Dermoid Cyst on Eyelid

I know that this kind of excision is artful, but somehow it lacks punch when we don’t get to see the contents.

YT Poster: Debbie Ferguson

Run Time: 6:56

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  • This doc did an excellent job – and he knows it. He is very “full of himself”. He is definitely some type of surgeon, not the the family doctor. I have worked with many surgeons like this in my nursing career. They are not liked one bit by the OR staff, but are often chosen by them if they need a procedure, themselves. Imagine, saying that he requires a “useful” **ZIT**istant. Would it cost him anything to call the **ZIT**istant “talented”? Sorry for my rant, but I calls them as I sees them. Oh, I can bet that the patient had a wonderful outcome and after a few months the scar was invisible – which is the point of all of this. I )and many nurses) just have a thing about docs who are always swaggering and preening.

  • Beautiful job and very interesting to watch! I would have preferred to see a little more of the contents of the cyst! Thanks for sharing this very informative video!

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