again.” But he did it to us.

  • Why is it the women wear gloves but the men never do? And that thing should be taken to a doctor — all that pitting edema is NOT a good thing. Kid needs antibiotics and a doctor with a scalpel and a finger that’s not afraid to go in there and break up the loculations!

  • Man up, Nancy and make a bigger hole. Chicks dig scars anyway. Those little pin**ZIT** holes on m**ZIT**ive cysts are of course going to squirt like a waterblaster. And get some antibiotics. And Betadine. A doc would have a hard time numbing that badboy anyway, unless he would use a nerve block. I don’t think a local would cut it.

  • I take one star off for the scaredy cat and for the length of the video, which could have been 5 minutes tops had he let his girlfriend do the job. Also, don’t these people realize that hyper-wiping makes it even more sore? I hate that. Great potential left in there. Some one find where he lives lol.

  • Like, Ohmigod dude, that was totally annoying, bro. This one had the potential to be great. I turned the sound wayyyy down after the first high-decibel squeal blew out my eardrums. And the hyper wiping and **ZIT**footing around with it made me wish I could reach through my screen and grab ahold of that sucker myself. A couple great squirts, but you could tell that was just the tip of the infected iceberg. Get thee to a doctor quick! And leave the squealing banshee at home.

  • Thumbs up if you agree that this is way better then watching **ZIT**!

    Thumbs down if you think: “Well, it was nice, but Sesame Street has more action then this!”

    For me: this way better then watching **ZIT**! And i admit: the first spray, i watched it over and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again!
    Thank you everybody for mention this winner!

  • PTZ, you really should be more selective of the videos you choose to display. Stop showing ones of people whining, **ZIT**ing, moaning and screaming.

    While you’re at it, stop showing videos that have lousy camera work. What good is it for the viewer watching somebody’s hardwood floor, dining room table or ceiling fan, while a huge zit is being popped out of frame?

    Unless a video features an enormous zit, boil, cyst, etc. yeilding a significant payload, don’t even post it at all. Also, unless somebody grabs hold of one of these things and squeezes the almighty **ZIT** out of it, instead of poking, prodding, and endlessly wiping it, do us all a favour and toss it into the recycle bin.

    I hate wasting ten minutes of time for four seconds of half-**ZIT**ed drainage.


    • @Thunderstruck

      I am sorry you feel that way, but we cater to a variety of members viewing habits. If you do not like a video, you can always stop watching at anytime. Plus, noises that you may find annoying are also easily remedied by muting your volume.

      I would comfortably say that compared to three years ago, the overall **ZIT**ulative quality of the videos shown here has increased dramatically. I hope the above suggestions will help increase your enjoyment of PTZ. Thanks for watching, which is as always, at your own discretion. As we are fond of saying… “WBC & CWR…”

      Site Admin

  • Terrific post, but how could he wait so long before having it opened? I know I have zero tolerance for pain, but come on now! This was yucky. When will we see part 2?

  • My first post in a little while. Firstly, I enjoyed the 2 surprise “shots” we were favoured with. The girl doing the “omg”, and the plaintive “eeeww”, was without a doubt, down right annoying. However, the worst was having to listen to this whus talk about how “sensitive” his arm was. What has happened to the “MEN” of this world? Do you women really like these sensitive types the most? If your answer be “yes,” then we are on a slide to oblivion, the likes of which have not been seen in our too short lives.
    Of co**ZIT**, this site is all about the “pus”. And that was evident throughout the video. So, if you turn the volume down, maybe you can provide your own narrative. It’s gotta be better then all the “eeeww,s” and my personal pet peeve, the dreaded “OMG”. Man, I hate that phrase. Pop on people.
    Ciao Prunesquallor

  • I found myself sounding like that old guy in the video, saying “Make the hole bigger!!”
    As soon as I saw the pus plug coming up, I knew it was going to blow, and I wasn’t disappointed. Well ok I was, but only because the guy was being such a weenie about squeezing it.
    I agree with the others who are saying he needs a doctor and a healthy dose of antibiotics stat!!

    • Yep, my thought too. A tiny pinprick of a hole on something that size is going to make ******* pr0n stars jealous over the distances achieved.

      At least the ACA went into effect a few months after this, so hopefully he was able to get to the doctor and get it sliced, rinsed, and packed before his arm fell off.

  • Pockets. This cyst/abscess thingy has them and my feeling is that the deeper ones weren’t touched at all. While the explosions and the pus flow were fun, there must have been a lot more stuff in there that desperately needed to come out.

    Dear guy with a serious infection in the making on your forearm: either go to the doctor to get it properly treated (and don’t forget to film it) or put a bucket load of ice on it until you can’t feel it that much and lance it using a sterile tool (and don’t forget to film, to wear gloves and to disinfect everything before and after).

  • One of the best I have seen in a very long time. Congrats meech! Put into favs. Now hopefully this young man went to the doc. This is very very infected. Anything that hurts to touch like that, very tight with edema is bad news. If I were him, a big glob of Neosporin and gauze wrapped around to keep dirt and stuff out. Get into a doctor OR tolerate the pain enough to squeeze the **ZIT** out of that thing and get everything out.

    Take care!

  • i think it’s a ganglion cyst. it may be infected, however, b/c someone has been messing with it. my ganglion cyst leaked orange fluid after my doc tried to aspirate some. i went home and soaked it in epsom salt, so it would drain. which it did, in long orange loop-de-loops. then 1 day later, it filled back up. i had surgery. no recurrence 😀

  • I think he was a trooper all thing considered, not being the most manly man. Unfortunately he didn’t get all the infection out. Hopefully he’ll see a doctor before it gets out of control. Am I the only one who feels sorry for this guy?

  • Maybe it’s just me… I’ve had zit-**ZIT**e skin all my life, it seems, and yet I’ve NEVER had anything even remotely like THAT growing on me, (except in dreams, which is very disturbing). Some people’s bad dreams are clowns. Some people’s bad dreams are rollercoasters — to each his own. Some of my bad dreams are bottomless zits… At any rate, again, I’ve had blemish-**ZIT**e skin forever, so I’ve got practice. What gets me is, (and maybe this could be useful advice for one or two ‘newbies’ in this fascinating world of online zit-busters), it’s like this: When you’ve got something like THAT growing on your bod, DON’T waste your time treating the **ZIT** thing like it’s a Faberge egg, or the Hope Diamond. Tweezers are not worth a DAMN on anything THAT big. You’re not excising a splinter, or a piece of gl**ZIT**… The surrounding skin is pretty much as irritated as it’s going to get, so, **ZIT**can the tweezers, put on your safety goggles, and take a pair of PLIERS to it!!! Unless you’re Hitch**ZIT**, the suspense factor of these things isn’t going to get you an Academy Award, so, spare yourself the protracted ‘wonderment’ and ‘apprehension’, (which may give us all a heart attack anyway), and have at it with your Craftsman tools, not your Maybelline ones… 🙂

  • Well ****, I thought it was on the woman and the guy was ‘handling’ it for her. As he kept dragging it out and talking about how sensitive it was, I was screaming, how the **** do YOU know? Squeeze that thing! But after you guys said it was on his own arm, then I could at least ‘see’ how he knew it was sensitive. But I wanted to help SO BAD.

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