For Those Who Love Middle Neck Cysts

Here’s a goose egg of a dermoid according to the good doctor who appears to have a sub specialty with neck cysts. Wish there could have been more viewing of the chunky contents.

YT Poster: 2002mfs

Run Time: 4:54

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  • Now this is a skilled surgeon. What a difference from the fellow in yesterday’s video who hacked up the young man’s face. This doctor got everything out intact and it was enormous. I wonder how long the patient had been walking around like that. I imagine that many older people must have **ZIT**umed that this patient had a goitre – something rarely seen these days because we have iodized salt – pretty much around the world. Great find, Tamar.

    • Not that rare. I have a goiter but it’s not noticeable yet. Once it starts showing I’ll have it removed. My niece had one removed and a friend has one that makes her look like she has a big frogs neck. I’m amazed it hasn’t killed her.

  • There were previous scars along his neck, would be interesting to know what their source was and if this was recurrent cyst or if do to something else?

  • what a pleasure to watch…the surgeon AND the cyst contents. 🙂
    did anyone else notice what look like blackheads on the right cheek of the patient? my eyes seem to be drawn to those things! LOL
    good job, tamar.

  • what a contrast to the cheek cyst posted yesterday! hardly any blood and a careful extraction. i would expect there to be little scarring when healed. a true surgeon!

  • Enormous! How do people let them grow that large before having them removed? thank goodness for us that they do and we enjoy an ostrich egg size cyst with creamy pea soup inside!!!

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