Giant back lipoma

Giant lipoma removed from a man’s back using only local anesthesia.
They don’t show the lipoma or the man’s back when they are done.
I didn’t think it was worth watching every bit of it, I recommend skipping through most of it.

YT  Poster:  mortada jubara

Run Time: 12:03


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  • That pt has nerves of steel. He had injections into the palate, then an awake laryngoscopy (I don’t care how much local the dr puts into the throat/pharynx- they still gag like crazy). Then he underwent the excision of a huge lesion under local, which is always very difficult. It’s nearly impossible to give complete pain relief into the bed of a lipoma that deep. Even if there was complete numbness, removal of anything that huge takes a long time, has big potential for problems, and is extremely nerve wracking to the awake pt. Then he walked out of there calmly. Wow- hats off to him, and to the drs. I’ve seen pts come completely unglued under much less that that.

  • I can only imagine there was a **ZIT** of a good reason for him not to go under general or even conscious sedation (Versed or Propophol). I’ve had tons of palate injections and nitrous keeps me from gagging. Also that glossopharyngeal block – how much practice could the doc have had with that one. yup. should be done under fluoro.

    I’d think in this case there’d be a risk of too much lidocaine with adrenoline – I thought that 8 carpuoles was the normal cut off for the mouth region (I’ve ended up getting s**ZIT**ches without when we’ve done too much work in a sitting – oh the joy of bad genetics and Sicca syndrome)

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