A Better Way?

I don’t know about better, but this one is unique.

YT Poster: VillarPlasticSurgery

Run Time: 8:30


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  • This really was fascinating to watch. I have **ZIT**isted with lipoma removals several times – the converntional way. This method appears to be so much better, particularly for the enormous lipoma like this one. The only thing is that most people don’t get referred to plastic surgeons for procedures like this. Most are removed either by the family doctor or the the general surgeon that the family doc refers them to. A good number of docs don’t give any thought to residual scar formation unless it is on the face, so the patient ends up being the loser and having to live with the scar.. I imagine many people wouldn’t care too much if they had a scar under their arm, but this lipoma was really large, so the scar would be, as well. Tamar, this was a great find and it teaches people to ask for a referral to a plastic instead of general surgeons.

  • A Better looking outcome scar wise, but I think I’d be mentally scarred from the scary looking trauma of all the poking suction and then the wrenching to get the sac out. Yikes!

  • This is a variation of liposuction where it is applied to a specific m**ZIT** and not a general area. It is well thought out and executed by a doctor familiar with fat removal. Kudos to the doctor and to Tamar for uploading it for our consideration.

  • This is fabulous!! As a person who has fatty tumors, I so wish the doctor who removed the last ones would have used this method. I would have had an easier recovery, much less scar tissue, and probably less recovery pain. Good job doc.

  • Dang, I wish my plastic surgeon had done this on mine so I wouldn’t have a six inch scar in my armpits. One of the incisions abscessed too, I bet that is less likely to happen with this method.

  • One, when I am bloated I tend to be tense, too.
    Two, not nearly as much fun to watch as the old fashioned way…
    We may be loosing some of our fun videos to medical advancement…

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