Armpit Zit Farm

I don’t know if this has been posted before, sorry. Apparently this woman’s mother had a bad reaction to deodorant when she was younger and had a huge boil. After the doctor drained it when the skin healed the pores turned into a se**ZIT** production farm. If you look at the rest of the armpit there’s so much more to squeeze!!!!

YT Poster: Berta Martinez

Run Time: 11:37


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  • That has nothing to do with deodorant. As far as I recall the mother had cancer and several nodules were removed from her armpit.

    And yes, this clip is a repost. I appears that eitherYouTube forced the original poster to remove several of the clips she had previously posted, or she voluntarily removed them, after complaints of elder abuse. I suppose she’s now reposting them under a new account with her real name.

  • Berta and her mom made a number of vids, then her mom p**ZIT**ed away. Berta pulled the vids for awhile, then decided to repost since her mom enjoyed making them so much.
    And, yes, this has everything to do with deodorant! When Berta’s mom was young, she had to use it but was allergic, and developed huge boils. She went to the doctor and he operated (she did not have cancer), and when everything was healed, she was left with these flaps of skin.
    At her mom’s request, Berta attempts to remove all the nasty stuff that has ac**ZIT**ulated over the years. There are many vids, and I enjoy watching them all!!

  • Thanks for the post, iPick and thanks so much for the clarification, Curious. I have never been able to comprehend what the fuss is all about with post/repost issues. Everyone who takes the time to post here should be congratulated, not criticized.

    I concentrate on how dedicated the popper is, and the poppee is a whole lot stronger than I would have been in that situation.

    I’m sorry for the loss of her mother. She was brave.

  • popfiend/poppy…you’re welcome

    Popizgood & FedkaTheConvict….Did it make you feel good in trying to make me look stupid? I already apologized from the get-go that I didn’t know if it was a repost or not.

    Popizgood…You’re probably one of those dorks that get off when they’re able to put the first comment on anything.

    FedkaTheConvict…Maybe if you had listened to the video correctly or had read the comments maybe YOU would’ve known what you were talking about instead of trying to come at me sideways.

    curious…Thank you for clarifying.

    Now with that all said, this was the first video I’ve ever posted and with the unnecessary comments from the “internet geniuses”…it’ll be my last.


  • Hey, iPick, with all due respect to EVERYONE involved, please don’t quit posting because of comments from people who may, or may not know what they’re talking about. I’m sure you’ve been around long enough to see that happen too often. I enjoyed the video very much, and if everyone who gets critizied unnecessarily quit posting, there wouldn’t be many to watch!! I wonder if they all post? I did try a LONG time ago, but it didn’t get shown, so I just gave up. Oh, well, that’s another story. I say to you, keep up the good work!!! “WBINLV”

  • I have my doubts if Berta is the real poster. The original poster, about 1 year ago, Xtreme Blackhead, ended up deleting her account. She was VERY upset about people reposting her videos. Plus, there are some videos that are missing.

    I think it’s awesome that at least your video’s GET posted! You should feel happy! I was sending in videos all the time…and some I still haven’t seen on the site!…and my videos still haven’t been posted!

    Don’t worry about the haters.

    But, to you, popfiend/poppy….it’s unoriginal, lazy trolls like you – the reason that I’d never post my awesome, kick**ZIT** (if I HAD any!) videos to YouTube. I have a feeling it’s either your upbrining or your whole Generation’s fault.

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