Bug buried in guys ear

It’s Alive!
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  • I agree about the tick. Lord mothra had ear wax on him. Was there a light on in his inner ear? I’m not sure I’ve heard of a moth in the ear c**ZIT** before. A better suggestion that tweezers would be to cover the pinna with saran wrap so it would back out when it didn’t have air (and for the tick cover with Vaseline or Purell)

    • Insects can’t back up — that’s why shining a light in the ear doesn’t work. So your saran wrap idea wouldn’t work either.

      They should have just washed it out, like they were getting ready to do in the first place. It would have been a lot safer, and less likely to leave random legs or antennae behind. Of course the wax will just coat that stuff and it’ll fall out, but why wait for that?

      The tick removal was a total failure. They left behind the head, which is going to cause a lump in there that will get picked out one day several months/years hence, and he’ll wonder why he has that lump there…

  • Ticks are easy, so many ways to get it out and not for the ER but for the doc’s office or urgent care center and in a Lyme area a course of Erythro even without inflammation we are now learning (a bull’s eye inflammation isn’t necessary for infection). He should go to the doc at some point anyway – Mothra looked intact but it was still a foreign body in the ear.

    Perhaps I should qualify about ticks. I’ve been removing them since I was a child from myself, other people and animals, long before I was a nurse. We tick check daily because most all of us have had Lyme disease in our area (SE PA) and it’s no party. We don’t see ticks daily but between home and the barn we see three or four a week during ‘tick season’. We have the teeny deer ticks as well as the regular size ones. We see more than most as we are out and about in the brush and woods and have working terriers and cattle dogs at the barn and my Basenjis field train. It’s important to follow up with your doctor after a deer tick bite especially if it’s been on long enough to get engorged in blood and always if there is a rash, but an ER visit is rarely necessary unless it’s the symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever or there is a cellulitis.

  • I got an earwig in my ear from a swimming pool.
    All I did was fill my ear with ear drops, and it floated out.
    It was one of the freakiest feelings in my life.
    It felt like it was scratching my brain.
    It was half the size of that moth, so I don’t blame the guy for freaking out.

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