Brutal Lipoma Removal

Kind of vicious if you ask me.

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  • Personally I wouldn’t call it brutal but, instead, misguided. It was obviously a pretty big lipoma but he made a small incision and tried to do it “keyhole” style but with no camerascope to see what he was doing. Unsurprisingly the results were pretty ugly.

  • The “doc???” looks like a duck and acts like a duck – you know : “quack, quack:. This guy is a quack if I ever saw one. Tamar, you sure know how to find them – to post “a better way” and this truly brutal removal in less than a week, really shows us the difference between the sublime and the ridiculous. This second video is a complete disaster. When it was finished the only difference in appearance was that the lipoma looked smaller. The guy attempted to race through the procedure as if he had a plane to catch. Unfortunately, the real loser here is the patient. He will be left with a huge scar, even though this lesion was removed in a similar fashion to the method used by most doctors these days. This doc was obviously a general surgeon. Can you imagine the scars left by this guy from a simple appendectomy?
    Unfortunately, when someone is having a a small procedure done , they usually don’t shop around for a doc and use the recommendation of their family physician. This poor patient was quite possibly not even frozen correctly. The doc was digging around far below the the area he had frozen – the very least that he could have done was to use a longer needle. I could say a lot more, but I won’t.

  • As an operating room nurse for the last 29 years- where do I start?

    It’s a bad idea to remove a lipoma on the back in a clinic setting. It’s potentially a huge **ZIT**e for blood to collect; the pt could lose a very large amount of blood before it was even noticed. I’ve seen it happen. We removed a 500 ml blood clot one time from a pt who had a lipectomy in the clinic earlier that day. The surgeon who removed the clot that night in the OR said that, with a lipoma removal in that area, the surgeon needs to be “particularly meticulous about hemostasis”- a fancy way to say the doc needs to be very sure there aren’t any bleeders left in there.

    It’s difficult to give adequate local anesthesia in that area. The lipoma can be bigger, and go deeper, than anyone suspects. It can be involved in the muscle layers, clear down into the fascia, and require lots of additional injections of local. Not pleasant at all for the patient.

    Some lipomas are ok to remove in the clinic, on the arm, or thigh, etc. But not on the back, especially one that large. The dr. should have scheduled OR time.

    • I think doctors often times are very brilliant, very intelligent but don’t have much commonsense! I think this case is a prime example! Nuf said! Great video post nonetheless, thank you Tamar!

  • What a butcher, is that a real Dr. oh my **ZIT** I feel for that patient, that Dr. (and I use that term lightly) should find a different line of work, he is just gross!!!!

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