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If you don’t like a lot of noise, my suggestion to you is “turn down the volume or shut it off completely” as this gets to be very loud and contains foul language! I think it was worth posting in spite of that because of what they pulled outta this thing!

Uploaded to YT on Nov 10, 2008
By: boil on neck
Run time: 1:37
Comments: attack of a boil on a guys neck

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  • That was a bot fly baby. The Bot fly will grab a mosquito, in mid-air and put their egg on the belly of the mosquito. Then when the mosquito lands on a human, our body heat releases the egg onto our skin. Then the baby bot fly(larva, egg, etc. get this **ZIT**) it BURROWS INTO U AND BEGINS TO GROW. Yup, that’s right u were pregnant with a baby botfly(lol) Sorry. It’s not funny. But anyway, the important thing is that you got it out. They eventually come out on their own. but by then they are bigger and brown and GROSS. not that they aren’t gross at any time. But for those people who don’t know what they just witnessed. It was a Bot-fly

    • Your preaching to the choir here, most us could teach a co**ZIT** on the bot fly.
      That wasn’t a bot fly, it came out way to easy, also after you pull one out the only evidence that was there is a small hole, he had volcano looking hole.
      No matter what it was, I found it very entertaining.

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