Cysts Removal/Hack Job

An at-home cyst pop. It doesn’t seem that the poppers are using very sanitary tools to operate on this cyst.

This video gets most interesting around 4:20.

Author: Our beautiful disaster

Run Time: 11:29

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  • ok.. not quite sure about this one.. for the first thing how they opened the cyst up. s**ZIT**ping,etc.. then out comes the cutter with paint on it… not germ free at all…

  • How horrible was that!!?? Inappropriate, dirty cutting/piercing implements, a popper who had no idea how to do it properly and a poppee who was coughing all over the drinks/dishes on the bench… I wonder how the guy’s face will feel next morning when the alchoholic anaesthetic has worn off… Kudos though for the gloves, at least there might be a chance that it doesn’t get infected but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

  • Caw ick. I appreciate your effort to bring us a “what not do with a BTE” video, Bohica. Yes, I know it was in front of the ear. But I don’t know the initials for that one…

  • So the 64 thousand dollar question is, can you disinfect a rusty razor?
    They said they cleaned it with alcohol.
    I don’t know, as DIY surgeries go, I don’t think he did so bad.
    I think this guy has a strong cons**ZIT**ution and he’ll be just fine.

  • This bothered me for a number of reasons. First of all, the “OR” more closely resembles a pig sty. Secondly, the “surgeon” thinks that he is medicine’s gift to the world yet his technique is the diametrical opposite of sterility. Thirdly, and most importantly, I believe that the “patient” has some mild form of mental challenge and he really didn’t understand what would happen and what was happening – he kept trying to get up from the chair. All in all, although the cyst was popped, the sac remained, and eventually the patient will end up back at the same doctor’s office. However, this time, the doctor will be forced to something because the wound will be infected. I guess that some good may come of this, after all.
    Now, I shall go and take something for nausea caused by the dreadfully inept cameraperson.

  • Maybe I am in a bad mood, but I wanted to smack all the adults (except the poor popee) on the back of the head. The kids showed more comp**ZIT**ion and caring then the adults…

  • I agree there was a great payload and it could have been done so much better, technique-wise! The only somewhat hygienic thing about this video is the popper is wearing gloves. However, after we see him trying to stab into his friend’s face with what looks like either an untwisted paperclip or a small disfigured allen wrench, then the razor blade you use to s**ZIT**e your inspection sticker off the windshield of your car, I have to wonder if he used those gloves to clean the toilet just before doing this. This is just my extremely sarcastic way to say I am also appalled by the lack of sanitary measures.

  • Never thought to use a twist tie for surgery . Not sure what the second thing used was. Then oh yeah bring in the nasty box cutter. Does the dude still have a face after the infection this caused.

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