Home surgery – week old cyst being lanced

Looked rather painful cyst or abscess being lanced. It looked like he got the plug in the end! Enjoy folks?,

Uploaded to YT on June 4, 2014
By: papawushutv
Run time: 3:41

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  • First of all, many thanks to 3cyster for the post! Second, if that guy was really in that much pain, he should not have p**ZIT**ed go & gone straight to see a doctor. Third, with the hack job he did on himself, I say he should still get to a doctor as soon as possible since he’s looking at a nasty secondary infection.

  • I found this unique in that the pus was so white and thick and the “plug” he proceeded to pull out was even whiter! We sure have seen our fair share of videos that never seem to show us all of the extraction! I’m going to pray that one comes down the pike just for us! So, off I go into the mining fields and with any luck I’ll be bringing you that special video! Live Life Love!!!

  • I have been lurking around this site since its inception but have never commented until now. I think that this guy was in more pain at the beginning of this then any post I can remember. Guy needed to be at a doctor. That was intense!

  • That fibrin plug was just the beginning of a huge pile of pus that I know came immediately afterwards. Stopped the video too soon. Spurt across the coffee table into the nasty ash tray.

  • Wow….that was quite an infection in a horribly dirty environment. I don’t think this is the end of this guy’s issues…he needs a doc…QUICKLY!!!

  • gosh I hope that guy is okay. I know Doctors are very expensive nowadays… but wow.. No wound cleaners, not even water. Considering the pain level and the depth of the cut, I fear he’s in for a lot of trouble in the near future… Of course, I’m no doctor, so I don’t know for sure, this is just my 2 cent opinion.

    Was interesting to watch though. Thank you for posting.

  • I agree with all of my fellow poppers that left statements here today. No wonder he has this infection, the environment is unclean, to say the least. And I have seen a lot of videos but have never heard a guy moan like that. Not for nothing but no gloves, no water, alcohol is VERY CHEAP, or peroxide, something. I am tired of commenting on videos with stupid people. From now on I am only going to comment if I have something positive to say. I do wish him good luck with situation. I hope it has gotten better instead of worst.

  • I doubt the problem will recur once he has a prosthetic arm after they saw that one off…. You are all right in saying it’s a filthy work area and the pus is the “gift that keeps giving” to anyone touching that keyboard— Jesus even vodka or something to semi-sterilize the arm and other hand…. Not too good looking… If I saw that on a friend or family member it’s off to the ER.

  • First time poster here, saw this video and freaked. I lost my brother in law a few years ago from an infection he ignored on his leg, they had to amputate his leg and he still ended up losing his life 4 months later, he was only 40. I am sharing this because when I see an infection like this I just can’t believe people see no reason to see a Doctor. One thing is a pimple and one thing is a serious infection, ugh

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