Crackled skin removal

dry cracked skin: lotion + acid wrap after shower.

YT Poster: MrFeetstuff
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  • This guy’s an electrician. Several years ago, he got zapped pretty good. He claims this was the outcome. He sleeps with his feet covered in some sort of ointment, wrapped in cellophane.

  • I do fruit acid wraps on my feet a few times a year and the skin comes off like this within a few days. You just wear cellophane booties that are filled with the fruit acid gel for an hour or so. You feet feel wonderful afterwards!

  • I don’t think I’d ever use one. When I file down my hard skin, if my heels and **ZIT** of my feet are too soft, they hurt when I walk around a lot. I’m on my feet for 10 hours a day, I world in a hospital, so I need a little hard skin.

  • My feet can be bad due to dry skin and other issues, but I only would use an ointment, cream and/or an antifungal. My derm told me deep fissures can be from a subclinical skin yeast infection and that the cream or ointment would not hurt either way. I really like Burt Bee’s Coconut foot creme. I’d be worried about infection with tools – the skin will slough off on its own.

  • There’s a new machine that takes that it in a jiffy. I used it on my feet and they were brand new over night. They were no where bad as his but they were cracked.

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