Dermoid cyst on dogs cornea.

This is eye surgery so don’t watch if your squeamish about that.
This is very interesting, the dog has hair growing out of it’s eye, and apparently could see out of the eye afterwards.

Posted on youtube on Jul 5, 2012 by Vetweb Veterinary Ophthalmology

Run Time: 4:58

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  • oh oh oh!! when I read “hair growing out of its eye”, I was picturing one or two very short hairs. this has to be the worst thing I have ever seen. having said that, I applaud the skill of this vet, removing the cyst and actually restoring some sight in that eye for this animal. I won’t even get into why someone let it get that bad….

  • Walk a mile in the man’s shoes. First, where are you going to find a vet to do this. It might have taken quite a while. Second, think of the cost.
    Okay, so how in the world did this cyst develop on the cornea, if that’s correct. The cornea has no folicular structures, no sebaceous gland, no keratinocytes. Furthermore, the cornea in not vascularized. But we all saw the vet deftly excise the tumor with, then precisely separate what could only be the proximal side of the cyst wall to reveal … the IRIS!

      • I agree cystercafe3 but sometimes surgery is &$$$$$

        5 months ago my dog ripped his ACL in left hind leg, $5,400.00.
        5 months later ripped his right hind leg, when they did the surgery they found his cruciate ligament was completely torn. They called me and told me and said it will cost more$$$. Total for both operations 11,2000.00, they said they gave me a discount !!!! right !!!!!.

        After the 2nd surgery they told me he has a disease that causes this…why did they not tell me when they performed the first operation??

        They also said it may happen again.

        Than **ZIT** for credit cards, I live on Social Security.

        Oh…my dog is 10 years old too, Life expectancy is 9 to 13 years.

        He also can not put weight on leg, and it also shakes or gets stuck in the bent position after sitting at times. I can tell he is in pain. I know had 2 arthroscopic knee surgeries, one acl and 2 bi-lateral knee replacements, my knees can not bend more than 90% and hurt worse than before surgeries.
        I can talk and complain, my dog and all others can not??

        Cys I am not preaching to you or getting on your post, just venting, I think???

      • I know Gliss but to many people are so quick to put an animal down simply because they can’t be bothered or would rather party all week-end instead of paying a vet bill. You know what I mean? Your case was a little different but you still went ahead and had the surgery because you love your pet and owed it to him to do the right thing. I commend you for that! You and I are different in that we care so deeply for our pets that we’ll do whatever it takes to help them get better, as if they were our children! All to often, There are so many people who don’t think like we do and it’s a **ZIT** shame! I hope I didn’t ramble too much but, this is a subject I am very p**ZIT**ionate about!

  • OMG! He grew his own toupee out of his eyeball! This is the most fascinating thing I have ever seen! How can they slice something (hair) off of an eyeball and restore sight to boot? I wouldn’t have believed it if I had not seen it for myself! I pray someone other than the owner cares for this poor fella! Obviously the original owners didn’t give a **ZIT**! That was simply incredible!! Excellent video post pusbuster!

  • This video is absolutely incredible. How in the world do you treat a cyst like that at home? You CAN’T! I would be surprised if the eyelid was not irritated.
    However, can you imagine the story this vet would have to tell? Heck, if I was in this vet’s position, I would probably do the procedure for free, just so that I could show off.

  • We’ve seen some incredible surgery on this site, but I’m almost lost for words. This vet performed above and beyond the call of duty. I tip my hat to you sir. “Well Done”

  • dermoid cysts are pieces of pluripotent (i.e. have the potential to grow into many different things, such as hair, teeth, and skin) embryonic cells that break off and migrate to other areas, generally nervous system, eyes, and skin. if i recall correctly, the embryonic cells that break off have an affinity, and are a part of, the ectoderm. the ectoderm grows into the nervous system and areas that become skin, or mucous tissue in body cavities. if any of this is wrong, please excuse me…i learned this stuff over 30 years ago,

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