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I usually watch poppers et al on mute; however, there was a promise of an actual “pop” being heard. It was pretty good except for the woman sniffing in the background which normally would be the reason for my taking the silent approach. More needed to be done, huh?
YT Poster: Sophia Wright
Run Time: 5:12

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  • I heard a lot of SQUISHING sounds (due to the squeezer’s gloves and some goo). The only real POP I heard I think came from the second squeezer when her thumb slipped.

  • Aughhhh! I just feel like there was so much more to do with this one! If only the lady who put on the one glove (mid-popping) had two hands available instead of just the one, I think she would have squeezed all the good junk out from all angles! But I know she was holding the camera too! FRUSTRATING… But, I still want to say thanks very much for contributing this nice piece of popping footage! Maybe we’ll get to see a follow up if they go back in and try to get some more out. Take care now!

  • I think that the reason that so little “stuff” came out of that lesion is that I was not a boil, a pimple and definitely not a sebaceous cyst.It was possibly a lipoma or a ganglion. Also, the “surgeon” had no idea what she was doing. I would bet that she works in a doc’s office, helped herself to supplies and figured that she was qualified, not only to diagnose the lesion, but to remove it. She did not inject the lidocaine correctly and who knows if she even had the right kind or strength of the lido. She also didn’t have a clue how to stop the bleeding. It is probably okay to temove a seb cyst at home – generally they are fairly recognizable – either by a punctum or odiferous oozing, but often people take too many chances with home surgery. Dollars to donuts, this patient ended up having to visit a doctor to have this lesion diagnosed and treated.

  • That was a very large cut for such a small item. When the popper went in a second time with the razor, I cringed a bit. I agree with pusareus, I think this was a ganglion cyst. Hope the patient heals up totally and completely!

    Thanks for the find, tamar! Your mining is always appreciated. 🙂

  • tamar, thanks so much for the find. I felt increasingly concerned that he was going to have an emergency room visit shortly after they stopped filming.

  • They had no idea what they were doing or what it could be. It’s a ganglion cyst that’s about to have a lot of complications. What a mess they might have made of her ankle joint.

    Wiping off the **ZIT** gloves right on the 2×2 you’re holding over the incision because it’s too large and there’s too much bleeding was also a nice touch. Argh.

  • They needed surgical gloves rather than the food service gloves used. The ‘pop’ actually was a ‘snap’ of the fingers. A long incision for a tiny cyst. The gentlemen told her to make a ‘small hole’ If it returns, he needs to see a real doctor.

    First squeeze had a nice clump. I would have wanted MORE to come out too.

    Thanks for the new post!!!

  • It had pus in it so how could it be a ganglian cyst? Don’t they just have the jelly in them? I can’t believe someone else couldn’t have joined in so that a good 2 finger squeeze would have done the job. I just hope everything turned out ok with no infection or return of pus.

  • I do not think that is a ganglion cyst. She did not have to make such a big incision, even the patient or someone else said: just go straight in.
    Good One Tamar !

  • as a long time POP THAT ZIT fan I would have to give this video a C- the cut was to big and the squeeze was weak, I like how the woman was wondering how to stop the bleeding after she cut the thing wide open.

  • Oh Canada! Were they doing this in a doggie daycare? The incessant dog toy squeaking (my best guess) was driving me matzo **ZIT**. I did like popper #2’s comment, “Put a glove on me. I need to squeeze it.” I’d say the same thing lol.

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