Monstres parasites. Parasitic monsters. Cochliomyia hominivora et Dermatobia

This video is all about animals and worms! Eww! Maggots, bot flies, you name it, they’ve got it! if it wiggles it’s in these animals! It’s highly recommended that you not eat any rice while viewing, it may just make you involuntarily lose your cookies…….or rice!

Uploaded to YT on April 2, 2014
By: Jean Luc Sanchez
Run time: 7:06

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    • Brutal! The calf with the hole in his neck was in extreme pain. At least they do treat the animals except that large cow laying on her side – she should be euthanized.

    • That’s actually a medicine, typically called special blue. It’s used on wounds of large animals that are typically outside a lot to protect it from dirt and other germs. It’s only used on small cuts and s**ZIT**es though, not gaping holes….

  • Can we go back to putting warnings on extreme animal videos, please? I stopped watching very early but I wish I’d known before watching that it was extreme.

  • That was my first thought as well! A little stick?? They’re joking right? And pesticides, poison etc. directly in the animal’s wound is animal cruelty to the extreme as far as I’m concerned! Every aspect of this video was disturbing on so many levels, it was so hard to watch! I’m the biggest animal lover alive today! (At least I believe I am! Please Let me live out my fantasy!) I do hope all of these animals are better and living a peaceful life in a pasture somewhere! I can still dream, can’t I?

    • I ended up watching this again and I would like to retract some of what is said. I was so disgusted and disturbed by what I saw, I didn’t notice that it was clearly several medicines that they were putting in and on some of the wounds. They were probably doing the best that they could with what they had. I apologize for shooting off my mouth too soon!

    • I agree with you 3CC, it’s hard to imagine such poor care in animals we consider family, and yes, I bet they were doing the best they could with what they had. Still, it was hard to watch. I’m with you, let’s just become neighbors, buy a good 75 acres in between us, and just start an animal sanctuary. No animal refused. (we have to wait until my Publisher’s million arrives, should be any day now) We can start with these cows. But I guess that would be taking away their livelihood, so we’ll just provide some good medicine for the poor things. 🙂

  • This spray-can “fix all” undoubtedly inflicts hugely unnecessary tissue destruction (aerosol=freeze burn), along with unimaginable pain. On a CRIMINAL level.

    What a dangerous product this is,… Lazy, filthy, careless idiots will likely add it to their rationalization/justification **ZIT**nal.

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