Dog Relieved of Huge Blackhead…


…And the blackhead was in a very uncomfortable place!!!! Poor pup! Look out guys, even as a woman I still winced and crossed my legs – a little “too close for comfort”! LOL! Animal sensitive PTZers, please remember, ya don’t have to watch!


Removal of Animal Cyst, Abscess or Other
Pus Producing Lesion or Growth.
May Be Very Bothersome
For PTZ’s Sensitive Viewers.
Please Watch At Your Own Discretion
And Remember to comment With Respect.
Enjoy, and Thank You!

YT Commentary:
“Boxer..pimple..biggest I noticed this long time ago and didn’t realize what it was..we had to investigate and it turned out to be blackhead on the skin of his *ahem*..I’ve never heard about that before..thought I should share this weird find..”

RUNTIME: 0min 24sec

TITLE: “Worlds biggest blackhead-zit ever on dogs wiener, **ZIT**, tally whacker, **ZIT** skin”
YT INFO: Published on Sep 4, 2012 by tara fischer


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  • Poor Pooch….I mean if you gotta have a blackhead, that’s the last place you’d want one. But he was a good natured fella. That was some big blackhead. Thanks for posting.

  • I thought she was going to be bit for sure. I swained when the leg came up and his weewee was exposed. The black head content looked as big as my 2 lb Yorkie (ha, ha, ha)

  • To the owners of the dog, “great move” You probably show that dog more love than most people show their kids. And judging by the dogs’ p**ZIT**ivity, he knew you were going to help him and not hurt him. While dogs can’t sit at a desk with a pencil and take a test, they are a lot smarter than most people. Ever see a dog smoke a **ZIT**? Do **ZIT**e? Inject heroin into a vein that takes it right to your brain? I could go on with comparative **ZIT**ogies but I think I’ve made my point. Again, good job folks.

  • Upside- I have female dogs and don’t need to see dusters and lipsticks.
    Downside – I have female dogs that get these squeezables.

    I did wonder if it was a doggie hypospadius and this was cleansing of a misplaced hole.

    The mind boggles

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