World’s Greatest vs. Russ H.

At the risk of starting a firestorm, would anyone care to offer a compare and contrast commentary on these two forces?

YT Poster: World’s Greatest Medical

Run Time: 3:42

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  • I really am not a fan of these. It just seems like face oil building up at the back of the comedone extractor.

    Maybe to some people it’s cool, but I’m more of a blackhead, cyst, ingrown nail & ingrown hair kind of gal… each is own, I guess.

    • I tend to agree with Missy777on this one. But I very much appreciate you guys sending them in and posting them!! All submission activity on here is good submission activity as it keeps us busy with more fascinating gunky stuff to watch! 😉

  • It must be a special skill to be able to use a computer microscope and remove skin plugs while moving your hands …. not so sure I could do that. It looked like the popper moved very quickly … so much that he couldn’t quite coax many plugs out. But, some complied and are now history.

  • Well, I’ll tell ya. This person is just dragging his tool entirely too fast across his field of experimentation. You have to go slooooow and concentrate on one area to get all the goodies out. It’s like anything — slow and steady wins the race. Rushing through it just gets you a pile of oil and not much else.

    It was interesting to see sub-skin stubble pop up out of the follicles, though.

  • Yes to that. Russ may not have as much depth of field, but he knows how to approach, prod and tease out the pore’s contents – which is what we come for! The other contender has more stability of his camera and focus, but is missing some appreciation of his subject. If you remember though, Russ had quickly improved from his first effort, so who knows? Maybe there will be a Challenge to a Zit-Off in the future!

  • I much prefer Russ’s videos. He has amazing pops, more variety, his imaging is sharper and he has much better extraction techniques. But hey, just my opinion…….

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