Butch and His Pocket of Mangoworms

*Warning* Procedure on an Animal
Huge pocket of mango worms on the side of a dog.
By: Cordylobia Anthropophaga
Run Time: 2:54

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  • I do not understand why the owners do not remove them, before they get so big?
    The dogs do not like them, I will admit, I do like watching them being removed.
    Nice find justsqueezit !

  • Wow, I’ve never seen a pocket of them. A gads that was icky and by icky I mean awesome.

    Stunning animal, couldn’t quite judge the size nor the tail but looked a lot like the ‘out of Africa’ Basenjis we are breeding back to here in the States as our gene pool is too tight and there is a lot of genetic issues because of it. Getting a new all Af at the end of the month! That being said, 15 years in the breed and they are not easy no matter who you are. Why didn’t the owner touch him and that pocket get all set up like a, well, pocket? They like their fingers probably. Seriously, the dogs know you are helping them but some – the males especially – can hold a grudge. I’m not scared to practically do an appy on a person (just kidding, but I’ve taken out things like t-tubes in the field), have been in horses since I was old enough to sneak out of the house, but with a thing like this I’d tranq my Basenji boys and have the vet give them something and fix it so we can all live to see another day and my BB won’t remember much. My girls and I whelp together so we are super bonded and they are just easier.

    They are an amazing breed and I recommend them but not to everyone, but man can they be quirky.

    Great post.

    • My male rottweiler is so bonded with me it is scary. He really thinks I am his mother. However, if I try to clip his toenails, he bares his teeth at me. He doesn’t intimidate me because when he goes to bite, he makes alot of noise and touches my hand with his teeth. In other words, he would never break skin, on me. If the vet techs or doctor come at him with a flashlight, he turns into the rottweiler on the Omen! They always tranq and muzzle him, which is why he hates the vet. Hates me for taking him, only for 2 days though. I digress…LOL this dog is a very nice dog that isn’t aggressive was my point. I know those worms hurt the dog when getting squeezed out. I have said this before, why hasn’t some sort of vaccine been invented to iradicate these nasty worms? Why are they putting their bare fingers inside this dogs infected open wound. smh People do really dumb things sometimes.

      • I’m glad your Rottie has that much bite inhibition! Many do, therefore bark is worse than bite is a true adage. I think this clinic has so little money that gloves are a luxury. Careful handwashing and knowing what is microbes are transferable between man and animal make it a reasonable risk, if it is an unpleasant reality. (But never, ever drink out of a hose!)

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